Long term effects of Covid 19 on Arizona Soccer

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by tjinaz, Mar 28, 2020.

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    Saw a thread like this on the SoCal site thought I would replicate. What does the group see as the long term impacts of the pandemic on soccer in AZ?

    My take:

    Clubs that were on the edge are done: With no money coming in and the uncertainty preventing business loans those on the edge will fold. That is just business.

    The teen years drop offs will accelerate: A ton of kids stay in soccer as it is always on their minds. 3-4x a week practices and only 6 weeks in the summer off. It becomes a habit. They make friends and want to stay with them. This extended break will show them other things and people and those not really into it will drop.

    Club membership will become more affluent: Tons of families are going to struggle to pay their bills. Unemployment for months will take a big chunk out of the disposable income and will take a long while to catch up. This will negatively impact lower income families and club soccer membership will decrease. Conversely School and AYSO/Rec soccer will grow. Those that love it will find lower cost alternatives and those teams will see an increase in quality players.

    There will be more emphasis on local tournaments and competition: I think the travel bans and fear of groups will last for awhile. Not sure many parents are going to feel comfortable sending their kids on planes/buses to stay in crowded hotels for out of state tournaments. Risk will be reduced but the psychology will take time to overcome. Think DA/ECNL will have to find a way to address this or they will suffer. I don't think once the "all clear" is given things will return to the previous state immediately.

    What other predictions are out there?
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  2. frankfarmer

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    The only thing I think would be in question is that club membership becomes more affluent. Even those that make/made good money will be greatly impacted. Who will have or want to spend $3000-$5000 in training fees. 1000s more in travel, 1000s more for you to go watch your kid(s) play? If talented players can't afford higher club fees than why would others who can afford stay to play lesser players? Smaller clubs might say: "come play, won't cost alot, we will play State League and some key tournaments". High School Soccer is essentially free.For the older kids I think the College Camps will increase helping kids to get seen. Most of the better players in the more competitive clubs are looking to play in College.

    Colleges/Univ: how are they going to fair? There were institutions struggling before all this mess.

    And agree that the pause has helped families focus more on what matters.

    One more thing, we have done nothing in AZ to stop the spread. There are way more cases than you even know. Most people don't understand what we are up against. We need to change our behavior. There is so much to go over, please Google what is going on in hot spots and how to stop the spread. Also Google the florida spring breakers that didn't practice social distancing. They show the "heat maps " from the kids cell phones at the beach and all the places they went back home to and spread it.

    Mardi Gras- new Orleans has had a big upswing in COVID-19, no social distancing.
  3. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    Or there is the possibility in 6 months time people won't even know what COVID-19 was. Most people don't have very long memories and are easily distracted by what is currently broadcasting on mainstrean news. Once it is off the headlines it is out of sight out of mind just like all the other disease outbreaks, shootings, terrorist attacks etc. Weren't we supposed to be scared of ZIKA four years ago? The mosquitos were going get us all! The one thing that will come from all this is that the cure will be far worse than the disease itself unfortunately. How much freedom will be destroyed? Is the BILL OF RIGHTS relevant anymore? What impact will this 6.2 TRILLION dollar bailout have on our currency? Whatever happened to the land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE? Instead it more resembles the land of the FEE and home of the SLAVE Only time will tell what the future will bring for the future of our children that goes well beyond soccer.
  4. Sweeper

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    President Trump has extended the social distancing guidelines until April 30th. I think teams will be doing regular practices all summer instead of taking a 3-8 week break like they normally do. The quarantine period is essentially your kid’s break from soccer.
  5. polly

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    Ducey just announced schools are closed for remainder of the school year... I'd look forward to summer soccer.
  6. whatithink

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    How would practices work?
    1. Cities close all the parks Jun-Aug. If they open them they will be dust bowls by the time the regular season comes around.
    2. Clubs don't budget for parks during the summer, would they ask for additional fees?
    3. Minor detail of 100+ heat from Jun onwards, restricting practice times to latter in the day and putting pressure on whatever fields are available.
    Irrespective of all that, what exactly would all this practicing be for? Assuming state & presidents cups are cancelled and the remaining DA/ECNL games, which seems likely you'd think - there's no reason to practice as there's nothing to practice for.
  7. Sweeper

