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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by mbappe, Apr 28, 2021.

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    Anyone with any knowledge on RSL MLS Next and Rising MLS Next squads for next year? RSL has THREE of their 2009 teams in State Cup semifinals, seriously impressive. Only 15 or so of those kids can make their MLS Next team. Furthermore, will RSL MLS Next 2009 boys be coached by Espinoza or Sifuentes? Espinoza brought his Tuzos 09 team over to RSL this season and by all accounts those two teams are the best two 2009 teams in the state. I expect them to meet in the Finals on Sunday. Will they put the best players on the MLS team? Or, for example will Sifuentes take his current team and make that MLS Next and Espinoza take the new EA team?

    Rising MLS Next 09 will be coached by Andy Chapman who has the current U13/U14 teams. But there's no info on tryouts other than the ECNL tryouts next week.

    CCV has a solid 2009 squad and at U13 they typically lose players to Rising MLS Next, wonder if they lose any players again this year?

    Playmakers 09 haven't lost many games this season so they must have some serious players, wonder if they stay put as well?

    Del Sol has an MLS Next 09 team next season too, their current 09 team finished dead last in APL though they'll need to pull some interest in outside kids I would think.
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    I have heard for RSL, Krauss will take the 09 MLS and Rideout has the EA North. That final would be fun to watch between RSL West and RSL North.

    CCV scores seems to have fallen off a bit compared to some scores at the beginning and middle of the season, not sure what is going on there. Surprising that they would tie a RSL May and their games against RSL North were usually wins or at least close games but they have lost pretty badly to them lately.

    My son plays on Playmakers, we hope at least the core group can stay together for at least another year, especially after just winning the Presidents Cup Gold Flight it is a good little team and we are actually better at 11v11. Granted we only won OL 08 DIV1 which isn't super great competition but it allowed us to play 11v11 for the second half of the season and the 11v11 format just suits this team better. It will be interesting after tryouts what we end up with. Personally, I am not gaga over the ECNL/MLS at 12 so I am not looking to jump ship necessarily, especially with the growth I have seen with my son being coached by Julien.

    I know a parent on Del Sol 09 first team and she said they have a ton of holes to fill for the MLS team. Could be a lot of spots open for the 09 MLS team.
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    At RSL, Mike Kraus will coach 09 MLS, Paul Rideout 09 EA North, and Erik Varas 09 EA South.

    I don't think Rising has announced their coach slate for MLS and ECNL yet.

    Del Sol will probably have Pete Leebrook and/or Andy Ward coaching their 09 MLS.
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    For Rising ECNL, Ross Alexander will coach U13-15 & Tim Jones U16-19. This was announced on social media.
    I’m assuming Andy Chapman will continue to Coach Rising MLS Next.
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    Haven't had a chance to watch the Playmakers 09 squad this season but impressed with the results. Definitely APL next season I would hope. U13 is when the top APL teams from RSL, Del Sol, Rising, and Arsenal disappear into MLS, ECNL , and now EA. This opens up several spots in APL. APL will be something like CCV and Playmakers but the other 4 it's hard to tell. Top 3 RSL teams will be MLS and EA North, EA South. Top 2 Rising teams will be MLS and ECNL. Del Sol will be MLS. Arsenal will be ECNL. So does the committee pick RSL's 4th best team for APL? Or Rising's 3rd team? I bet Arizona Coker and GYSA Elite get in looking at last year results and YSR. Keep in mind they have to apply for APL. If they only apply ASL1 the committee can't place them in APL.

    On the west side I heard Calcio Blue 09 is done, team is disbanding Coach isn't coming back and most are trying out for ECNL or Phoenix Rising West Valley 09. Speaking of Rising West Valley, rumor on the street is they are consolidating their best 09 talent into an A team, B team, and maybe C team.... and that 2008 boys APL Champion coach David Meadows will also be coaching the A team for 2009 boys. If rumor is true he'll turn that top 09 team into a contender for sure just look what he's done with the 08's (they have beat all 3 ECNL teams in town and several from outside of AZ).
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    The Tuzos, now RSL, teams are going to be interesting to watch. Historically the good Tuzos teams, with the exception of 07 Jonathan and a couple others, break up and go to the bigger clubs. The 09 team is really good on the 9v9 field but not nearly as dominant on the 11v11 field. I know they lost to Rising 09 Hernandez on 11v11 but beat them badly on 9v9.

