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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by GKdad, Apr 15, 2019.

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    FC Arizona reported that they formed 8 teams for a “successful youth club launch.” Estudantez has 5 coaches and a rec program. I am going to guess they had exactly 8 teams that came over. I am also going to guess that FC Arizona had +/- zero new players sign up based on what I saw at tryouts.

    I am going to hold my breath while I wait and see if FC Arizona is awarded APL next year as promised.

    Where can I sign up to invest in that stadium as well that is definitely going to happen.
  2. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    Yeah, I am curious also. We were thinking about going out there, but we already got an offer from another club. It is compelling since their future plans look pretty grandiose. I just wonder how they could possibly get a facility that is better than the Phoenix Rising since the Rising are trying to get into MLS. Time will tell.
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    Estudantez only had 1 team registered for Port of Subs and were 2006 team made up of 07’s, 08’s & 09’s. I was informed at a tryout FC Arizona “Estudantez” is only going to charge $400 for players. I am confused if Estudantez is now FC Arizona why is Estudantez promoting tryouts and rec programs on their website? Very concerning!
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    Guessing Estudiantez will continue to operate as it always has - as a mostly rec club in the far far SE Valley and "FC Arizona" will operate out of their "new" locations and are really only using Estudiantez as a way to access ASA leagues via an existing club vs dealing with ASA's 2-year waiting period. It's not the first time for this to happen.
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    Anyone have any idea how strong their teams are going to be?
  6. It looks like the only teams that applied to APL are 06, 04, & 03 girls.
    It looks like those are Arizona FC teams ( https://www.arizonafc.com/ ) , not FC Arizona/Estudantez AZ Soccer Club. I think they would have to use Estudantez as the name to get into APL. I didn't see either club (FC Arizona/Estudantez AZ Soccer Club) apply for APL. It appears they will not have any Advanced League teams.

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