Return to Play - limited groups starting to practice starting May 16

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by tjinaz, May 14, 2020.

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    I have heard the rising is holding full practices at different locations around the city to prevent being caught and that one of their teams as already gone full quarantine because a coach and a few parents have came down with severe symptoms. I know both city of phx and city of Glendale has warned rising about large gatherings and practices. Doesn’t sound like they are practicing ASA guidelines. I guess that’s why one of their teams has seen an increase in symptoms
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    My kids are in rising and they have had practices with kids in 10 x 10 boxes. Parents away and no passing...just for drills so I can say that the two teams we are a part of are in fact following the guidelines... can’t speak for other teams though
  3. al66

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    Go to a practice or tryout and verify/see for yourself.
    My son plays for PHX Rising and they are following ASA Guidelines to the extreme, it actually frustrates me at times.
    When we get to the stadium they have 4 players per 10x10 canopies. They have a chair at each corner separated by 10 feet. Then when they are ready, they run on the field to their designated station which is also 10 feet apart with their own ball. No contact or passing is allowed for any reason, no sharing drinks and hi 5’s, fist bumps are not allowed either, only foot taps. Parents must also obey social distancing guidelines, bar stools are set up 10 feet apart above the suites. I get it though, the health and safety of our kids comes first. Soon we’ll be back to scrimmaging and playing games, just need to be have patience.
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    Interesting. How do you explain the Glendale 06 teams having full on scrimmages at a local park today? If what you say is true, then why is the city of Glendale sending their park rangers out to look for the Glendale rising group? Why has both cities threaten to pull their allocations for practicing at community parks that they don’t belong to? Also can you explain the parents and coaches having and showing symptoms of the covid virus? Not sure what group you belong to but unlike Spanishguy, I haven’t “heard” these things, I’ve seen them and I know for a fact a lot of what he said is true and the cities will flex on them when they are caught. They don’t make the rest of the clubs look good nor ASA.
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    If you know so much about the teams having "full on scrimmage" what coach is having the practice??? I agree with the other two Rising parents, the kids are so spread out, half of the time they can't hear the coach tell them what drill to do next.


    In the world we live in, don't think for a minute that some struggling coaches/clubs are not trying to get other clubs in trouble and spread rumors. They are!! Make your competition look bad to make you look good, is not any program I'd want my kids in.

    Like stated earlier........If you are in the soccer world, go out and see for yourself. Don't by into the crap that's going on!

    Also make sure it's actually a club team and not a private soccer training company (as the private companies have started up this week)
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    You’ve seen it?
    Why are you there, is your kid out there too? A bit weird you are there if your kid isn’t playing. You’re Trolling, why would you be out in 100+ degrees watching a team you’re not associated with in any way.
  8. tjinaz

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    Um.. I live across the street from a park that regularly has players on it. You don't have to be a troll to see people playing. So far I saw what looks like a couple of members of a Girls high school JV team set up a net and kick around and some private coaches running training but no full teams. Lately there are players out every day.
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    That’s all private stuff, people going to the park to kick around. I go to the park with my son and a few neighborhood kids to play soccer. We’re Not a club team not following return to play guidelines. Way different, why are people so specific on what teams are out training and not following guidelines. They either have to much time on their hands, trolling or are just trying to make a club look bad so they try to steal players. All 3 scenarios are just weird ass people in my opinion. It’s youth soccer, and not even high level youth soccer, just let the kids have fun and enjoy themselves.
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    The post doesn't say where this alleged scrimmage took place but if it was on Rising Glendale's home fields you really would have to be trolling or watching your own kid. Their fields are behind that football stadium in the shadow of the Cardinals stadium that is up against 91st ave. No way anyone is looking out the window at those fields....
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  11. GKdad

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    Hearing rumors that with Gov. Ducey saying youth sports can return that the ASA has given the green light to move to phase 2.5
  12. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    The state of Arizona has given the green light to play sports in full, but RSL insists on prolonging their stupidity with social distancing, parents staying in their cars, stupid 5 minute rule before practice, and staying 8 feet apart from other parents. WTF!

    They are also teaching goalkeepers how not to spread germs on the ball with their hands. Aren't we dealing with a supposed virus and not a germ? Think about that one for a minute. (Lol) It is okay for the ball to be played on grass where animals such as dogs piss and shit on, but somehow they are more worried about a goalkeeper's hands on a ball? (Lol). Who comes up with this shit!

    Parents, are you really going to comply with this nonsense? Tell RSL to fuck off! They have zero authority over you and the control freaks must really like this power they think they have over you. Tell them no and let's play for real! Don't act like RSL's slave!
  13. Actually, ASA, is in charge of return to play, not the individual clubs. ASA has released clubs to Phase 2 activities only. Introduction of small sided games and introducing goal keeper activities.


    What was said:
    Ducey said the state would issue guidance for the returning activities.

    The governor mentioned summer leagues, summer schools and day camps as activities that would need guidance.

    This does not say free for all back to normal, it says return under guidance. Individual governing bodies (ASA, AIA, etc) will follow a protocol, that they are comfortable with, as they are doing.
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  15. Robert

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    I respect RSL’s approach! They are following the guidelines set forth, have a plan and sticking to it!
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    I'm pretty sure there are other options in town if you don't want your kid to play for RSL.
  17. GKdad

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    Word on the street is that the ASA approved the move to phase three in the weekly DOC conference call last night.
  18. I have heard the same thing-Modified Phase III
  19. tjinaz

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  20. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    Are we going to embrace liberty or accept a false sense of secuity and get neither?
    Okay to play without a mask, but not okay on the sideline? Again, who comes up with this shit?

    OSHA says Cloth Masks and Surgical Masks Don't Work:

    OSHA defines oxygen deficient atmosphere as below 19.5% :

    (1) New England Journal of Medicine:
    "We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection."

    (2) FDA - “Even a properly fitted N95 mask does not prevent illness or death”

    (3) CDC — There is no scientific evidence for healthy people wearing masks

    (4) Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock :
    ”There is no scientific evidence that masks are effective. If you are not sick, you should not wear a face mask.”

    (5) Columbia University: Psychological Harms of Face Masks:
    "Many young children burst into tears or recoil when someone wearing a mask approaches. By putting on masks, we take away information that makes it especially difficult for children to recognize others and read emotional signals, which is unsettling and disconcerting."

    (6) US Surgeon General Jerome Adams:
    ”Masks are not effective in preventing the general public from catching coronavirus.”

    (7) Dr. Anthony Fauci:
    “People should not be walking around wearing masks. Masks do not provide the protection people think they do.”

    (8) WHO, Dr. Mike Ryan:
    ”There is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks by the mass population has any potential benefit. In fact, there’s some evidence to suggest the opposite in the misuse of wearing a mask properly or fitting it properly.

    (9) US Department of Labor — OSHA:
    ”Oxygen deficient is any atmosphere that contains less than19.5%.” This happens when the oxygen is displaced by inert gas such as CARBON DIOXIDE and is the leading cause of FATALITIES.”

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