Calcio merge with Rising Glendale?

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by SpanishSoccerDad, May 23, 2020.

  1. SpanishSoccerDad

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    I was just told from a parent over at Calcio that they will be merging with rising Glendale to make a new club. Anyone else hear that?
  2. Youtube guy

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    Just curious on why anybody would want to go to Glendale rising. They are in shambles. They don’t have an boys 03 team they don’t have an 04 team they’re 05 team only has six players. Their 06 teams just promoted probably one of the least experienced coaches in the West Valley. Not to mention that the rest of their 06 teams are fighting amongst. one another. Basically accusing their fellow coaches of stealing their own players within the club. Sounds like great unity. Their best girls team is an 07 team who pretty much lost half their games this season but continually get promoted to the state leagues. Their new 08 team from Calcio, the parents are already fighting amongst each other and the parents left over from Glendale rising 08 teams are fighting
    About who is going to get promoted or who is going to stay with their team. So their 08 team that was left over is pretty much in shambles as well. The Glendale rising director is constantly looking for new jobs at other clubs, don’t know how much commitment he actually has to those teams that he has there. Calcio is strictly just a rec club. They lost basically their entire 06 team and their 08 boys team and two girls teams. they should just go back to being rec.
  3. Azsoccerfann

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    Looks like Calico has "breaking news" that they will be announcing today, I thought they were part of Sc del sol? but, if true, it will be a good move for calico, Rising West Valley will be very good especially for the girls since they have ECRL.
  4. steelerfeever

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    Strong post, maybe the rest is accurate. This part isn’t. Calcio Black 2008 Meadows, now Rising West Valley 2008 Meadows, is certainly not fighting amongst each other LOL. 10 of 12 kids returning, 1 left for another club and 1 decided to play another sport. The 10 returning kids are close buddies and the parents are all fantastic. This team has 6-8 MLS DA or ECNL players right now but prefer sticking together because they get along so well.

    The Calcio Blue ‘09 girls that moved over is incredible as well and also have a strong bond among players and families. Ranked very highly on both YSR and GotSoccer.
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  6. Azsoccerfann

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    Well, it ended up being a partnership with Atletico NV.. I really don't understand how these partnerships work when both clubs are really small and not that good. I do not see any benefit on how it will help Calcio become better? I think they should've just merged with Phoenix rising or sc del sol.
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