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    There are two main reasons for the lack of AZ teams winning a Surf Cup championship: 1) The sheer number of the top teams from California, other states, and even other countries far outweigh the number of AZ teams entered in the tournament. 2) Surf Cup is typically played at the end of August. That is typically pre-season for AZ teams while So Cal teams have been playing throughout the summer.
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    Or it could of course be the fact that the top team in Arizona pre covid usually doesn't appear ranked in the top 15 teams in the region and those teams typically contest Surf Cup. I am not sure what AZ team won at Surf but i definitely don't remember it. This year no doubt wont be any different either.
  3. AIA Just announced that High school is now pushed to the earliest Jan. I’m guessing a ton of clubs teams will be trying to get into Surf Cup. Hopefully some AZ teams will get in.
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    They officially announced it already? Any links?

    I thought that was what they were recommending to the Executive Board, but wanted to meet with Arizona Department of Health Services and the Superintendent on Wednesday to get more info for a decision.
  5. We received an email from our High School athletic director. I also saw it on Hamilton’s athletic Twitter page.

    From the email...
    “Today the AIA executive board voted to place Winter sports on hold until January.

    In the coming weeks the AIA will meet with local health officials to create a return plan moving forward and will propose to the executive board in the coming months.

    We will keep you posted on any new information that we receive from the AIA.”
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    Thanks for sharing!

    Interesting. Maybe Hamilton is just calling it early due to their infections in student zip codes?

    It appears a vote has not been executed yet, unless I am reading this incorrectly:,and positivity rates around Arizona

    The Arizona Interscholastic Association recommended Monday to its executive board postponing the start of the winter sports season until January.

    AIA executive director David Hines will meet with state health and education officials this week regarding the rising infection and positivity rates around Arizona. The information and statistics gathered at this meeting will be shared with the executive board in a special meeting yet to be determined for a vote.

  7. Maybe... but teammates from other districts all received the same information from their Athletic Director yesterday ...winter sports will not happen until Jan.
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    Are any local AZ club teams registering for Surf since HS sports will most likely be delayed until January?
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    I wouldn't be surprised if most, if not all club teams will register for Surf.
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    MOST of the older Arsenal girls teams, at least ECNL, are registering.
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    The NCAA Division I Council announced an extension to the recruiting dead period in a Wednesday evening, November 18th statement. No in-person recruiting visits or activities will be allowed through April 15, 2021 per the statement. The dead period was established in April 2020 due to the initial surge of the coronavirus.
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    All this bullshit over something that has a 99.9% survival rate?
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    Will kids be allowed to tryout and practice with their HS teams if they're still committed to their club team at least until Surf's over? I ask because I've heard that tryouts start next week for some schools, and I thought I heard that kids had to be finished with club for 2 weeks before going their HS team.
  14. I guess it depends on your high school coach. If you play in surf cup you won’t be allowed to play in high school until Jan 19th (must quarantine for 14 days after last club game) And you have to train 14 days with high school before you can play in a game. I think most clubs teams have pulled out of Surf Cup.
  15. SoccerDadAZ

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    The 14 day quarantine requirement is ineffective. So club players are expected to refrain from playing in a HS match yet will continue to attend school, go to restaurants, and train with their HS team? I'm certainly not advocating full quarantine, if anyone may misinterpret my rant.
  16. Mot Ozzi

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    I’m surprised club teams are pulling out. I haven’t heard that.
  17. I know the at least on the girls side, the Rising ECNL teams and Arsenal ECNL teams have pulled out. Along with the RSL DPL teams.

    Not sure on the boys side.
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    It is idiocy. Not based on anything scientific.

    As you say, they are out and about doing things with friends, etc. The parents are out doing stuff.
  19. Desert Hound

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    Pulling out due to the rule imposed.

    So to further expand on the idiocy.

    If you play club you cannot play/practice for 14 days prior to joining the HS team. Safety and all.

    But you are OK to practice with your HS team. You are OK to play against various HS teams in the Valley. Covid only is a risk when you play other club teams. Totally fine with you play HS teams.

    HS age kids have zero actual risk from covid. There have been 270k deaths in the US from covid according to the CDC. Under 24 aged individuals constitute 500 of those deaths nationwide.

    To run around and pretend there is some concern/safety issue is completely ignoring the actual data.

    And to be fair it is not like people watching HS games is any concern either. Have you seen how many people actually go watch a HS game? There are more people in and out of a 7/11 in 10 minutes then you see in the stands of a HS game.
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    As I understand it, the reason they are doing December tryouts is so they can get in 14 days of training prior to Jan 5th. Kids can train with both teams without any quarantine period but once they play (Surf Cup) they will be subject to the 14-day quarantine, which in all likelihood will mean missing 5-6 high schools games. Their "plan" is to play 18 games in six weeks (Jan 5- Feb 19) so roughly 6 games missed prior to Jan 19th...

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