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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by mbappe, Apr 28, 2021.

  1. 2009boydad

    2009boydad New Member

    The cream will rise to the top, as they say.... only time will tell. I'd pick the best available coach (in your opinion) over best available league (also an opinion). YSR is the most reliable ranking system I've seen to date and would love to know of a better one than just your opinion if you've got one...
  2. 2009boydad

    2009boydad New Member

    How's tryouts going for all the 2009 boys? In your opinion, list the top 7 teams in the valley going into this year, including MLS, ECNL, EA, or state league teams.

    I'll go first:
    1. RSL MLS
    2. Rising MLS
    3. Rising ECNL
    4. Del Sol MLS
    5. CCV
    6. RSL EA North
    7. Playmakers FA

    I know we can't be the only ones having a tough time making a decision...
  3. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    del Sol MLS will be above Rising ECNL.

    And then after Rising ECNL you have Arsenal ECNL.

    Then the rest.
  4. 2009boydad

    2009boydad New Member

    Where is Del Sol getting there talent? It seemed to me as they were several pieces short. I haven't made it out to their tryouts yet, but I was at the Rising ones and they had several kids from different clubs (calcio, playmakers, arsenal) to name a few.

    I agree with Arsenal ECNL, but had heard they had lost their tag as well and figured they would scatter to rising, RSL south.... If they indeed didn't, then yes, I agree.
  5. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    Color me skeptical that Arsenal lost boys ECNL.

    In terms of MLS Next and del Sol?

    The simple fact that they are 1 of 3 options here in the Valley means they will get lots of people taking a look. And if your kid is good enough or you THINK your kid is good enough means that people hit their ID sessions.

    Do I have personal knowledge of how many went to their ID sessions? No. I simply base it on the fact they they are offering the top league available on the boys side. Boys / parents will look their first (along with the other 2 clubs) before considering ECNL. EA is a distant 3rd option.
  6. Funyuns

    Funyuns New Member

    Probably too early to call Rising ECNL and Del Sol MLS. There was a good showing at the Rising 09 ECNL tryouts but heard a handful of them were Rising MLS bound. Also aware of couple of potential starters declining their ECNL offer for personal reasons.
    I would put 09 RSL EA North last. They will at best be middle of the pack APL team. I know a lot of quality players that declined 08s and 09s once the parents learned that the league will play lowly “Desert” teams and not CA.
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  7. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    Right now EA would have to be the 3rd choice. You would be silly to accept an EA spot over ECNL. And all things being equal silly to take ECNL over MLS Next.
  8. Funyuns

    Funyuns New Member

    You are far too kind, I wouldn’t even give North EA 3rd choice. Think better off with Playmakers, CCV or Meadows than North EA. Those teams will have better quality than North EA.
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