SC Del Sol Boys DA ?

Discussion in '2007' started by 415soccermom, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Active Member

    That is BS on the part of CCV. Clubs should not do that.

    Remember this. When clubs hold tryouts they themselves are looking for new players to upgrade/replace players on their own teams. So they are happy to bring people in all the time. They should not act as they do when parents/players test the waters themselves.
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  2. Tallpines

    Tallpines Active Member

    This is inexcusable, name the coach and director. Real Christian of them as well.
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  3. Dominic

    Dominic Administrator Staff Member

    This is so wrong!
  4. tigres619

    tigres619 New Member

    Does anyone know if SC Del Sol announced their DA head coaches yet?

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