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    I think you are missing my poin
    If a team is losing repeatedly to teams who are stacking rosters and that causes a kid to lose interest then you are 100% correct. No child should fall out of a sport because their team loses too often . That is a very valid point TTF.

    The planet I’m living on is this.... the planet of a college/pro scout. I have zero skin in this game. But i do know this , waiting for the coach lottery to call your ticket to make your child better is a long shot. What you do outside of the time with your coach is what determines your ultimate success as an individual. The coach can help determine team success.

    Is it the coaches job to make you better? Yes, but only for one season. It is the athlete and parent’s job every season to make sure they develop .
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    Similar to that of school; teachers get the blame for children not learning but the parents and kids have to put in the work outside the classroom.

    Practicing 3x a week and removing warm ups, conditioning drills, breaks, etc. coaches will 45-60 minutes a night on the ENTIRE team (not one on one with an individual player). Can’t blame the coaches and club for everything.

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