APL expanding to include NM and NV

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by calmdown, Apr 9, 2021.

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    It went dark shortly after this post at that point many of the boys groups showed the yes/no/declined.
  3. GKdad

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    U17G placements are up.
  4. mbappe

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    APL out of state teams are now included in the recent updates, see other thread.
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    Interesting. I was expecting more out of state teams than in most cases only 1 (although I think I saw an age group with 2) per APL age group. I wonder if the potential expansion of Elite Academy (MLS EA) to AZ, NM, UT & NV had something to do with it since that is pretty close to the same concept.
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    Slight correction. It is just EA; not MLS EA. They are mutually exclusive.
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    You’re probably right, after Desert Conference and EA, who else is left? Just in NV alone, you got Albion and LVSA that went MLS Next.

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