2008 Team you're most interested in seeing play this year

Discussion in '2008' started by AZsoccefan, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. AZsoccefan

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    Wanted to start a thread on the 2008's and am interested to hear from other parents, coaches and fans (aside from your son's team) which 2008 squad would you be most interested in seeing play this year. I'll start.

    MLS Elite - RSL AZ - I've heard there are a lot of really good players from RSL-S whom I've never seen play the last few years so I would like to finally see them in a game.

    ECNL - Arsenal - Perennially at top 5 AZ team but Arsenal historically seems to struggle a bit within ECNL. I've heard a few players left and this team will also be competing in APL so curious to see how they hold up.

    APL - CCV- I saw them play several times last year and thought they were amazing. Very fundamentally sound, creative and extremely unselfish. The 3 players that I was most impressed though left the team so I'm interested in seeing how they cope with that. Also interested in seeing PRFC West Valley Meadows in this division - another amazing team with everyone back. Could be a really special year for them.

    ASL 1 - FC Arizona (Formerly Classic Olayo) - Another team that played at a high level with most of their kids back. When I saw them play early last year they had an off game and lost 4-1 but they beat a lot of good teams as the year went on. Should be fun to watch this year.

    ASL2 - North Scottsdale Sandsharks - Scrappy team that I think should win the play-in. Should be a tough out for all the other ASL 2 teams.

    Open League - Angeles - Very competitive team that won or competed well in the top bracket of many tournaments last season. Finished 2nd in Open League D1 but apparently didn't apply for State League. Interested to see what happened to them and how they compete at 11 v 11.
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    Wish somebody could break down the 07s like this. My son has always played up on 06s, I know those teams. This year he will be playing 07s. Only seen a hand full of teams play. Have watched quite a bit of Meadows team play. They are good, and like you said everyone coming back. They are my pick to win APL
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    Interesting topic I'll jump in, but not by Leagues, just by quality of teams as I see it.

    Group 1: 2 teams

    Phoenix Rising '08 MLS DA and RSL '08 MLS DA. This would be the game of the year in my opinion. Easily Top 2 teams in the state.

    Notes: I think everyone that knows the 2008 age group knows these two teams are loaded.

    Group 2: 6 teams

    Des Sol DA, CCV, Arsenal ECNL, RSL ECNL, Rising ECNL, and Rising West Valley Meadows.

    Notes: Del Sol lost a bunch of kids to other programs mainly Rising/RSL DA. No way they replenished the same level of talent so they drop a notch. Arsenal ECNL is a fun team to watch but they also lost kids to those two DA's. CCV dominated APL last season, but lost their stud keeper and stud striker and key midfielder. Were they able to recruit well is the quetion? Rising ECNL is mostly made up of last year's Rising Christie '08 kids who finished 3rd in ASL1, none of those kids got a spot on Rising DA which tells you something. I'm sure they brought in a few players but will it be enough to compete in ECNL? Rising's 2nd best '08 team may actually be out West, Rising West Valley Meadows. Rumor is it they are fully loaded and picked up a couple of strong players. I heard they beat CCV '08 this weekend in an indoor 6v6 league by the score of 6-0. I don't know much at all about RSL ECNL '08.

    Group 3: 6 teams

    Excel, Angeles, Classic Olayo, Tuzos Academy, RSL S. Markette, RSL N. Thompson

    Excel lost a great player to Rising DA, so they take a hit. Tuzos Academy lost at least 3 starters that I know of. Classic I'm not sure about but they are well coached and if everyone is back they just might be the best of this bunch. Angeles doesn't play in Advanced Leagues and they usually roll Open League Div 1, but when you face them in tourneys you better be ready. Are they built for the 11v11 field is the question. RSL S. Markette and RSL N. Thompson are both APL teams but they are technically the 3rd teams for those clubs behind their DA and ECNL programs. Is it possible for those clubs to have 15 quality players on their 3rd teams? We'll find out soon.
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  4. Robert

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    You need a blog! Good analysis!
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  5. Aspen1369

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    Phoenix rising 08 MLS vs RSL 08 MLS

    when this game happens I will be there
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  6. AZsoccefan

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    I would be interested in catching that game also. Has anyone heard anything about the timelines or schedules for MLS Elite?
    The ECNL schedules have been released but I haven't heard anything about MLS.
    There was a rumor that any sort of league play wouldn't start until 2021.
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  7. SoccerDadAZ

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    Schedules are being finalized and will be made public around the beginning of September. First games are still tracking for mid to late September. MLS teams will start to play friendlies against one another in a couple of weeks.
  8. AZsoccefan

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    A lot of competitive games could have gone either way in the Top 08 Bracket at the Phoenix Cup this weekend. Arsenal ECNL won the 2008 bracket but they weren't easy games. They beat PRFC West Valley Meadows twice by 1-0 scores and PRFC ECNL on PKs in extra time. CCV 08 Courage also played very well beating PRFC ECNL (on a PK) and losing to Meadows on an Extra time PK. All of these games could easily have gone either way.

