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    Well said and yes, I’m aware he was coaching at Basha! You and I must have crossed paths!
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    So parents are not happy with RSL and had their kids tryout for both DS and RSL and go with the team that offers them? That is called tryouts. What am I missing? What happens if these unhappy parents only get offered by RSL? Or aww every unhappy because they did not make the team?

    What is the reason for their unhappiness?
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    Yep. Most of the 08 RSL ECNL team is from North Diego and a couple from North Walsh. Three players on the ENCL team are from RSL South, with 5 South players making the RSL MLS team. Also, a handful of the RSL ECNL players are part-time MLS. We'll see how that works out... I do know there was some unhappiness with the lack of North players being invited to play on the RSL MLS team. For example, one of the players that moved to Rising MLS didn't make the RSL MLS team. He was invited to play on the RSL ECNL team.
  4. Robert

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    There were a lot of unhappy families. I don’t know their particular circumstances. For us it was an accumulation of things. We weren’t really looking to leave but an opportunity presented itself and after talking with our boys, we decided to grab the chances and take on new challenges. Our boys have never been happier. I can tell you that there were a lot of unhappy families and I’m sure the reasons for leaving were varied. The one theme we always heard was that the club would talk out of both sides of their mouths and were not consistent with their messaging in terms of expectations with player movement.
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    Congratulations on your boys finding a better opportunity at another club. But "A lot of families" is misleading. That would assume then a number of teams would fold in the club which is not the case. EVERY club markets itself as the best club in the area and for some families, whether it's the amount of playing time, misplaced expectations, the competitive level of the team, etc., that will be the impetus to move to a different club. There are so many factors that are important for each individual family/player (practice location, coach, playing level, cost, social circle, travel, etc.) that there is no perfect club for all families/players. There are families with 2+ players that belong to multiple clubs in order to get the best fit for each individual player. We should be thankful that the Phoenix area still has a number of good clubs with good coaches for all to find the best fit for their son/daughter.
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    Good points! Obviously an exaggeration but all the parents we spoke with had the same general concerns.
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    So MLS decided to extend the amount of teams inaugural list of teams and is accepting applications from non-MLS clubs. I think AZ ARSENAL would be a great addition to the inaugural list of teams and great for youth soccer in ARIZONA.
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    I think rolling out other age groups to existing members first would be the best option for them. Most of their members having strong teams in the other age groups too.

    Not sure how much say the current members have regarding additional teams but my guess is the AZ MLS clubs would say NO to that proposal - or anyone else in AZ getting in.
  9. al66

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    I really don't think the MLS cares what the AZ MLS clubs say, what matters is credentials and ARSENAL should be in. They are well established and have competitive teams at all age groups, would give more players opportunities and be great for AZ soccer. I know some of you are going to say it would make for watered down competition, but there are a lot more players who should be playing at this level, but may not fit a coaches personnel, team style or logistically not possible. There is a lot of of talent in Arizona that needs to be nurtured. BTW, my son plays for PHX RISING MLS team, so I don't have any affiliation with AZ ARSENAL, I just think every opportunity for AZ players should be visited.
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    I don't disagree. I think you could probably make the same case for CCV. (I have no affiliation with CCV but admire what they do from afar).
  11. FutbolFan

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    MLS cares about quality. Arsenal finished in the bottom or bottom half of ECNL in every age group last year except U18/19

    Arizona Arsenal ECNL U13
    13 1-11-1 12 47 -35
    Arizona Arsenal ECNL U14
    13 2-9-2 11 30 -19
    Arizona Arsenal ECNL U15
    13 4-7-2 22 29 -7
    Arizona Arsenal ECNL U16
    13 2-10-1 12 31 -19
    Arizona Arsenal ECNL U17
    13 3-6-4 19 24 -5
    Arizona Arsenal ECNL U18/U19
    13 8-2-3 42 1 7 25

    Not counting U18/19, their combined records in ECNL was 12 wins 43 losses 10 ties with a goal differential of -85. Yes, -85.
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    I really don't think there will be any more MLS club expansions in Arizona. I don't think they would be capable of having both ECNL and MLS league teams. They struggle in (BOYS) ECNL and are constantly in last place in all age categories.
  13. PJP

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    Thank you for doing this. Speaks volumes. Total kickball club; not much possession. MLS will pass on this one. IMO.
  14. FutbolFan

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    I DO believe Arsenal, like other ECNL clubs, benefited from the demise of DA and grabbed up some talent and MAY have improved in some age groups but they have a LONG way to go and their history is questionable at best.

    They are much stronger on the girls' side.
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  15. Cali

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    First off, how do you know MLS Elite League cares about quality when their league hasn't even started. You don't know what coaches or coaching expectation and accountability will be. , it could just be another Pay to Play program to support the real academy group(s). Your info about AZ Arsenal is true but also not true, it didn't show the whole picture.