    I this the 09s as a whole are a bit weaker than the 08s, who had a pretty good first year of full field. The top 5-6 teams were very competitive. Not sure the talent pool in the 09s is a strong so I dont know if there are going to be as many teams than can compete at the bigger tournaments.
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    Well Rising finally posted MLS open tryouts. Here is 08/09 info

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    My take on 09's....
    Best style of play is from Sifuentes, Playmakers, & CCV. Sifuentes is the most complete coupling the athletes with the tactical ability to play a more 'correct' way than some of the other high level 09's. I'm not sure CCV necessarily was falling off vs. dealing with some injury issues. I think there needs to be credit given to May and that RSL group as they have improved greatly throughout the season. I am not impressed with either Rising top 09' group tactically, though they do have some athletes. RSL appears to be the only club that can roster an impressive MLS and EA group. Rising doesn't seem to have enough talent to make 2 HIGH quality groups unless they get A LOT of outside interest. Del Sol is going to have a hard time rostering a competitive MLS group as well unless they get some outside interest in my opinion and then I still worry about the tactical coaching as I don't know much about the coaches at the next level. From what I've gathered, most all of CCV's players are returning. Julien Dragomir of playmakers is really intriguing from a developmental standpoint, but there is some concerns with him handing off the team and taking more of a director type of role if he can grow the club, unfortunately which then loses a lot of attraction to me. I like his outlook of just running the club through u15 and then passing them off to MLS / ECNL groups (at least I believe that's his goal).... We will put a lot of lines in the water this year, make some pros/cons list of each group we get an offer from, and go from there. Good luck to all during this tryout season!
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  10. Rabona Goals

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    The CCV team is definitely an interesting situation that shakes things up every year. The 07s were the best but then the lost quite a few kids to Del Sol, Rising, and RSL. Then the same happened with the 08s. Not sure how it doesn't happen again with the 09s. But maybe this is a different group and they are looking to remain together for a while longer. The next 2-3 weeks should be really fun to watch.
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    Learned a lot from that post thank you. Agree on the strength of RSL's 09 boys, and your take on Rising's 09 team. Did you know last year Rising MLS 08 took exactly ZERO kids from their entire Rising Organization? They probably had 10 2008 teams, and took ZERO, and that's during COVID where tryouts were sparse. That Rising MLS 08 team ended up very strong and them and RSL MLS 08 are by far the best two 2008 teams in AZ. I would guess some of those RSL 09 kids would be looking at Rising MLS 09 knowing the EA league is brand new and competition will be much worse. Have also heard CCV 09 boys are staying in tact, good for them to give it another go.
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  12. soccerfamily

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    My son played on that first RSL 09 team for 5 years, am familiar with a lot of the players. They have a good core of 6-7 players who are very physical and passionate about the game. I would be very surprised if the bottom 4-5 of those players make and EA or MLS team though. Espinoza has some very good players as well, you pair those boys with the top boys from Sifuentes and sprinkle in a few other kids that team will be a beast for the MLS. Is Espinoza staying? I have heard conflicting things that some of the players who don't make MLS are going to back to Tuzos but Espinoza is staying, any truth to that?

    As for Julien, I would think that would be a natural progression over the years after he starts adding and building but I don't think that he would stop coaching anytime soon. He is very passionate and particular about how he wants to develop his kids and he is pretty young so he will at least coach his top teams for awhile. He has often said he is building the boys to move on to the elite programs and beyond and will do whatever he can to help players get on a team when they are ready to move forward.

    Yes on the CCV, that is what I meant by something must of happened. Kids left or they had key injuries. When we played on the top RSL team they were always over the years a battle, they never just gave us 3-4 goals. Always a strong opponent.

    It will all be very interesting to see how it shakes out at the end of tryouts, good luck to all!
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  13. soccerfamily

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    I would hope they would put us in APL, we have beat every state team we played with the exception of FC Tucson who did beat us the first time but did end up beating them in Presidents Cup. We only had a chance to play one APL team this year and that was Arsenal, we played decent and tied 3-3, those smaller fields are tough for us. Yes I can see GYSA being in that APL list as well not sure how they look at 11v11 though.

