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    PHOENIX (Thursday, April 8th, 2021) – In an effort to continue to deliver high-quality soccer programs, leagues, and events, the Arizona Soccer Association (ASA) is announcing an innovative partnership that will see State Cup finalists and top teams from New Mexico Youth Soccer Association and Nevada Youth Soccer compete in the Arizona Premier League.

    The inclusion of State Cup finalists makes sense. Interested to see how the rest flops out. Does this mean APL teams will travel to NV/NM for some league games? How often? As a parent funding this, it would be nice to know these answers before starting the season - but I won’t hold my breath.

    Development blah blah blah. 5 or so years ago Phoenix Metro area had 2 Travel teams (Del Sol/Sereno on girls, nothing on the boys). PHX Metro now has 8 travel teams on the girls side, and 6 on the boys side (potentially 9 next year if ECRL becomes a thing). In addition, Club Teams that play in Desert Conference will travel for some league play. And add to that the Travel teams that have now been added to Tucson. I am all for giving kids opportunities, but I am struggling to see whether all these travel teams are providing a tangible ROI in kids development - versus say playing in State on a more competitive APL/SL and doing travel tourneys if increased level of competition is deemed desirable.

    It is all beginning to look like one big cash grab to me, sold under the guise of development/platform/competition etc etc.
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    Desert Conference knock off. Substitute Utah for New Mexico.
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    ^ agree
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    They are looking for a way to keep kids not at RSL/RISING/ARSENAL/DEL SOL from jumping to those clubs.

    Most of the best talent moves to those clubs and the other clubs don't like it.

    With the new setup clubs can say hey we are playing the best from NV and NM. So stay with us boys and girls and don't go to the big 4.

    That is my take.
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    There has also been talk about a new ECRL division for boys coming soon in these same states (AZ, NM & NV) so perhaps this is a shot across the bow from ASA.
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    That could very well be. Kids love to travel to tournaments and honestly it is a good bonding experience for the team.
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    Has there been any updates on APL expansion? Wondering how this is going work. For example, how many out of state teams will be involved in each age group, will this change the number of AZ teams involved, etc.
  8. I did not see any teams from out of state on the applied teams list - https://system.gotsport.com/org_event/events/4987/teams?showall=true but maybe they are handling those teams differently?
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    Any ideas on when they will be informing teams of acceptance or what the heck is going on?
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    Standard operating procedure in youth soccer is months after it would be reasonable to expect the information.
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    From what I saw looking for the deadline yesterday they made a u turn from previous years and it says "to be posted no earlier than 6/15/21" the last few years it has said it would be no later than right around 7/4 and they still took two weeks on average after that to sort it all out.
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  12. True, but they usually have some teams showing by the date the set which was 6/29, but nothing yet. They are good at over-promising, under-delivering for this every year. LOL
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    No doubt. They make a mockery of this every year. From the time frames to alleging that they will make divisions a certain size then reversing course, making play in games that afford certain clubs an opportunity to get in against the team listed as an AQ but now have a play in game.

    I have dubbed it getting "ASA'ed" when it comes to advanced league placements and time frames...
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  14. Per their timeline July 13th is Advanced Leagues Payment deadline, July 27th they hit teams with a $100 late fee...hard for teams to pay if they don't know if they are in or not. Another oddity is that the site shows the league will start August 25th, but they will post the schedule September 1st...hmmm lol.
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    7/15 is payment deadline reminder. Actual deadline for payment is 7/27. Can pay and select blackout dates starting 7/15. I think it's funnier to expect many if any of them posted and finalized by 7/15.
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    They are going to let teams know of acceptance starting 7/9 through 7/16
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    Plan on the 16th at about 5:30 PM then..... They love the Friday drop so the offices are closed and they don't have to answer questions. It's sad but that's the ASA for ya.
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    Annnnnndddd 4 days in we have our first group posted U12G is up.
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    U14 and U15 boys divisions now up as well.


    What shows us U15 boys is actually linked to the U15 girls and is the prime example of what is wrong with the ASA. They have 2 teams that were previously Arizona FC out of Surprise and Yavapai out of Prescott and are now under the umbrella of RSL West Valley and RSL Yavapai in play in games one of these teams finished third in open league D1 and the other 3rd in open league D2. Those were both their higher finishes of the two seasons which were both in season 2.

    Before RSL was involved these clubs were not given the time of day by the ASA with highly talented teams that had a track record to support they were due an opportunity.

    For one of these clubs they were an AQ team and had to have a play in game at another age group last year prior to being involved with RSL.
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