2021 Presidents Cup - Official Thread

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by tjinaz, Mar 15, 2021.

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    I was referring to FBSL Santos, in 06 Girls Gold division in presidents cup. No shade to them - solid team and they were undefeated in OPEN league 2 (not state league, but the port of subs or whatever it is now league).
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    Oh sorry. Lol
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  3. DeeBo4

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    I feel like at the end of the year they should have a feel who should be where.
  4. soccerfamily

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    Could be like our team, because it’s a brand new club formed last summer we missed the deadline to register for state league so we played in 09 OL Div 1 boys and second half played 08 OL Div 1 won both, was accepted into Presidents Cup Gold and yesterday won the whole thing. My guess is they went off our tournament records as well and saw we beat many state league teams and thought we could compete well in the gold flight, maybe the 06’s did something similar?
  5. singh

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    Also, in the past several other people here have mentioned the "politics" of getting into ASL or APl. As you mentioned, new teams, lack of history, kids leaving-- all play a role.
    Santos, kicked our butts, and they are a good team. In the 06g I do give the nod to excel, lets see next week.

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