Long term effects of Covid 19 on Arizona Soccer

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by tjinaz, Mar 28, 2020.

  1. Agree. Sounds like only Tommy’s teams are currently affected.
  2. Messifan

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    Also heard Tony's teams halted practices after he came in contact with a positive player on his older team. Players on ALL his teams have to test negative before returning to practice, after the quarantine period. (2002s, 2004s & 2005s)
  3. Sweeper

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    The players that tested positive for COVID have mild symptoms. Most common symptom was they could not taste their food for a day or two.
  4. singh

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    That’s encouraging.
  5. SoccerDadAZ

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    I would be very surprised if the players, in excellent physical condition, would have any severe symptoms. I would be more concerned about the parents, grandparents, and coaches.
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  6. tjinaz

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    That seems to be the trend and why there is the controversy. Some families have vulnerable members, others don't. Those that do want steps taken to protect their vulnerable members. The others don't want to be restricted based on risk factors that don't apply to them. At the end of the day everyone has to evaluate their own risk and take the steps they need to. You can't legislate to every possible scenario.
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  7. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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  8. Dr. Richard

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    If I give you a blank map of the world, could you find Bulgaria? Right, so maybe we don't need to scour the earth looking for confirmation bias.
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  9. singh

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    I think this needs to end. my cousin died from coronavirus. I am a doctor. I was there. So please stfu
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  10. bugmonster

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    Not sure whether the study in Freak's link is valid or not, but saying a discussion "needs to end" is not productive or persuasive. Surely as a doctor you are capable of making a reasoned argument in support of your position instead of telling someone to "stfu," especially if his argument is as weak as you seem to believe.
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  11. GKdad

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    Making a well reasoned argument to bring someone out of a place that logic and reason did not get them into is probably more counterproductive.

    The Infowars.com message boards would be a better place for the type stuff TTF wants to discuss.
  12. socaltransplant

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    Would be super cool to talk about the impacts to soccer instead of veering off into culture war issues like masks and "phony" death counts in Europe. Perhaps someone can create a new thread specifically for select users to discuss those nonsense issues or make their "reasoned arguments" on another Forum not related to soccer.
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  13. bugmonster

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    Still not seeing any attempt at an argument here. Attempting to shut down discussion by fiat is not an argument. Since Freak is obviously wrong, this should be a piece of cake. Here, I'll start you off:

    Freak's article is wrong because... (this is where you step in).
  14. GKdad

    GKdad Active Member

    At no point did I say I was interested in engaging in an argument with TTF. I think there are better places to talk about what he brings up.

    My point is the name of this thread is "Long term effects of covid-19 in youth soccer."

    It is not called the plandemic and how you feel about it.

    You said Singh should have a more reasonable argument, I addressed why that wouldn't actually help anything.

    Arguing with Idiots Is Like Playing Chess with a Pigeon... No Matter How Good You Are, the Bird Is Going to Shit on the Board and Strut Around Like It Won Anyway.
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  15. singh

    singh Member

    I’ve debated and discussed in third thread previously. Placing a false narrative and “stats” from Bulgaria and applying it to the rest of the world shows that this person can’t be debated with. Look at this whole thread. I don’t need to put a discussion a person like this can not be reasoned with. If anyone needs discussion points please refer to the AZ DHS stats or go spend a half day in the icu. There is nothing to discuss when a persons information comes from technocracy and some fake crap.
    So here you go. freak is wrong because his sources have no scientific basis and they are created by delusional anti science folks
  16. Dirt McGirt

    Dirt McGirt New Member

    Sorry for your loss.
  17. Dirt McGirt

    Dirt McGirt New Member

    Does anyone expect the ASL and POSOL on time this year?
  18. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    I don’t know if the season will start on time, but they do plan on having a season. It might come down to playing 2-3 games a week to get all the games in.
  19. AZsoccefan

    AZsoccefan Member

    I'm pretty sure it won't "on time". I don't have any inside information but I look at the schools as a good barometer of what might happen and our school district is opening 2 weeks later than scheduled. Without getting into the politics of sending kids to school or not, I wouldn't be surprised if the school start date is pushed back further.

    I would be curious if anyone here has some inside information as to how AYSA is thinking.
  20. bugmonster

    bugmonster New Member

    Now we're getting somewhere. Glad we have a doctor on here. Not sure I'd classify the source of the article (another doctor) as anti-science. He's the head of his hospital's histopathology department. Not sure what that is but it sounds kinda important and probably has a lot to do with science.

    Unless the virus is completely different in Bulgaria than it is in AZ, seems his findings would be applicable in AZ to some degree. If he's finding people aren't actually dying from the virus there, maybe they aren't actually dying from it here too - at least not in the numbers we're being led to believe.

    Ah, AZ DHS stats. A few weeks ago a nurse noticed that they might be double-counting cases. DHS denied this, but the next day the numbers magically plunged 25% before being smoothed out later on. It's difficult to have confidence in these stats when things like this happen.

    My problem with all this is I lost a relative last month. She had many underlying health conditions, but no mention by her doctors of covid symptoms. Of course they tested her after she died and she came back positive, so she is counted as a covid death. Of the ~130,000 "covid deaths" to date in the US, how many actually died BECAUSE OF covid? How many were like my relative that died WITH covid, but covid contributed a small or no part to the death?

    If the number of people dying because of covid is much lower than the "covid deaths" numbers we see, there's no reason ASL and POSOL shouldn't start on time this year - particularly if it is as benign in youths as it appears to be. We can take necessary precautions for older coaches / officials / spectators, but let the kids get on with their lives.
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