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    100% agree with tjinaz -- pretty much every high school could field teams without club players. With that said, the lure for playing for your school will always be there and many players that play club will either attempt to do both if possible or quit club all together. As for AYSO and rec players, there is quality to found there as well. Some of those AYSO teams can hang with some of the best teams in the state.
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    solves that.... i did wonder how the city was going to let the fields be used that many days in a row...
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    For the vast majority of Club players high school is the last hurrah. 98% of the club players and likely over 50% of the letter league players will not play in college so let their soccer end as it began. Play for fun with your friends. Even if they get scholarship offers if it is far away and not a very good academic school do you still take it? Simply flying them out and back for school and then for the holidays to a D3 school in the midwest would exceed the value of the scholarship. Not sure that is a good financial move plus.. even if they graduate is having a diploma from Eastern Appalachian State going to help them start off their career vs a school that specializes it the area they want to study? While I imagine it may happen for some the vast majority will stop playing competitively in High School.
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    I know what you are trying to say - the majority of kids in club and HS will not play in college, for various reasons (grades, $$$, talent, etc).

    A surprisingly # of players don't even know they have choices. Our clubs do not do a good job of expanding their horizons in terms of college searches. It's a daunting task for parents/players to market themselves, especially if you have a male player. There are plenty of missed opportunities due to not enough information or knowledge being attained by our players. Stigmatizing schools outside of our region is a common thing. There are plenty of reputable schools to the east and north of Arizona that are worth their weight in gold if you can find them. Not everyone can play at stanford or UCLA

    I don't think Eastern Appalachian State exists (if you were trying to be facetious, then I apologize).

    There are plenty of D2 and D3 schools that play good soccer that are great academically, sometimes better than a D1 school (often times better). A lot of these schools are looking for players and are generous with their money. If a school is flying you out on an official visit and your player has the academic pedigree, it's well worth your $$$ to explore.

    Compare Denison University to UNLV. Of course, if you don't like the midwest and the weather, than that's a different thing - I've seen many players originally balk at the weather of a potential school and make decisions solely on that. Choices are a good thing.

    I know this was slightly off topic!
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  5. This is especially true for the Latino kids....but that's a whole other forum :).
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    I fixed this for you.

    We have a winner with the above.


    And finally your kid has to ask themselves (academics aside) is it better to be sitting on the bench at a Power 5 school? Or is it better to get substantial playing time at a smaller D1 division or going D2 or D3? After all, virtually nobody is going pro, and so this really is the last 4 yrs of high level soccer.
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    No doubt! If you are ever bored, check out the men's team rosters for some of the better D2/D3 soccer schools. Other countries have figured it out. Below is a quick example of foreign players on a D2 roster. Opportunity to play exists all over this country. Rollins is a D2 school in florida.
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    Um.. its college... if you aren't going to play the sport as a career.. isn't it really all about the academics? Like you say "virtually nobody is going pro". Unless you are going to a local CC to play and get some transfer credits isn't the money better spent having the kid go to the school that will give them a leg up for the rest of their life in their career field rather than trying to run out the soccer clock? I don't know what Denison or Rollins college is know for but I am sure the HR at my company will take a ASU or UofA diploma over them 9/10 times.

    I may be offsides here as this is a soccer forum but.. that is my train of thought
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    You misunderstood what I meant.

    I meant once you determine what you want to do academically, if at that point you have an option to be at a Power 5 and sit on the bench or go to a smaller school....

    I could have typed my post above in a clearer manner. Academics is key.
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    Nothing wrong with ASU or UofA, good schools that accept mostly everyone - which is great for their bottom line.

    This is a soccer forum and we are discussing opportunity to play in college. My point is that you can go to a great academic school that plays great soccer and it doesn't have to be a brand name D1 school or unknown D1 school. Opportunity is out there, players often times don't know where to look and often don't have an open mind.

    Both schools mentioned above are more selective than any school in AZ. I'm not here to debate whether these schools are "better" than ASU, UofA. You could argue that they are a class above our state schools in regards to academics but who cares, our state schools garner respect nationally.

    Since you don't know anything about these other schools, your assumption about your HR is a bit weird but I get it. We love our AZ schools and hope to keep our grads in state contributing to the economy.
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    That leaves another thought. Does anyone want your child to go to a university/college that has turned itself into a minimum security penitentiary? The tactics being employed by these institutions are downright horrific!

    All for a supposed disease with a survival rate of nearly 100%? To get brainwashed in ideolgies of Marxism? To play soccer and go into burdensome debt all for a piece of paper that does not guarantee a good paying job or career? We truly live in interesting times.


    Rumor on the street is that the AIA has ruled to not allow participation in both. Has anyone heard this as well?
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  13. You currently cannot participate in both club and HS at the same time. However, there is a petition going around to allow it this year only.
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    I doubt the AIA will change the rule for this year.
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    Sorry, should have been more clear, I heard the AIA voted NO last night on the the one time exception
  16. That would not surprise me. Where did you hear?
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    That is unfortunate and a disservice to our players but oh well. I'm not surprised.

    We will see which way it breaks for the olders at Surf Cup. Will AZ teams not field very good teams due to HS or will players forego their season for 3 games in the hopes of catching the eye of a coach/scout.
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    Even if this gets resolved, we do not know if the NCAA will lift recruiting restrictions. We also do not know if colleges will allow there coaches to travel. Jan 1-4 is a tough date range. So the AIA's decision could not matter.

    Also ECNL Girls PHX Event will live stream U16-U19 Game for coaches to watch remotely.

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