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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by Desert Hound, Aug 27, 2018.

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    SCDS is probably doing that because it is embarrassing their DPL teams did so bad in state cup (except for the 02 DPL team).
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    It’s hard to sell DPL if you can’t beat ASL teams. Probably smart on their part to pull out Of state league. It’s easier to say your league is better if you’re not getting beat by the league you say is inferior
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  3. Who's saying DPL is a better league? Quite frankly I have not heard RSL or Del Sol say either, what I have heard is they want to play in both, and not once have I heard them disparage the other. The only ones I hear saying whats better and whats not is the people on this board. So what if they lost to some APL teams I have seen ECNL teams lose to teams they should not be losing to, and I don't hear anyone yammering on about that. It's pretty simple don't like the league don't play in it. Your player controls what they want to do. But from the outside looking in I think if your player isn't playing DA/ECNL then the DPL offers them a great opportunity by playing SO Cal teams on a regular basis and attending showcases that APL teams rarely ever go to. The league is expanding and that opportunity to play other teams now on the east coast is a whole lot better than playing the same APL teams over and over and over.
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  4. Desert Hound

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    The above is spot on. You get better by playing better teams. You get exposure that most APL teams don't because DPL requires their teams to go to some of the best showcases.

    If you had a choice of getting on just an APL team or a DPL team, take the DPL team (if you are thinking college and/or letting your kid experience the fun of being on a travel team and hanging with friends away from parents).

    The DPL coaches for sure on the RSL side are very good. Many if not all on the del Sol side are the same.
  5. Sweeper

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    There is only 1 decent DPL coach at Del Sol and that is Alan Watson. Ryan Marr is a joke. Matt Evans usually coaches 1 DPL team and he is the one of the main reasons all the 04 DA players left Del Sol to go to Rising!!!
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  6. Desert Hound

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    They left because of Cagle as coach. Without that happening you get 1-3 move at most.

    It was a unique situation.
  7. Sweeper

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    It's not a unique situation. When deciding what team is best for your player the biggest deciding factor is the coach. The club doesn't really matter and in this case the league doesn't matter either to parents if they are choosing Cagle/ECNL vs Evans/DA or DPL. Matt Evans is there to collect a paycheck not develop players.
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    Kelly Cagle is the reason all the girls moved to Phx Rising. It will be interesting to see if more try to come over in the upcoming season. They were unhappy with the current coaches.
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