CUSD Winter Sports - Postponed

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by GKeeper, Nov 5, 2020.

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    Here is Perry HS's interpretation of the rules:

    Forget Surf Cup...
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    Yeah, Surf Cup in Arizona in Jan is a bit silly. ;)
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    Culture of Scientific Misdirection.
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    Maybe, matter of opinion I guess. I think pressure is mounting to cancel. For the sake of AZ tournaments in FEB, it may be better to cancel Surf Cup. In the long run, it's better for AZ clubs to get their tournaments in and not worry about the backlash of Surf in JAN. Having Surf Cup will raise the temperature and maybe cause a knee jerk reaction that could put the HS season and the Spring club season in jeopardy. I personally don't think tournaments are proven super spreader events, hasn't been proven, but politics and optics matter. Some government nit wit will look to gain some political leverage as depicted in the dramatic article above.

    So yea, cancel Surf Cup, who really cares. Let the kids have their new years day weekend in peace, take a break, rest, get ready for the spring season. Don't give some dumb a$$ adult on a power trip the opportunity to shut down an activity that hasn't been proven to be the boogey man that many claim.
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    It's up to the City of Phoenix to make that call and it looks like it will be a hot topic at their meeting on Dec 2nd...

    It will be more than a challenge if Reach, Rose Mofford, Pecos, etc. are closed on top of SSC already being closed for the Waste Mgmt Open prep.
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    Without Reach, Surf is dead in the water. All speculation I suppose at this point. Logistically, nearly impossible without Reach. Not another facility like it in the valley, hard to replicate.

    Not that it matters to anyone, but cancellation isn't that big of a deal for AZ clubs, will even save them money, every penny counts these days. This is a bigger deal for the financial viability of Surf Sports.
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    How to be more obedient.

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