2008 Team you're most interested in seeing play this year

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    Post State/Prez Cup reshuffling of the top 10.

    1. PRFC West Valley Meadows - They were pretty banged up at the end but it doesn't take away from Del Sol winning state cup. Over the course of the season Meadows still played and beat some of the best out of state teams including many listed in my previous post that were ECNL.
    2. Del Sol II - Consistent all season. Only lost 1 game (to PRFC Irwin) in League Play. Won State Cup so there is a legit case to make for #1. I still wish they would have played up in some early tournaments but perhaps that gave them the confidence to finish the year like they did.
    3. Excel - Had a really strong showing at State Cup despite the 5-1 loss in the final. Finished 3rd in APL.
    4. FC Arizona Olayo - Won President's Cup after grinding out a tough double overtime win vs. PRFC North Valley Irwin. I think this team would have been very competitive in State Cup and wish they had entered that tournament. If they stay together, they'll be a force in APL.
    5. CCV - Played really well in APL (finishing 2nd) but struggled at the end of the season. Overall good season but was surprised they didn't do better in State Cup.
    6. PRFC North Valley Irwin - Almost won the Phoenix Cup (2nd bracket) and pushed Olayo to the limit in President's Cup. Another team that I think would have benefited from the challenge of State Cup. Beat Del Sol II twice this season including in the finals of a tournament and handed them their only loss in league play (which Irwin only lost 1 game in SL2).
    7. Arsenal ECNL - Continued to struggle in the ECNL play.
    8. RSL S. Markette - After a really disappointing APL, played their way into the semi-finals of State Cup and beat Meadows in the 3rd place game. Solid showing to end the season.
    9. PRFC West Valley Moreno - season ended at the conclusion of SL2.
    10. Calcio Blue - Didn't make it out of the group stage of the 6 Team State Cup field. Kudos for accepting the challenge of State Cup vs. President's Cup where they could have gone pretty far.
    Feel free to post any feedback.
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