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    Am surprised more girls have not left this team. Its one thing to not get playing time on a team that is winning, but when the team is 2nd to last whats the justification for missing school, and all the travel and sitting on the bench? I've said it before but I'll say it again ECNL teams and the league is a great option for the top 11-16 girls on the team, girls 17-18 at least stand a chance of making an impact, any roster padding past 18 is just to reduce overall cost, if the girls cant get on the field it doesn't matter how many scouts are watching the game.
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    True words right there ^^^^^^^^
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    Sereno 01 now have 16 active players on their roster. I think it was always the coach's plan to take the large roster and then see who can cut it and let the others gladly leave. After speaking to a few of the 01 parents that I know there is an obvious concern over the direction of this team. My advise was to right the ship and focus on the players you have and the ones you want to retain over the next few years. There will always be player movement in every age group. Clubs, in general, only care about retaining the top and some of the middle girls. Bottom level can be replaced year to year.
  4. Chelsea Cup looks stronger on the boys side but very weak on the girls. Still the best bang for the buck if you don't want to travel to Surf.

    High school soccer injuries have already begun to take it's toll on the club teams heading into the Thanksgiving tournaments. I know we are a few girls down heading into Surf. Hopefully the polo fields don't claim a few more.

    Good luck and Happy Turkey Day!!!!!!!
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    Sereno 01's won the tourament
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    Beat Desert Elite 1-0? Gilbert 02s beat the Desert Elite 01 team 2-0 last month. BH beat them 6-0. That is crazy.
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    Why didn't the 01's play up at U15? Scores seem less than impressive
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    Why would they play up when they had their hands full at U14?

    It's good for this group to win something. Looks like they took a pretty bad loss 4-1 and then had a chance to correct and adjust and beat that team 2-1 in the championship.
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    From what I heard, they finally figured out who their ballers were and put them on D!
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    Took them till Chelsea Cup to figure that out? Figured ECNL schedule would have forced them to that decision long ago
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    Hargo, your true colors are showing. Maybe this is why you are not trusted with here on the forms. When anyone says something negative about any other club except Sereno, especially 01's you are quick to jump in and say stop it as it only hurts AZ soccer and that we all must unite together to better AZ.

    Your last few post have been very negative towards the Sereno 01 squad. The first time in a couple months they show improvements and have something to be proud about, you are here to piss on the parade.

    These are 13 year old kids and have worked hard to get where they are at. Grow up, be an adult and either say congratulations or STFU.
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    Easy now..... Hargo said nothing about the girls, am pretty sure the Coach(s) are not 13 year old girls (although the parents on this '01 team may manipulate them like they are). Hargo's comment is correct, if the coaching staff made adjustments to the lineup formation during this tournament, its probably something they should have tried some time ago, how Sereno performs does reflect on AZ soccer, and that's why it sucks that the '01s are 2nd to last.
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    Apologize if I offended you, not the intention. But, you need to grow some thicker skin if you're going to survive club soccer in the future.

    ECNL is touted as the "best", so you claim it; better be able to defend it and take the heat. I remember hearing some blast the BH's, so that is acceptable?

    I've ate crow, had threads started over my dd's team losing. So, no sensitivity sympathy here.
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    Appreciate that, you explained it much better than I did

  16. LOL or a 01's parent parading as LOL. You must be one of the holdovers parents that would be happy with winning a worthless tournament. Just wait till next year when they recruit some players to replace the current players. I would not be surprised if they new players all left after this season anyway.
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    Can you remind us, what was the last meaningful thing the blackhawks '01 team won? Any game in which growth occurs for any soccer player is meaningful, sometimes baby steps just aren't fast enough for parents with unrealistic expectations. Are you angry that Blackhawks lost girls to ECNL?
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    That's not a real good question to ask About the BH's. Seeing they got into the national league, most prestigious league out there. And a league that's earned and one if you don't do well, you don't come back. Not club given, TEAM deserved
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    Blackhawk Club is making both ECNL teams nervous. They may not admit it, but those running it are very well aware about BH's successes.
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    Do you have the link to the National League info? I don't believe arguments can be completely one sided. If a BH supporter wants to talk about meaningless games they need to look into the mirror as well. Sereno 01's Won a tournament in which most of their bracket was made up of state league teams. BH 01's still compete in state league.

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