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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by singh, Jan 22, 2021.

  1. Stopthebs

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    So once again Perry has had no competition to see if the really can”dominate” at game! Typical for Perry, they don’t see any competition till state playoffs and then it’s only been one tough game to knock them out. Will be interesting to see if Perry & Chap see each other before the final state game.
  2. yadayada

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    I’m not up on the history or Perry or Chap but last I checked the kids change every year so history doesn’t really mean much.
    The one thing I do know is that Chap lost to Pinnacle and Pinnacle needed OT to beat Hamilton by 1.
    Now Perry dominated Hamilton.
    I guess the Hamilton vs Chap game will tell where everyone stands.

    My new prediction is that it will be Pinnacle vs Perry in the state final if they don’t meet in the semis.
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  3. Stopthebs

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    well Chap has won the state title for the last 4 years! Two in D5 & the last two in D6 ending with chap beating Hamilton in the final last year 4-1. Chap has dominated HS soccer for the last 4 years and Perry dominated their division but then fizzled in the playoffs. I think their cocky attitude doesn’t help them much, just sayin!

    I hope to see a team that hasn’t been there lately win it all, Pinnacle would be nice! :)
  4. yadayada

    yadayada Member

    Do you actually think that previous championships matter. Once those kids cycle out the talent leaves.
    You do however seem to have a disliking for Perry. Must be a Basha parent. Lol...jk.

    I wasted most of my Saturday surfing the horrible film footage of the high school games.
    Chap better change some things up if they want to make it the the finals.
    Pinnacle and Perry are legit teams.
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  5. Just4Kix

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    No one benefitted more from DA not allowing HS than Chap. Those teams were stacked with ECNL players, and other schools didn't have their DA players to match.

    Not saying Chap isn't an impressive team, just that the rest of the field got a whole lot stronger. With DA gone, it's an entirely new ballgame this year.
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  6. Stopthebs

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    Actually no I am not a Basha parent, ha! But I do have a little distaste for Perry, is it that noticeable?!
    Yes Chap really doesn’t look good this year, they have a very easy schedule and really only one strong player, they lost their entire team to graduation last year. I just like to see some good competition and so far but much to watch.
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  7. yadayada

    yadayada Member

    Thats true I never thought about that.
  8. yadayada

    yadayada Member

    I agree. Solid games are always fun to watch.

    If anyone could find a link to the Hamilton Perry game that would be great. I heard it was live-streamed on FB but I can’t find it.
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  9. Driveandpay

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    My money is on Perry to take it all. That Del Sol DA senior has been impressive all season, as well as their other DA pick ups. Very solid team.
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  10. Stopthebs

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    Well a third time tying to win the championship would be good for Perry! Who is in goal for them?
  11. Sweeper

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    Perry goalie is legit and committed to Boise State. Her club team is Phoenix Rising ECNL.
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  12. singh

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    Their keep is awesome and the back up is amazing too.. prfc ECNL as well
  13. MessiFTW

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    We (Hamilton) held on to a 1-0 win at Chap last night! We scored early in 1st half... and controlled most of the 1st half. Chap definitely stepped it up in the 2nd half and had a number of chances, but our defense held strong. My daughter said the gameplan was to double and triple team the striker every time she touched it... well executed! As mentioned on here their midfield is a major weak link that will need to be addressed if they want to make a serious run during playoffs...someone mentioned two of the coaches daughters are in the midfield. 3 more league matches before playoffs and all appear to be winnable (Boulder creek, Liberty, and SDO).
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  14. singh

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    best of luck. Sounds exciting!
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  15. Stopthebs

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    Ha, yes, that’s the key to stopping Chap, double/triple team the striker and always attack the midfield. The midfielders are the coaches daughters, both are very weak but coach thinks they are great! They will turn over the ball every time if you pressure them!
    I don’t see Chap going very far in the playoffs.
    Congrats at beating them!!
  16. Stopthebs

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    It’s always good to beat the reining Champs, even if none of the former players are on the team
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  17. tjinaz

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    Its amazing the depth of Daddyball even in HS. Guess DD has to make Varsity some how.
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  18. yadayada

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    Don’t sleep on Liberty.
    I was told that Liberty gave Perry the toughest match they’ve had so far.
    Liberty had multiple shots on goal and two legit goals, not gifts like Hamilton got against Perry.

    That should be an interesting matchup.
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  19. Stopthebs

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    Apparently so many parents complained but it didn’t matter, heard the coaches daughters both made varsity as freshman! Daddy ball is prevalent in all sport’s unfortunately!
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  20. Dr. Richard

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    You said "even in HS." Do clubs allow this? It would seem as if this is something they would want to stay away from.

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