    If CCV is staying in tact, that would make me very happy! We need that competition with most of the better players leaving to MLS/ECNL/EA just dont know what those APL teams will look like next season.
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  14. 2009boydad

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    Everyone a large fan of the MLS platform? Are they too young at this age for this platform and is it worth the commute to and from training? RSL has 2 days in Scottdsale and 2 at Paloma and Rising is ALL days at the new stadium. I've heard of kids leaving Rising MLS next year unhappy with the limited games (mostly due to covid). I've also heard they treat it more like a professional team (understandably), so if you're not a starter, you're unlikely to see much playing time. It seems possibly more a hinderance at such a young age to limit touches on the ball and actual in game experience. I believe the MLS platform is a good idea, though think it would be better starting maybe a couple years down the road...

    ECNL is possibly a more viable option because you can dual roster and help out another group where you are likely to get touches if you don't get much time on the ECNL field. Plus the ability to play other sports and ya know, be a 12 year old. These rosters still may get some top quality talent of kids not willing to commit fully to a MLS Next platform, but wanting to compete at a higher level than the state has to offer.

    Also, Meadows picking up PRFC West Valley 09' will be an intriguing group to watch next year. This group will have a GREATLY different look IMO. I think he will bring in several of his own kids with a small fraction of the existing kids remaining (whatever is needed to carry over the points and team history). I couldn't imagine any more... I see this group competing with CCV and Playmakers for tops of the APL next year (if they can get in after a less than optimal performance this year) if Dave can get the group to gel quickly enough.
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  15. AZsoccefan

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    The one thing I'll add about Rising ECNL from our experience is that nobody rides the bench. Some kids might get more or less game playing time but if they make the team they are all expected to contribute. On my son's ECNL team there was never a game or scrimmage this year where a position player played less than half of the game. And as you mentioned, some of the kids helped out with other teams that were short players.
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  16. soccerfamily

    soccerfamily Member

    Not a fan of MLS at 11/12. Unless you are kid that the club is creating a pathway for and/or are a top player in their eyes you just dont know what kind of playing time you are going to get. My son is a starter getting nearly full minutes every game, to go from that to no guarantee my kid will play any minutes or even playing that many games just to be on an MLS team, just doesn't make sense to me. We played over 60 games this season, that 100% has contributed to some of my sons growth along with the intense training.

    Like you said, ECNL and the option to play in other games like APL or even a few MLS games here or there I think is the best of both worlds and a much better option for the kids that are not at the top of the roster for MLS. I have had MLS parents tell me their kid has literally sat on the bench and watched entire games with not one minute on the field. At 12, I can't wrap my head around that.

    Meadows was on fire this year, that will be interesting to see what kind of team he produces and would only add more competition to that APL group.
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  17. SoccerDadAZ

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    Playing time (or lack of) is always a major issue, regardless of league. It sounds like the playing time issue wasn't the fault of the league but rather the fit between the player and the team/coach itself or perhaps the expectations that were or were not set by the coach.

    The lack of matches played by some MLS teams was certainly a issue due to the pandemic but a number of the MLS teams were creative enough to play more tournaments or schedule more friendlies.

    But having too many matches at the 11/12 age groups is also not ideal. At that age, players are better off having a 4 or 5 to 1 training/match ratio. An 11 year old playing 60 matches a year can take a serious toll on the body with diminishing returns on their development.
  18. Robert

    Robert Active Member

    I wish I could have been able to play 60 games a year as a kid! I know the guys I played with would’ve wished the same thing!
  19. soccerfamily

    soccerfamily Member

    My son actually played his best games the last three months of the season so development was not diminished by the amount of games in his case. We also had training days off before the weekends that had 3 or more games or a day off after the weekend. I would agree that on 11v11 60 games would not happen but some of these 9v9 fields are as small as almost 7v7 fields. I guess it’s different for every kid as we did have some injuries on our team but what team doesn’t have injuries.

    It honestly didn’t feel like a lot for us and on weekends we didn’t have games we were looking for scrimmages. Next year moving up to 11v11 we certainly won’t be playing that many games.
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  20. 2009boydad

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    How about that final yesterday?! What a game. That very same night, RSL began sending out acceptance / invitation letters to their 2009 MLS group to players within the club already. They have also sent out 'decline' letters already inviting those players to their EA tryouts. They seem to be steps ahead of Rising in regards to working together on their Elite platforms and getting the job done early.

    Any idea why RSL has elected to join EA and thoughts on the EA league? Were they asked to leave ECNL?

    Looking forward to a busy week of tryouts.
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