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  1. What are the thoughts on this league?
  2. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    I think with time it will get better and better.

    It will be interesting to see how many clubs are in it in the SW and at which age groups. Some clubs have every age group, some do not.
  3. GKeeper

    GKeeper Member

    Agreed. From the parents of players we know form Arsenal and PRFC, they like their teams and the competition.

    We have not seen any games yet, so I am not able to speak to how the competition has been. I know Arsenal now has all age groups next season, I am guessing PRFC would at least follow as well.
  4. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    RSL will have teams in ECRL. Most likely their DPL teams will now play in ECRL.
  5. GKeeper

    GKeeper Member

    I was thinking the same at first, but then I thought they may wait a year after they have a year under their belt in ECNL Guess we'll find out soon!
  6. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    Bank on RSL having their DPL teams all becoming ECRL.

    You don't leave GA but then leave your 2nd teams playing in DPL. You move them all over.

    RSL also has boys ECNL.

    There is no good reason NOT to bring in all their teams that they can under one umbrella so to speak.

    Just marketing alone for RSL. I can see it now. "The pathway for many in our club is using ecRl to gain the necessary experience and exposure to then move up to ECNL."
  7. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    What marketing? They will literally change the badge on the uniform and continue. Same players.. same coach.. same fields. DPL=ECRL Talked to some DPL parents and they are pretty certain that is exactly what is happening. Question is will Arsenal have a girls ECRL teams now? Imagine they could pick off some disgruntled Thunder and RSL players.
  8. GKeeper

    GKeeper Member

    They'll have teams (they already announced ECRL expansion of all age groups a few weeks ago), the question is whether or not they will be any good.
  9. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    It will be close to the same marketing. What I am saying the marketing is easier to explain going ecRL to ECNL. Either way bank on them being in both.

    Arsenal already has 2 ecRl teams this year. How many next year? Who knows? People have posted it will be all age groups. We will see.

    Rising had 1-2 age groups as well. We will see if they add to those.
  10. GKeeper

    GKeeper Member

    Arsenal announced it a few weeks back with more info to come. Specifically it will be 13/2009- u17/2005.

    I checked out PRFC and have not seen anything yet and still to early for RSL. Spread the good news for them.
  11. Mot Ozzi

    Mot Ozzi Member

    It’s amazing how much change there’a been over the last few years. The one constant has been a decreasing importance of state competitions. advanced leagues, cups, ODP all seem to be really watered down now. If ECRL expands to the boys side, or MLS expands to 2nd teams as is rumored, trend will continue.
  12. Give&go

    Give&go New Member

    Is that really a good trend?

    It makes soccer much more expensive due unnecessary travel. There are certainly cases where these teams may not even be at APL level.
  13. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    The reality is pretty much none of the clubs in AZ are big enough to support both ECNL and ECRL (or GA/DPL).

    I think they are fine in terms of the 1st teams. It is when you get to the 2nd teams (ECRL or DPL) where these clubs get very thin. The one club big enough may be RSL.

    del Sol's DPL teams have overall struggled greatly. Most of RSL's DPL teams didn't fare well.

    Go look at Rising and Arsenal 2nd teams in APL or State (where ever they may be). Most are not terribly strong there. Rising and Arsenal currently have 1 or 2 age groups in ECRL this year. Unfortunately scoring hasn't been posted so we cannot see how they have done (not sure they got in many games anyway).

    Either way. If the 4 clubs above have their top 2 teams per age group in ECNL/GA and ecRl/DPL, that takes out a lot of teams normally playing in APL/State...which makes those leagues that much less interesting.
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  14. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    I agree. I also think it is a good thing.

    It also reinforces the idea that most of the APL teams are as good or sometimes better than the DPL/ECRL teams at 1/3 the cost. Top teams will have top players.. no doubt. The ECNL and MLS teams will be the best in the state. The ECRL/DPL will be the best of the rest filled with players trying hard to take the next step but will constantly be in flux. Some will make it and others drop year after year rosters will be fluid as that is the nature of second teams. Top APL teams with players that have played together for years will be as good and much of the time better than the ECRL. They will have the top players from their respective clubs and have more stable rosters. While they may not have the best players in the state they have a system and team continuity. The chemistry and strength of they system will make up for the difference in skill level. Let the big clubs and the letter leagues do their thing and the smaller clubs have their battles in APL and State leagues. Not everyone wants that commitment or can afford it but they do want good competition and enjoy the play. I like that there are so many choices.

    If MLS expands to second teams... ECNL is done on the Boys side. Its like the inverse of what happened to GA on the girls side. Top league dictates membership. MLS dominates the boys if they do a second league it will pull the rest of the top boys away from ECNL and it will fade.

    ODP has been in a downward spiral for awhile. Not sure it will ever go back to what it was. I think in some states it is still the gold standard but it doesn't seem like it here. Seen too many players selected based on politics rather than ability and honestly most of the very top players don't even try out.
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  15. Sweeper

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