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    1. You are right, I am comfortable with my dd playing
    2. I agree risk is low but the kids can (and do) spread to parents and grandparents. I am more concerned for the adults who will get sick from kids spreading the virus. (That said my parents and wife and I are lucky as we have been vaccinated)Prior to the vaccine my kids wore masks around my parents and in laws. (Still do for the most part). Several of my partners have gotten COVID and they all point to the kids as the source.
    3. The quote regarding masks is for influenza, not COVID. Masks are helpful is slowing the spread of COVID, I believe this and will wear a mask. The quote about masks being politicized depends on your slant. One may say that it was politicized by the left, and another will say it was politicized by the right...not a conversation that anyone will win. (
    4. I am not wanting to argue with anyone on this board and I agree with Just4kix. Enjoy it
    5. I wish you the best and all the health in the world.
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    I don't think you are arguing (or I am arguing with you). We are just expressing an opinion in a friendly way.

    I appreciate the back and forth and your opinion/feedback!

    Hope you DD has a fun yr playing HS for the first time!
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    Makes one wonder why we ever had winter sports to begin with? We have pandemics every year (Cold and Flu) if one takes into account WHO's new defintion. Society and sports in general never shutdown in years past due to the Cold and Flu. It just goes to show you what kind of power government agencies, big corporations, and the lamestream media have over the masses that are asses which have bought into the hysteria hook, line, and sinker.

    All this bullshit over a supposed virus that hasn't been isolated. It has survival rate of over 99.9%. THEY use a PCR as a test that doesn't even identify a virus which uses a cycle of 40 of which Fauci himself admits that a PCR cycle over 35 is worthless. We are now told that flu has dropped by 98%. THEY want us to beLIEve in their superstitions that a face diaper is good for us also. People, if you don't see the agenda being put forth then there is no hope for you. Stop trusting your slave masters and think for yourself.
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    boys basketball coach Damin Lopez referenced information from, on wearing masks during high aerobic activity, such as basketball, noting the risks to the lungs and heart.
    Smith, who said the school wrestling program has had COVID-19 cases, said he doesn't feel it makes sense during the worst time in the virus to lead a team.

    He also believes, "You can't wrestle in a mask.'' "This is ridiculous. We're in a point now if sports medicine says it's not healthy, we should abide by that this year,'' he said.
    Will teams lose athletes over it because of parents' concerns over health risks, especially those who suffer from asthma?
    But did we mention that college athletes and, of course, professional athletes, are exempt of this mandate?

    a soccer player and cross-country runner, said, “I think that masks have had a huge impact on soccer, and they have affected my way of playing the sport. I cannot get enough oxygen into my lungs, which makes me feel like I am about to pass out.”

    A soccer player with asthma, Trenton Heasley, also had difficulty breathing while wearing a mask, stating, “I played half an indoor game with a mask for 25 minutes and wasn’t able to catch my breath until several minutes after the game.”

    Is this the kind of experiment we really want to perform on our children?
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    TTF, we’re you possibly at the capitol riots the other week with Viking horns on your head? Would not surprise me
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    He didn’t make the QAnon ECNL or MLS team! He’s bitter! Blames it on the coaching and...COVID!

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