APL expanding to include NM and NV

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by calmdown, Apr 9, 2021.

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    PHOENIX (Thursday, April 8th, 2021) – In an effort to continue to deliver high-quality soccer programs, leagues, and events, the Arizona Soccer Association (ASA) is announcing an innovative partnership that will see State Cup finalists and top teams from New Mexico Youth Soccer Association and Nevada Youth Soccer compete in the Arizona Premier League.

    The inclusion of State Cup finalists makes sense. Interested to see how the rest flops out. Does this mean APL teams will travel to NV/NM for some league games? How often? As a parent funding this, it would be nice to know these answers before starting the season - but I won’t hold my breath.

    Development blah blah blah. 5 or so years ago Phoenix Metro area had 2 Travel teams (Del Sol/Sereno on girls, nothing on the boys). PHX Metro now has 8 travel teams on the girls side, and 6 on the boys side (potentially 9 next year if ECRL becomes a thing). In addition, Club Teams that play in Desert Conference will travel for some league play. And add to that the Travel teams that have now been added to Tucson. I am all for giving kids opportunities, but I am struggling to see whether all these travel teams are providing a tangible ROI in kids development - versus say playing in State on a more competitive APL/SL and doing travel tourneys if increased level of competition is deemed desirable.

    It is all beginning to look like one big cash grab to me, sold under the guise of development/platform/competition etc etc.
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    Desert Conference knock off. Substitute Utah for New Mexico.
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    ^ agree
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    They are looking for a way to keep kids not at RSL/RISING/ARSENAL/DEL SOL from jumping to those clubs.

    Most of the best talent moves to those clubs and the other clubs don't like it.

    With the new setup clubs can say hey we are playing the best from NV and NM. So stay with us boys and girls and don't go to the big 4.

    That is my take.
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    There has also been talk about a new ECRL division for boys coming soon in these same states (AZ, NM & NV) so perhaps this is a shot across the bow from ASA.
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    That could very well be. Kids love to travel to tournaments and honestly it is a good bonding experience for the team.

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