    In addition Phoenix Rising North Valley 08 was put in the top bracket of the U14 (07's) and did pretty well. Playing 11 v 11 for the very first time, they hung tough with some much bigger teams (Arsenal Teal 07 and CCV Courage 07) and spanked fellow State League 2 team, PRFC West Valley 08 Ramirez, (8-1) in the consolation game.

    Great weekend of soccer.
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  9. SoccerDadAZ

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    They are scheduled to play on October 3rd.
  10. AZsoccefan

    AZsoccefan Active Member

    Is there somewhere on the internet where one could find a schedule? All I've seen posted is the opening week games.
  11. soccerdad08

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    I can’t believe how accurate your prediction was. All of these teams are exactly where you said they would be. The only team not listed is that del sol 2. Which they are leading state league 2. And boy are those RSL teams in APL and state league 1 bad. Great analyzing!
  12. mbappe

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    Yep he was spot on. Speaking of APL RSL Markette, it still boggles my mind Derek Yen at the ASA chose them over Rising West Valley Meadows to represent AZ in the Desert Conference. He knew Markette basically had no returning players and Meadows had everyone back. Markette will get destroyed, CCV got destroyed their 1st weekend in Desert Conference losing all 3 games and not even scoring a goal, and they throttled Markette in APL 5-0.

    YSR is quickly adjusting their 2008 rankings... it's missing the 3 MLS pro academy teams at the moment but the rankings are sorting out like they should. Speaking of the Pro Academy teams, RSL dominated last week's game against Rising and managed to lose 1-2. One of those games.
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    Thanks! A few revision since I wrote this:
    I'm still looking for the opportunity to see the RSL MLS team. They played two matches against the Rising MLS who I've seen play and are very very good.
    I've seen Arsenal up close several times and while they are good, the Rising ECNL outplayed them and I think PRFC Meadows is a better team.
    As far as APL, CCV is intriguing but PRFC Meadows will run away with that division. I would be surprised if they lost or tied a game in APL (or to another AZ team). Meadows is a tremendous team and likely will have their biggest challenges vs top CA and NV teams in tournaments.
    FC AZ Olayo will will ASL 1. Would be surprised if they didn't although, RSL North is a bit better than I thought they would be considering they lost all the kids from their top team.
    ASL2 will be a two team race between Del Sol and PRFC North Valley. DS won a tight game on Saturday but North Valley had some silly mistakes that led to the DS goals. I expect them to play better next time.
    I've heard that Angeles lost most of their players. They played mostly boom ball the last two years which doesn't translate too well to 11 v 11 especially if you don't have fast kids up front - which they don't anymore. I see them struggling.
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  14. bugmonster

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    A lot of non-Utah teams got destroyed the first weekend in Desert Conference. All the Utah teams never stopped practicing and playing during the pandemic, and it showed.
  15. soccerdad08

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    Yeah I’m just surprised Sandsharks are doing better than the rising teams. Because they had a play in game. And yeah it looks like del sol will run away with that division. That Olayo team should win it. And meadows is a great team too. Can’t wait until we see the final results. That select tapia in open league seems to be coming too.
  16. lvboost

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    If you think RSL dominated, why did they lose 2-1?
  17. mbappe

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    Have you never watched a game where the clearly better team lost? But I’ll bite. 1st H RSL easily possessed 65%. Had about 10 shots to 1, of which 6 were inside of 10 yards and barely missed or were saved. Rising forwards got swallowed up by RSL CB’s. I also watched their 1st game, RSL gave up a 2-0 lead with 10 to play, outplayed them that game as well but didn’t dominate. Disclosure.. my kid doesn’t play on either team.
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  18. Digital5

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    Soccer is certainly a frustrating and fickle game. Not unusual to completely dominate a game but lose. It's just the way it goes in soccer - from Ulittle up to the pros. Playing a game with only your feet is a tricky thing.
  19. AZsoccefan

    AZsoccefan Active Member

    I get the sense that while Rising might have a better quality roster depth, that RSL has a few more dynamic difference makers that can take over the game.
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