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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by mbappe, Apr 28, 2021.

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    2009 update:

    RSL went to Vegas and were favorites to beat Albion LV and LVSA and won both, 4-2 and 2-1.
    Rising went to Vegas and were underdogs, but managed to beat Albion LV 2-0 and LVSA 2-1.
    Del Sol hosted #2 LAFC and #3 TFA, lost to LAFC 0-6 but managed to tie TFA 0-0, massive tie there.

    RSL now sits in 5th out of 18
    Rising - 14th
    Del Sol - 15th
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    Great update, thank you!!!
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    IS there any risk of Del Sol losing MLS status? It seems the level coming in to AZ teams isn't good enough overall and especially with 3/4 area teams all of which seem to be in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Even if its the top 45 players in the state that 30 through 45 team isn't competitive enough it seems. Probably the reason why Arsenal in some age groups have more quality in their ECNL team than some of the MLS Next teams with all the MLS teams being quite far away.
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    Can't answer your question but I agree with everything else you said. Arsenal ECNL 09 is the best Arizona 09 team I've seen play this season that isn't MLS. They'd have a very good shot at beating Rising MLS 09 and Del Sol MLS 09. And I've seen all the MLS teams, CCV, and Playmakers in person this season. Wish they were in Desert Super Cup this weekend!

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