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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by azsoccermom, May 13, 2020.

  1. azsoccermom

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  2. Sweeper

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    For the clubs that have Boys ECNL, will the top team play in the MLS league or ECNL?
  3. al66

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    1st teams will play MLS league, 2nd team ECNL. The MLS League is basically the old DA
  4. Azsoccerfann

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    Anyone from these four Arizona clubs know what ages will be in the new MLS elite league?
  5. al66

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    I know for sure u13 & u14 and other age groups to be announced.
  6. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    The clubs will probably grandfather their original teams in the former DA league at a minimum and possibly receive additional age groups depending on competitive level in said age group.
  7. FutbolFan

    FutbolFan New Member

    Chatter is the prior. Club salesman are pitching the latter.

    If I'm betting, it makes sense they keep only the prior age groups(teams) in the opening round...
  8. SoccerDadAZ

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    IMHO, there will be some teams added in MLS Elite platform in addition to the original DA teams that played last year. The MLS platform has 15 founding member clubs in the Southwest (11 SoCal, 4 AZ). The former DA had 15 clubs playing in the U15 Southwest Division, 13 clubs in the U16/17 SW division, 9 clubs in the U18/19 2nd division, 10 clubs in the U/18/19 1st division. Former SoCal DA clubs like FC Golden State, SD Surf, Real SoCal, Strikers, Pats, Arsenal SC are not part of the MLS platform. Whether AZ clubs add teams in the MLS League is the question.
  9. FutbolFan

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    None of these teams were AZ teams with the exception of Barca. Barca will continue being all in with MLS with their premier teams.

    RSL MLS youngers but olders are ECNL. With the Utah MLS academy, they have their hooks in both leagues.

    Rising has MLS, ECNL and USL. I think they are good.

    Who does that leave? Del Sol (salesmen). Getting into the MLS is a good deal for them. My expectation is it will be existing age groups and add U15 this year.

    Did I miss anyone?
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  10. Azsoccerfann

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    I believe Phoenix rising and Rsl-az will have 07-and 08s as stated per their website. Sc del sol will get 08-06s. BARCA will be the only Arizona team with older age groups U15-19.
  11. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    RSL-AZ was awarded U15 in the DA.
  12. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    RSL-AZ was awarded U15 before the DA folded so they will receive a U15 team in the MLS platform. That's still only 12 clubs in U15 Southwest Division. It's highly inefficient from a travel perspective for only 1 AZ club to play in the U16 and older divisions. I wouldn't be surprised if RSL (Utah) U-15 will play in a different region from the Southwest, having just AZ and SoCal clubs in the Southwest Division. I would think at least 1 more AZ club will be awarded U16 and older teams in the MLS platform. Del Sol may be a good fit since they aren't in the ECNL. I wouldn't be surprised if PRFC and RSL-AZ are also awarded older teams with the number of players that they have at those age groups. There's certainly talent in the state of AZ to fill the rosters of 4 teams at each older age group. The question is if those clubs can entice top players from smaller clubs to play for them.
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  13. Azsoccerfann

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    Here is what RSL AZ have under the MLS Academy staff. Coaches from U13, U14, and U15. Hopefully they get those ages in the MLS elite league. Arizona has lots of talent that can compete with any club from California.

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  14. azsoccermom

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    If they do just one club with the older ages (Barca) they are falling back into a flaw that existed in the DA, teams being asked to travel to play one game, in this case to AZ. They should at least balance it out to an even number so a road trip makes sense.
  15. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Active Member

    What DA did on the boys side is allow clubs to GROW into the older age groups.

    If a club joined DA and suddenly had all the age groups, generally speaking they got killed.

    So what you saw was a club was accepted with the lowest age group. If they did well that year, they got the next age group, etc.

    This year RSL got U15 before everything folded. Had they done well this coming year, they likely would have been awarded U16.

    Anyway that is my understanding of why DA did what they did on the boys side. That part of what they were doing did make sense.
  16. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    100% agree. The last thing the MLS clubs want is a low level of competition. That was their original issue with the DA. However, since the MLS will be running the league, they will have the freedom to be very selective in individual teams from the founding clubs to maintain a high competition level and keep travel costs to a minimum. If the MLS were to pursue that path, they need to do it fairly quickly to give those clubs' teams to further increase their roster strength.
  17. Futbol Dad

    Futbol Dad New Member

    It's a logical, but flawed approach...especially when RSL & PR both have very strong 04 & 05 teams and the RSL 05 team, earned RSL a boys DA with their performances in the DA Showcases/events during U14 season. Only seems logical they would not only qualify, but be able to succeed at the MLS Academy League.
  18. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    The DA was about the funnel, many to fewer, to consolidate the best talent on the fewest teams as the kids get older. The RSL 05 team is a good example. They lost their best players, to Barca & RSL Utah DAs I believe. So the best players stayed in DA and the RSL 05 team, while still pretty good, was diminished as a result. It can still play and compete in ECNL, but not to the same extent. From the DA perspective, it served its purpose to ID the top talent.

    From an MLS perspective, they want the "many" feeder clubs at a younger age, but less so as the kids get older. That's when they want the elite platform - my guess is that they may go for a two tier system like this year's U19. I assume the non-MLS clubs will settle for that after, maybe U15, as they can contend that it's better than ECNL ... etc and so on
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  19. SoccerDadAZ

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    Agree about the DA consolidating the best talent to a few teams. However, the majority of the 05 RSL (Utah) and Barca DA teams are not AZ players. Perhaps 1 05 RSL-AZ (who played for their 04 team), 2 RSL-AZ players, 1-2 PRFC and a few more moved to those residency teams. Certainly not enough players to even field a team. But there is still quite a bit of talent at the 05s, 04s, etc. age groups in AZ that, if properly consolidated on an AZ-based team (or maybe two), can compete with the current DA/MLS teams at those age groups.

    The MLS' goal is not only to consolidate the best talent to a few teams but also to improve the identification of talent not playing in the MLS/DA League. Consolidating the top players at the state level would be highly beneficial for MLS clubs. It gives the MLS clubs more flexibility to keep tabs on players at little cost. The best talent in those older age groups in AZ may not jump ship to for an opportunity to play ECNL, etc. due to cost or other issues. But they may jump ship to play for an AZ-based MLS League club with the right incentives (low or no cost, competing against the elite talent, etc).
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  20. soccerguy

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    Ecnl requires clubs first teams to play in ecnl. There may be some exceptions, but it's in their contract.

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