    Arizona Arsenal ECNL U13
    13th out of 13th

    Arizona Arsenal ECNL U14
    6th out of 13th

    Arizona Arsenal ECNL U15
    9th out of 13
    ---NOTE: Phx Rising 1st

    Arizona Arsenal ECNL U16
    13 2-10-1 12 31 -19
    12th out of 15
    ---NOTE: Phx Rising 1st

    Arizona Arsenal ECNL U17
    11th out of 13
    ---NOTE: Phx Rising 1st

    Arizona Arsenal ECNL U18/U19
    5th out of 13
    --NOTE: Phx Rising 1st

    I also noted Phx Rising had good showing for AZ teams ---> Location, Location, Location

    if we eventually get back on the pitch and let the kids be kids and play, in time and experience behind the experiment, will determine if the 'new' Boys league will continue to be either a pay to play model or truly a another path to greatness, which by the way less than 1.3% will play in college level (DI / DII) and as the quality of talent shrinks even more 0.00859% can make MLS level team.
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  16. SoccerDadAZ

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    U.S. Soccer had broad guidelines when determining Development Academy status:
    • Academy leadership and quality of coaching staff
    • Desire to embrace Development Academy philosophy and core values
    • Infrastructure and investment of resources
    • Player production history, player pool depth and geographic location
    • Market analysis

    AZ Arsenal didn't fulfill a number of these guidelines prior to the DA closing shop else they would have been awarded DA status. The MLS will loosen some of these guidelines for its league, per their comments to include more non-MLS clubs but their biggest issue with DA was the lack of team strength/competition. The strongest objection to the inclusion of AZ Arsenal is the last guideline, market analysis. Does the talent in AZ warrant other clubs to be added outside of the current AZ MLS clubs? SoCal had the same issue over the past 1-2 years where they had too many DA clubs and some of the non-MLS clubs did not effectively compete due to player pool dilution. Where did AZ Arsenal improve over the past year within these guidelines to warrant inclusion in the MLS League?
  17. Messifan

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    Ummm, U14 was only 6th because the conference was broken into 2 divisions. If you consider both they were 12th out of 13. You are wrong also on U16 - only 13 teams.

    So to revisit:
    U13: 13th out of 13
    U14: 12th out of 13
    U15: 9th out of 13
    U16: 12th out of 13
    U17: 11th out of 13

    Geez, ECNL should boot them out! :vomit:

  18. Cali

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    why are talking about DA, a program that was good while it was alive. but that is the past. Its dead, the broad guidelines don't exist anymore. The MLS Youth league hasn't been proven or even has started yet. The question I have is will grow another pay to play program or establish guidelines to meet the need of identification of the future .00875% that will qualify to play at the MLS level.

    I didn't hear AZ Arsenal even thought of applying for DA when is started for the boys in 2007 and the girls side a few years ago. I didn't hear there were objections for AZ Arsenal for something didn't even apply to be part of other than being fully seems committed to ECNL platform. Not to mention being awarded the only Arizona Club to be awarded -US Club Soccer Players 1st licence recognition.

    I hope if your club has a good player development program to be good enough play at a college and earn scholarship to help pay for their education.

    ENCL and AZ Arsenal partnership seems to be working for the boys and big time for the girls side as their 2020 graduation girls ECNL team has 100% committed to play at the collegiate level their freshman year. I believe that is two years in a row. their 2021 class looking to repeat, but its not over until its over.

    the most player depth is talent depth is Scottsdale's Phoenix Rising. Location Location Location
    AZ Arsenal located way east valley and has a awesome weight room that rivals most universities.

    Lets see what happens in the showcase tournaments, if get to play, and see how everything shakes out on who has best development program - MLS vs ECNL vs USL , I am sure they will play each other in the showcases unless MLS has a different spin on what they can play or not play. again who knows.

    Bottom line, we know what we know but we don't know much about MLS Youth Soccer League . . . yet
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  19. al66

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    I think some of you are missing my point, key on "more opportunities for Arizona soccer players". Why is it that it always has to turn into why a club, team or player can't or shouldn't be playing in a certain league. For example, after I posted my original thoughts on why AZ Arsenal should apply for MLS, multiple people went off and researched all the reasons why they shouldn't be in the league. These people are either BITTER with ARSENAL for some reason or just have to much time on their hands and have nothing better to do than knock on a youth soccer club. " It's about giving as many AZ players the opportunity get a college scholarship", their are so many players out there playing on smaller club teams or even on Sunday Mexican leagues that would school a lot of these players on these so called Elite teams, but just don't have the means, funds or just plain opportunity. You guys need to realize that out of all these "Elite teams" maybe one will play at the highest level some day, the odds are better of more players playing the game they love and getting a free education.
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    I don't understand that comment. Their top teams are very good and after that they are hit & miss. Do you mean boys or girls or both? I note above that their 08B MLS team is all from outside Rising (some returns). So they have numbers, but talent depth?

    To the wider point, if Tuzos were given an elite team there would be ripples across the valley. Their players & teams are recruited by multiple other clubs and they just build again. CCV do the same thing to a lesser extent on the boys and a larger extent on the girls.

    It's actually "funny" that two of the cheapest options for soccer develop some of the best talent with the least qualified coaches ... really weird, right!

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