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  1. tjinaz

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    Arsenal has affiliations in Tucson or were they borrowing from the Tucson ECNL team?
  2. Desert Hound

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    They don't have to pull from affiliate clubs or use other ECNL players
  3. Discovery players
  4. tjinaz

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    ahh so they can really be from any NON ECNL affiliated club. Interesting. So how do they find them? Players that tried out and didn't make it? So they are basically non club subs. If they have ECRL why would they need discovery players? Thought ECRL was the source for ECNL clubs for injury or subs develop internal players before going outside.

    What is a Discovery player? A “Discovery Player” is a player that is not a full-time member of the ECNL Club to which she is registered. A Discovery Player may appear on an active roster for a team of a non-ECNL Club, or a non-ECNL Team of another ECNL Club. In order to be considered a Discovery Player, a player must be explicitly designated as such on the ECNL Roster before such player participates in any ECNL Competition. Discovery Players are eligible to participate in all ECNL Competitions.

    1. U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 ECNL teams may each have two (2) Discovery Players, total.
    2. U18/U19 ECNL team may have four (4) Discovery Players, total. There are no Discovery Players for U18/U19 Composite teams. There are no Discovery Players for ECNL Regional League teams.
  5. mbappe

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    Watched most of the San Diego Surf ECNL 2007 (#20 in the USA on YSR) vs RSL MLS 2007 (#31 YSR) game yesterday, incredible soccer. 1-1 tie. Those boys can play some football, fun to watch.
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  6. GKeeper

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    Correct, any non-ECNL player can be a discovery player, from any club and can compete for an ECNL team.

    Typically, discovery players are found by scouting or simply a player reaching out see if they can be a discovery player. Arsenal and PRCC has leveraged players from around AZ and from within several surrounding states.

    Arsenal only competes in the ECRL for the 04 and 05 age groups.

    Tucson does not have an ECNL team.
  7. Robert

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    Great game! That left winger for Surf has a bright future for sure!
  8. overtime

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    I saw most of that game, PRFC definitely rostered a handful of ecnl players who played most minutes of the the game.
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  9. Mot Ozzi

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    I understand that players have to quarantine for 14 days before they participate with their HS team. But what exactly does quarantine mean in this context? Is it just that they can’t have contact with players on their HS team? Is so, then can players continue to train with their club while they’re in that 14 day window?

    Train ~ yes
    Game/scrimmage ~ no, if you participate in this category you are ineligible for HS participation for 14 days.
  11. tjinaz

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    Yea if I was a parent on that team I would be mad. What is the point of paying when they bring in ringers and reduce your players time on the pitch.

  12. Manawar1

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    I watched the RSL 06 mls team play Lv pros 06 on Saturday morning and the score was 4 to 0 but it’s posted on the Surf results as 0-1. Does anyone know what Transpired? The game wasn’t even close and the LV coach acted IMO unprofessional in the end
  13. Revup06

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    The game you watched was RSL 06 ECNL vs Atletico NV 2006 Select. RSL MLS 06 lost to LV Pros 0-1.
  14. Manawar1

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  15. Futbol Dad

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    One AZ olders team reached the semi & finals, and won it (boys or girls). Congrats to the RSL AZ 05 MLS for doing what no other team in the state of AZ could do by winning Surf Cup Best of the Best!!
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