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    I can’t see clubs reimbursing training fees which is why I think there will be practices in the summer. Also tournaments were cancelled in March, April and most likely May. Instead of reimbursing team fees, I am sure teams will participate in a summer tournament or two. All clubs will be in the situation which would allow friendly scrimmages.
  8. whatithink

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    I agree clubs will hardly reimburse training fees. There was only a few weeks left of the regular season in any case. There's no local tournaments during the summer and I'm not sure how enthused people will be to travel to soccer tournaments, staying in hotels etc over the summer. Its not even the time or risk, but the cost given the current economic meltdown. I know for myself, if I'm spending $ on travel over the summer, its for a vacation and not some random soccer tournament. Maybe local scrimmages ...

    I do think the clubs will be crazy eager to get kids on the field, and even more importantly eager for everyone to re-up their registrations.

    Tournaments for the big clubs is done and fees should really be in for the year. The big impact, DelSol mainly, is the hotel commissions from the Feb/Mar tournaments. If that hasn't been paid, then I doubt it will be soon. That could leave a huge hole. [I say DelSol as I saw on one of their recent 990s that they earned $350K from hotel commissions - that's huge for any club].

    Its already for the affluence IMO with some families making large sacrifices. Its a marathon (for elite) with deep pockets being a major advantage.

    You'd think, but they'll still do it. The clubs should support local soccer more, but when you see DelSol & RSL (next season) pulling their DPL teams from local leagues, then you have to wonder. The travel commitments are extreme, with RSL in particular being nuts from U10 onwards.
  9. FutbolFan

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    Who wants to play a local tournament in June-August???

    No one is getting any money back. That's particularly harsh for the HS ages where they essentially paid for a 3-4 month season vs a 10 month season.

    More kids will quit the sport this year than ever - for various reasons.

    Clubs will take a beating.

    This will be a reset.
  10. Stopthebs

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    AZ has had 20k cases of the flu since December, and 3,500 cases of Covid. Everyone is way over reacting, and the scare tactics is working on most of you! Fear has Destroyed this country, and me & my family just want to go to work and move on!
  11. Chap Bartholomew

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    Not the "scare tactics" that is working, it is the fact that most have accepted the science of social-distancing!!

    In order to work, this corona-virus must continue to find new hosts, and we're limiting its spread (and its lethality) by practicing social-distancing. Don't be stupid and buy the everyone-is-out-to-get-you mentality. No one but you is afraid of science, accept it, be patient and practice social-distancing, and we'll all come out of this together in another couple months.
  12. Stopthebs

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    What about all the senior boys & girls that didn’t get to play the second half of their last year??! I haven’t heard any club doing anything special for them! Some of those kids played 8/9/10+ years with their clubs and then like nothing, they are forgotten and people have moved on. Just a little thought for them. Has anyone’s club done something to acknowledge them? I hear Rising hasn’t or Arsenal. What a shame!
  13. Sweeper

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    BSer you are starting to sound like Freak! Have some patience as the state slowly reopens. This is terrible for the seniors to not have proms, HS graduations and senior year sports seasons. I think once the guidelines are made clear, clubs will share with the parents. I don't know if Rising or Arsenal will do anything special for the seniors but maybe the coach/team manager can organize something.
  14. Stopthebs

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    Why do I sound like a freak? Wait? For what? They have known for weeks that the season is canceled! I was told 2 weeks ago! Clubs are doing a Poor job of keeping the parents in the know. My opinion, no need for name calling.
  15. Sweeper

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    Here are Covid-19 stats as of Sunday May 10th --for Maricopa County:
    Out of 240 deaths,
    217 were over 65,
    19 were 45-64,
    4 were 20-44 and
    0 from 0-19.

    Of the 240 deaths, 170 were in rest homes. That is 71% of deaths in Maricopa county were in rest homes. Most of the deaths in those under 65 generally relate to other health issues.

    Time to open back up the state on May 15th!!
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