2010 Girl--Rising VS. RSL VS. Del Sol???

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  1. Having a 2010 player daughter what would you recommend to be the best fit going forward for continued advancement/growth with the following offerings. She is currently at rising right now.

    1. Del Sol team 1 which I believe they only have 1 team for this age group
    2. RSL team 2 (they have 3 teams for this age group)
    3. Rising Team 3 (they have 5 teams for this age group)

    How is Del Sol for advancement? I see their older girls have a good record but do not see much about the younger ones
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  2. Give&go

    Give&go Member

    Who are the coaches, what’s roster size and how does your daughter fit on those teams? Would she be an important player on each and play a lot? Those are the most important factors when I decide.

    If I were just basing on club I’d choose Rising, Del Sol (young age groups are not good though) and then RSL.
  3. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    I would pick either RSL or Rising. Both will be a good option.

    del Sol would be the 3rd choice.
  4. Funyuns

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    At that age, I’d say follow the coach. The club wouldn’t matter as much. If your child develops properly, they would be able to play on the platform as they choose when older.
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    THE_INTERSECT Active Member

    My 2 cents ..... Find the coach that would fit your player best. When comparing those clubs, who's coaching your daughter is more important than which club and wins or losses of a club.
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  6. Grappler

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    Agree with Intersect......proper development early is the key...I will add being on a 3rd or 4th team at a larger club, coaching can be so-so, just our experience...I have kids in the 2010, 08 and 06 age groups, at two of the mentioned clubs.
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  7. 2009boydad

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    What division did these teams play in last year and what are their plans for next year. That'll give you a better visual/gauge of the talent of the team vs. what team number it is. For example, RSL 09 boys had 2 of the top 3 teams in the state, so a "2nd team" is "better" than many first team options. If they're all playing in similar divisions, coach coach coach. Also, while shopping in the future, I found it helpful to try and get to some of these teams games throughout the year I was interested in to look at style of play and coaching during game situations. It helped me greatly this year eliminating teams before even trying out. Let's be honest, we're shopping them as much as they're shopping us, if not more. Good luck on your decision as we're also facing a tough one this year!
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  8. Paul Lester left del Sol. That makes me unsure of del Sol’s future.
  9. Digital5

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  10. Don’t know. But after 25+ years there I don’t think it was for a fresh start.
  11. Digital5

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    It's likely more benign than you think. His role at Del Sol required plenty of travel. His current role at PRFC doesn't. After 25 years, this sounds like it's a better fit for his family, which is not a bad thing.

    He will be missed by many and leaves a rather good legacy behind - depends who you ask I suppose. I personally think he is a great coach for the youngers. He will bring value to the west side and ECRL. But traveling 2-3 times a month to CA will no longer be a requirement.
  12. Sweeper

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    Lester will still be traveling to CA. He is coaching the 09 and 07’s for ECRL.
  13. Digital5

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    There ya go.
  14. Thanks...Rising the coach is Pdram Abbasy ....RSL it is Megan Johnston.....

    I have no experience with either one. Both seem really nice
  15. Yes I agree because I have other children that where on a team 4 at a club and all they did was scrimmage no development or footwork so I will agree I feel as if the lower teams do not get as much attention just my opinion too
  16. Do you feel RSL or Rising is a better club or overall equal? We have been at Rising for about 4 years
  17. AZSoccerFan

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    As mentioned in other posts, it depends on the coach and style of play. I found that the lower teams at the big clubs generally get less attention and development. Of course, it can vary depending on the coach. Parents get caught up in the best team and best club at the younger ages, when it really is about development. My 2010 daughter is small, but smart and quick. Despite being aggressive, I've also found that clubs love the physically developed kids at younger ages and think they can develop them and they get the attention. In the past, she was not able to make it on a top team due to her small size and lack of power. She is at a smaller club now, and it has been the best for her development due to coaching, her role, confidence, and playing time. And I've found that for footwork, it is best to take control of your child's development and not leave it to a club. At U-12, they probably won't spend a lot of individual time on footwork. My daughter does outside training and practices at home, and it has probably made the biggest difference in her skill regardless of club. I would go where your daughter might have a bigger role and more playing time, and most importantly enjoy herself. They need to love playing, which is why playing time at the younger ages is important.
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  18. tjinaz

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    Its amazing how many girls show up from tryouts at U13 Elite from smaller clubs and make first team. Up to that point don't worry about getting top team. Find a good coach that teaches and develops. At younger ages you are better off being top team at a smaller club than 3rd team at a bigger one.
  19. There ya go what?

    He’s still traveling.
  20. Digital5

    Digital5 Active Member

    Apparently he still is. I was merely amused at how not accurate the word on the street tends to be.

    The truth I'm sure is somewhere in the middle. With that said, I still think he's great option for parents with younger players. He focuses on the basics, always has, likely always will.

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