DA is a bit of a joke.

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    There are now 7 - 04 DA Players from Del Sol at Rising. 5 are playing with the 04's right now. 1 is on loan to the 03's for the next few weeks. One just came over this week and is not rostered yet. Two or three more sited at tryout tonight.
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    What about other age groups?
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    I've heard a few DA kids are making the move to ECNL. Is the same thing happening with ECNL kids making the move to DA? I havent heard of any Rising players leaving but I'm not familiar with Arsenal to know if they are losing or gaining players. seems like the older girls are staying with their team (ECNL, DA) but younger are making moves to ECNL or Staying with ECNL club. Might be a problem for DA clubs if they cant recruit those younger players away from rising and arsenal now that those clubs have ECNL to offer
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    I think the club that has to figure something out is del Sol. Now with having DA they will always generate interest. However their days of simply grabbing kids are gone due to other clubs having something viable to offer be it DA or ECNL.

    The club currently with the biggest pipeline of players and it will get better in the future is RSL. They have the biggest pool of players in house at this time. Just based on numbers I would expect them to have an advantage going forward.
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    I think you are correct about del sol. I still think the high school thing is going to be an issue for DA. Younger girls and families now have a choice of 2DA or 2ECNL clubs and I wounder how many will stay or go with ECNL because they can still play High School.
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    I think that is where DPL becomes increasingly a good option especially in future years if things continue as they have with DPL.

    This just out today: http://dpleague.org/docs/2019_press_release.pdf

    This coming year will be its 3rd year and it appears to be expanding nicely.

    It is still not ECNL. But if the DA clubs start running DA/DPL showcases like they attempted to this year (they had the one canceled this year due to weather), that will allow lots of exposure to DPL kids.
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    I just looked at the standing for DA (cant see Del sol U16 pilot team) and DPL and i was shocked to see RSL is ranked higher in almost every age group. Like you said before Del Sol is going to have to figure somethings out. I think Del sol DPL teams having a poor showing in state cup doesn't help them get kids to come over and want to play on the DPL teams.

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    US Soccer 03 Pilot program seemed to be just that, because it was not even officially sanctioned until the last minute which did lead to 03's leaving. Thus they did not get all the same features on the website that other divisions got.

    SCDS Pilot team is 3-20-3 thus far this season. Lost to RSL both times. To be fair they did loose 4 players to ECNL who would have been starters, 1 moved away that were slated to be on that team. When they left, two players who would have been there were moved up. One of the ones who went to the ECNL did go back after thanksgiving.

    The DA going to a pure U16 age group going forward across the USA , which was supposed to help stop people from leaving. Does not seem to have helped SCDS. Could it be the high school issue? Could it be the travel schedule? Could it be the coaches? I would guess it's probably a combination of all three.

    But then again, it's flattering to be offered a spot on a DA team, but once they tell you Son or Daughter that in their opinion your child would never be a national pool player, you got to stop and think, why are we as a family spending all this time and money when the ECNL allows for similar exposure with much batter life balance.

    Currently DA and ECNL are considered 1A and 1B in the eyes of college coaches. DPL is more of a regional thing currently but the announcement could change that, but only time will tell.
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  9. Just a personal option on DA-

    Both DA and ECNL are great platforms for female players that want to play in college. My daughter has played in both. DA is a little more competitive than ECN (from our experience). DA’s time commitment is HUGE though. Many players think it is something they want until they are in it for several months. 4 days a week, plus games, long season, travel, missing school, no high school break, very limited subbing (so if you are not a starter you may get less than 20 min per game). I do wish the subbing looked more like ECNL sub rules or even closer to college rules (where 99.9% of these players are going). However, it creates a very competitive environment. Each player has to earn their spot every week both in practice and during the game. I have seen my daughter’s coach pull starters 15 minutes int0 a game for lack of effort, bench another for attitude. Both of those players learned that you come ready to play/perform or find yourself riding the bench. Some girls cannot take the pressure. Some parent’s ego’s cant. Players have to really be committed to soccer because DA is definitely not for everyone, and that is OK.

    Our daughter’s future college coaches flat out said that if she wants a CHANCE to be an impact player/get substantial playing time as a freshman she should continue playing DA and if not DA then ECNL. Does not mean she will be guaranteed playing time? NO. She knows that she has to work, train, push herself to be mentally and physically to earn a spot at a starting 11. This is her goal though, not ours. If she decided that DA was to much, we would support her stepping back.

    sc del sol and Utah Royals both have good coaches and players. One of the main difference is the $$$. Utah Royals is team travel (great for team bonding) and is funded. That was about a $3000 dollar savings for our family. My daughter also likes the fact that she has a female coach, female technical coach and female director. Again, her personal experience and opinion. Some like that, others may not.
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    Personally I think they start DA and ECNL too young. By the time it matters they will want to quit because of the nature of the program. DA at 12 and doing it until you are 18 is a long time. I could see it at U15 or U16 though. You do want your child to have to have balanced life between soccer and family. You don't want the demands to be put on so early that it starts to feel like a job to them. I just think we lose out on very good talent by starting them out at 12. I know there are those that will disagree with me, but that is my opinion.
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    I had no idea there was such a considerable cost difference between the two clubs for DA.

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    Huge difference. SCDS to make there's look cheaper took flights out of the cost this past year. So when they show you a number it does not look to bad, but then you have at least 2 flights to add back in.
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    SC Del Sol lost a few players from each age group but nothing like the exodus at the 04's. Players that want to play high school are migrating to ECNL otherwise they staying with DA.

    07's - 3 Del Sol players went to RSL/Utah Royals to play 06 DA
    06's - 3 Del Sol players went to Rising ECNL. 4 Rising ECNL players went to Del Sol 06 DA.
    05's - 1 Del Sol player went to RSL/Utah Royals 05 DA. Also with the mass exodus of players at 04, Del Sol will move 5 girls from the 05 team to play on the 04 DA team.
    04's - 9 Del Sol players went to Rising ECNL
    03's - No Del Sol players have left
    01/02's - 2-3 players went to Rising ECNL.
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    At one point as recent as a month ago 7 of the SCDS DA 07 girls were leaving to play 06 DA at RSL 4 of them decided not to make the move for various reasons...
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    I heard an 2006 girl playing RSL DA 2005 was going to move over to SCDS. Not sure if that happened or not...
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    There's a potentially big ripple effect from the 04s. If 5 05s are moving up to a team that had 2 05s already rostered, and from a team that had 5 06s rostered on it - it may seriously weaken both.

    I guess it depends on their recruiting. I wonder did they pick up any of the Rising 04s being bounced by the DelSol girls going over? They have to backfill the 05s too.
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    and you still have to make DPL teams
  18. Soccer Dad

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    I know the 01/00 rising picked up 1 DA player from RSL to start the season and picked up 2 RSL DA players after high school. 2 of those being juniors
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    The Del Sol DPL teams will be very weak at the 06, 05, 04 and 03 age groups. They might be decent in APL but they will lose a lot of games in DPL. That makes for a long season with all the travel to lose games. The only decent DPL team is the Del Sol 02 team but I heard at least one player was pulled up to the DA team for next year.
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    Is it me, or are there issues at Del Sol?

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