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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by azsoccermom, May 13, 2020.

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    I agree with mbappe, should be a good match up. I think the 07 & 08 Rising MLS teams recruited throughout the Valley (and not from existing teams) but the older Rising MLS teams pulled up ECNL since they were awarded the U15 and above teams late in the process.
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  3. Crossbar Hero

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    07 PRFC ECNL vs MLS 08s scrimmage. 07s won 3-1. 08s in my opinion were the better team. 07s had a giant kid up top, a really fast big kid in the middle that looked good and a good center back. Thats who stood out to me. The first half 07s played a little better than the 08s. Had quite a few opportunities to score. The 2nd half the 08s were by far the better team. They just couldn't get anything to go in.
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  4. AZsoccefan

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    I only saw the second half and I concur with this. The 08’s were the more aggressive team and dominated possession but just couldn’t get one in.
  5. 415soccermom

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    Does anyone know how the PRFC 06s and 07s did against Barca today?
  6. Robert

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    06 Rising 3-2
    07 Rising 2-1
  7. PJP

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    Anyone know how RSL 08s did today against SCDS?
  8. Zerofire

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    I heard Rsl 08 beat Del sol 08
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  9. Goalkeeper

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    RSL MLS 08 WON 3-1
  10. SoccerDadAZ

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    Del Sol v RSL-AZ MLS, 20 Sept at Casa Grande:

    U13: RSL 3-1
    U14: DS 4-1
    U15: 1-1 draw
    U16: RSL 1-0
    U17: DS 5-1
    U18/19: DS 3-1
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  11. PJP

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    Did SCDS have a bad day or is rsl just stacked?
  12. Goalkeeper

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    RSL is stacked, they have 2 defenders that are big, technical, fast and physical. One of the defenders scored the 3rd goal on a great header off a cross. The CF they picked up, is fast, good with his feet and can score but isn't stingy, he had a nice run for 3/4's of the field and passed a great ball for the goal. He also scored the 1st goal of the game. The goal Del Sol scored was off an error by the Keeper, came out way to far and got caught, good heads up play by Del Sol. Overall, RSL moved the ball well and could play keep away at will. They move the ball confidently, are fast, and physical. I can't wait to watch RSL MLS 08 and PHOENIX RISING MLS 08 play.
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    Is that you al66? Don't recognize the new handle but the ALL CAPS and the over-the-top boasting about your kid is very familiar!

    What happened to PHOENIX RISING PRO ACADEMY? I thought they were the BEST. So you moved from SC Del Sol and PHOENIX RISING PRO ACADEMY? I thought the parents/players at RSL were unhappy??? Hope it works out at RSL! Seems like you are running out of clubs to bash and 11 and 12-year-olds to be critical of.
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  14. al66

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    al66 is still here
  15. SoccerDadAZ

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    Results from MLS Next: Barca v Rising, 19 Sept at Casa Grande

    U15: Rising 3-2
    U16: Rising 5-3
    U17: Barca 2-0
    U19: Barca 5-1
  16. Azsoccerfann

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    upcoming weekend games Barca vs RSL and SCDS vs Rising.
  17. Futbol Talk

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    Does MLS post the rosters for each team like ECNL does for their participating clubs?
  18. al66

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    Can anyone explain/breakdown the new MLS substitution rules?
  19. SoccerDadAZ

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    7 subs. No re-entry.

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