Long term effects of Covid 19 on Arizona Soccer

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by tjinaz, Mar 28, 2020.

  1. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    COVID-19 is so dangerous that you have to get tested to find out you have it. For the morons driving, riding a bike, or walking by themselves with their muzzles on, it is equivalent to masturbating with a condom on thinking it will protect you from getting AIDS.
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    This is some TTF gold right here. Thank you for the laugh . We might have differing medical viewpoints but i sure wouldn't mind crackin’ a beer with you TTF.

    Maybe Masturbating with a condom on is a little overkill. We agree on that. However, having sex with a condom on as we all know prevents the spread of STD’s and greatly reduces the probability of birth. I think the “sex without a condom” analogy is more accurate of a comparison to Covid and face coverings .
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    This document has the benchmark criteria. Less than 5% positivity is low community spread. 5-10% is moderate community spread.

  4. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    For those who are decision makers for ASA and the big soccer clubs in Arizona (RSL, Rising, Del Sol etc.), you need to watch Dr. John Bergman.

    Stop imposing draconian policies on players, coaches, and parents that have ZERO scientific validity. Stop complying with measues that destroy our freedom, individually, spirituality, and our overall HEALTH. Your measures make things worse not better. Stop aquiescing to FEAR.
  5. Aspen1369

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    TTFreak - The long term ramifications for a person who contracted covid may be worse than initially estimated . Athletes who recover from covid could eventually develop heart related issues . Long term , nothing is certain about covid .

    Everyone’s priorities are staying healthy and finding a way to bring back all aspects of our society. So TTFreak if you really want everyone to get back to soccer and the world we once knew, maybe we should all take proper safety measures.

    I have heard you mention a lot about how a mask could hurt your health and the personal liberties and freedoms you are losing because of covid . Sounds like you have a lot of personal problems you are most concerned about. One thing i have never heard you mention is any concern for the safety and well being of the kids. Ultimately we are all here for youth soccer in one way or another . Being as safe as possible while still being able to keep sports open requires some loss of freedoms during a pandemic . We really need more unification during a divided time in our nations history. We need less Tiki Taka Freaks running around with no mask breathing in people’s face because they are most worried about the self preservation of their own personal liberties . I say this with all respect TTF , just get over yourself already, take an L, and stick to complaining about US Soccer. You appeal to a wider segment of the AZ soccer scene that way .
  6. Desert Hound

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    The stats show there is about zero risk for kids.

    In the entire US with 168k deaths, there are only 260 or so in people 24 and under.
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  7. Aspen1369

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    Don’t you see how one variable affects another?

    If we are safe and slightly alter our way of life we can manage to keep most businesses and sports open. Acting like their is not an issue and trying to hide the problem solves nothing
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  8. tjinaz

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    Reacting with overbearing force against a threat does the same and in fact creates backlash and amplifies the problem. There are ways to do this and I think Arizona and Utah are on the right track.
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    Did i recommend overbearing force ? No . I think what you are saying about overbearing force only reinforces my stance . We can’t be crazy towards either end of the spectrum . We don’t need to panic but we also don’t need to handle this like TTF. Neither end of the extremes are favorable to our society . Sorry if you missed my point. I know you would like to label me a fear monger but read all my posts and let me know if any of my posts are based on facts or fear .

    i will say it once again since you don’t listen very well. We all want to get back to soccer in a safe way. Be practical People , don’t be a TTF
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  10. Desert Hound

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    Since people under 24 have virtually ZERO risk. Just playing soccer is the safe way.

    Their risk factor is around what the flu is. They can play their hearts content out there.

    It is a dog and pony show to have the players walk to practice or to the game with a mask on. Then take them off to play.
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  11. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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  12. tjinaz

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    Overbearing force is a matter of degree and perception. Wearing masks is for some overbearing force. I didn't miss your point but I was pointing out the other end of the spectrum causes issues as well. I agree we need a happy medium where people are allowed some freedoms but in a safe manner. The blanket rules like Cali is putting out right now will only cause backlash.
  13. Desert Hound

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    I think so. They are way over the top.
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    A mask is only one of many variables . Media has made a mask political . No one has an issue with washing your hands , showering more often, or using hand sanitizer . No one seems to be having “soap vs virus” debates. Just saying.

    The result of the media mask frenzy has resulted in two parties . Mask people believe we should take the virus serious , non mask people think it’s the flu or a hoax or government control . We are all becoming sidetracked fixed on one variable .

    This is what i mean by getting back to soccer in a safe way: U12 Parents and above should drop the kids off. Parents leave or wait in their car. They pick the kid up at the end . When your kid gets in the car spray their hands with sanitizer . Make them take a shower when they get home . Under U12 are allowed one parent during games. Simple . Non-life changing , non-threatening . Simple practice solution . The kids don’t want any of the parents their anyway.

    No one here wants to talk real solutions just politics
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    Well. Some do. I go to other state's soccer forums and believe me. We are pretty civil here compared to others. I like what NV, AZ and UT are doing. As a parent I love to watch my kid play. But what is more important is simply that they play. I can forgo the watching if that is what is required to bring that about. I will even jump through what ever hoops they see fit to put in front of me so long as my kid is on the field playing meaningful games this year. I may not agree with all the safety requirements but if that gets me to the goal of my kid playing? I will comply with a smile on my face. Families are different and some are much more stringent on their precautions than others. We don't have a league unless we get participation so if we can have a happy medium where the families that are more rigorous in their precautions can agree its safe and those that are not don't endlessly complain about measures others see as necessary we could actually have a season. I think that is the track we are on in AZ and I am grateful for it.
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  16. Robert

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    Well said!
  17. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    Global death statistics from Sky News Australia

    - 625,000 (Even with manipluted numbers)
    Communicable Diseases - 7.25 million
    Cancer - 4.5 million
    Smoking - 2.7 million

    Yet, we are going to let governments, youth soccer associations and corporations rob us of our liberties for a death rate far lower than other diseases we don't even think twice about? People! If you want this nightmare to end don't comply! It was never about your health. This is a power grab of gigantic proportions. DON'T ACT LIKE SHEEP!
  18. polly

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    A youth sporting association that you enter into voluntarily is robbing you of your liberties? got it!
  19. LatinFC

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    100% agree with you. I got to watch a ECNL scrimmage the other day from my car. Was so happy comply to the regulations as long as the Kids were out there. 07s looked pretty good.
  20. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    This is quite possibly the most important 1 hour and 15 minute documentary you will ever see. A must watch if you care about liberty, humanity, the future, and your health. THEY are coming for us people! Time to wake up from this MASKerade.

    Created by: London Real
    Title: PLANdemic InDOCTORnation
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