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    CA schools have tight restrictions for their coaches and staff. If they remain under the current restriction, they will not be traveling in JAN. Coaches that moonlight in some capacity for a youth club may be able to skirt the issue if they travel with a team for Surf Cup, maybe. Streaming will help and may be a sign of the future for recruiting. Streaming is good because you can't manipulate the footage.

    Have heard from multiple sources that many coaches and schools have decided that recruiting the class of 2021 and to some degree 2022 isn't worth it or will be giving less offers than usual. Many college seniors will be returning for another year and many freshman are already being given another year of eligibility. They will focus on recruiting the class of 2023.

    If you are a parent for a class of 2021 player, hopefully you've been in communication with a school and you are in a good position. It's unfortunate for the 2021 players but it's a fact that roster slots for this class will be reduced significantly.

    I wonder if anyone else has heard this and can confirm or share their experience. This isn't a rumor, it's a topic of discussion and statement of fact from college coaches and people involved in helping players get recruited in other sports, not just soccer.
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    I have seen many 2022's committing as of late. If you look at any of the websites, ie- TopDrawer, Soccerwire, etc. It lists the commits and schools. It may have slowed down a little...but they are still there...and at the top schools. National Signing Day is Nov. 11th. Nothing has changed for my dd. She has a class of 11 coming in. It's full steam ahead for a majority of programs. The 2021 list for Top Drawer has over 4000 players...all but a handful of top 200 girls..are commited. There are still schools recruiting, it just may take a lot more work for an uncommitted 2021. If they arent commited, i dont see why high school would even be a thought, if they want to play in college. Is it fair? Ask any former DA player. Some sacrificed their last year as a senior..and some for many years. Is what it is.
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    I have to agree. If the goal is soccer in college, it should be an easy decision play club and do the showcases.

    When I talk to people that have played college sports (whatever sport), as they look back as they are older they talk about their college experience. Not so much the HS experience.

    Now I get if you have no plans to play college and want that last final year of soccer with friends. But if you are doing college or want to, you should be doing everything to do that.

    I suspect strongly your memory of playing college at NAU, TT, ASU, UNM will be far more memorable vs your time spent on the Saguaro soccer team.
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    Good data to look at - thanks. The link below is helpful if you are into data.
    Class of 2020 - 40 commits
    Class of 2021 - 1 commit (so far, who knows how really accurate it is and the year is not over)
    Class of 2022 - 0

    Class of 2020 - 17
    Class of 2021 - 77
    Class of 2022 - 5
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    I agree but it depends on where the specific player is in the recruiting cycle and what level the players are looking to play. Some female HS players may have or are close to committing to schools. Those players are already a known quantity to most of the schools and 1 showcase is not going to move the needle for those players. Also, some players who are looking to play, at best, D3 schools will also not really benefit too much from 1 showcase. Lastly, if the schools that are of interest to a player will not be at the showcase, then it really doesn't make sense as well. I think the player can have their cake and eat it, too (play HS and college) if they plan it correctly.
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    I cannot argue with that. Those points are all correct. I was talking in far more general terms. But yes, all your points are correct/valid.


    I agree as well, some are done or have been having conversations for months. In my opinion the ones who are in trouble (so to speak) are the ones who did not put in the work over the past 1-2 years to contract coaches and start dialogs. I see first hand those girls scrambling now.
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    I would think surf cup should add a HS division and reap the benefit of some of these HS tourneys being canceled. plus I wonder how many coaches outside west coast colleges are planning to come to Az ... Disney for boys is I thought 12-27 to 12-31 and then the girls is like 10 days later.... would east coast colleges be willing and able to travel to Florida and Az so quickly.

    I agree with SoccerDADaz ... will this one showcase be of that big of a benefit to a player? Seniors should already be on the radar by now and or have the level of play identified (D1 DII etc) Plus I still think if given the chance most kids will choose HS for the opportunity to play for the school, in front of their classmates with friends etc.... Club today provides many opportunities and is necessary but lets be honest... it is not that much fun for the kids overall... The drama ... the politics ... us parents... the game itself can be lost. The kids go to HS football, volleyball, basketball games etc and see the crowds and enjoy being a part of that and want that as well.


    ECNL Girls has a Florida Event Jan 8-10 for U16, U17 and U18/19.
    GA appears to have something scheduled for Jan 30 thru Feb 1st.
    The PDT is Feb

    But will coaches who are planning to have their fall games in the spring, risk being out and about?

  10. Many states like CA have made exceptions to allow the kids to play in both Club and High school at the same time. So I can’t imagine there would be too many teams registering in that High division outside of AZ. Maybe some
    Teams from CO or NM but I don’t think that soccer is a winter sport for High school soccer. So they can play with their club teams. CA and NV kids will be playing with their clubs.

    Also (Not sure if they is 100% true) I’ve been told that The high school soccer tournaments (example Hamilton and Coyote Classic) are being cancelled because AIA won’t allow the kids to play in a tournament with more than 8 or more teams registered.

    So AIA would have to make an exceptions on that rule because Surf Cup will definitely have 8 or more teams. But who knows.
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    If you are inclined to, there is a petition to sign for this...I think they vote thursday
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    This is for the typical club kid, but does anyone know if this "permission" would also be granted for MLS Next players?
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    MLS Next players aren’t allowed to play in high school soccer so their teams are eligible to play in tournaments during the HS season.
  14. Unless the player is considered a "Future Player", then they can play H.S., but then could not play club.
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    With Surf Cup being in Arizona this year does anyone think an Arizona team might win in any brackets? When was the last time a team from Arizona won at Surf Cup?
  16. SoccerDadAZ

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    AZ teams, when playing not only SoCal teams but pretty much the best from the Northwest, NorCal, even Mexico, typically don't have a chance at being crowned champions. But in 2015, the '99 Sereno SE Boys won their U17 division.

    Playing in AZ should provide some home field advantage to AZ teams but with the first opportunity of the year to showcase talent I think the best boys teams (MLS) will be at this tournament and will dominate. On the girls side, it will be interesting to see what happens. I think a GA or Girls ECNL team (06 and older) cobbled together with players not playing high school may have a shot to win a championship. At the very least, a Rising, Del Sol, or Royals GA/ECNL (07 and younger) team will be vying for a top spot.
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    It's possible clubs have intact teams. Either with the waiver to play or with winter sports in limbo.

    It's also possible Surf Cup doesn't happen - we'll see how COVID plays out over the next few weeks. I wouldn't be surprised to see CA clubs decide to not travel to AZ over the next few weekends. Games this weekend will likely happen but I think future games are in jeopardy.
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    Rising ECNL 07/08 will not be playing in Surf Cup. Several other highly regarded Rising teams (08 North Valley Irwin and 08 West Valley Meadows) have a applied for the tournament. Meadows has played a lot of top AZ & SoCal ECNL teams (AZ Arsenal, CA Arsenal, FC San Diego, etc) in tournaments this year and should be a contender within the U13 level.
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  19. AIA didn’t grant the High school the waiver to play both club and High school. And now that high school soccer is postponed, maybe some AZ teams will try to get into Surf Cup last minute. Hard to say since AIA left the postponement of Hs soccer up in the air.
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    So i did some researching and i can find only 1 Arizona team that have won at Surf Cup in the last 8 years. Kinda disappointing for us. Hopefully that can change this year with it being on home ground. I will be watching and hoping.

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