2021-2022 Advanced League Placements

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by mbappe, Jul 17, 2021.

  1. mbappe

    mbappe Active Member

  2. mbappe

    mbappe Active Member

  3. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    Interesting. Looks like some teams in APL that looked like they were relegated ended up staying.
  4. Robert

    Robert Active Member

    Any idea when play-in games will take place?
  5. SoccerDad

    SoccerDad New Member

    Play in games are tentatively listed for Aug 20-22.
  6. GKdad

    GKdad Active Member

    Well I sure hope the teams in the 2 unreleased divisions put in their blackout dates and paid their entry fees yesterday before the deadlines....
  7. mbappe

    mbappe Active Member

    Finally all leagues are posted, and changes made adding the out of state teams in a few age brackets.
  8. Robert

    Robert Active Member

    Any word on play in games for 06 boys?
  9. Messi#1fan

    Messi#1fan New Member

    Any word on the results for all the play-in games?

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