Best and Worst Club Coaches in AZ

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by Sweeper, May 24, 2019.

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    I'm sure some kids have had bad experiences with coaches. Parents should let the kids work through issues. The best part of youth sports is the preparation they give kids for life. Kids need adversity and to learn the process of overcoming it. If your kid is fortunate to fulfill a dream of playing in college the coach is certainly not going to entertain a parents phone call about playing time. One of the first things a college coach will ask about a player is how are the parents.
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    1. What is the coaches level of understanding of the intricacies of all aspects of the game?
    2. Is the coach relatable to his players?
    3. What is the coaches level of understanding of child/player development?
    4. How is the coaches temperament?
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    You must be a coach or someone who works at Arsenal. (Lol)
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    I like Purtell a lot.
    Glad to see my coach isn't on the worse list!
    Chapman - great
    Lester - great
    Taylor - great
    Raiff - great
    Calvo - great
    Landerman sp? - has developed some amazing kids. Underrated imo
    Belfort - great
    Les - great coach
    Lindsay - great
    Leebrook - developed some great talent

    I prefer not to list terrible coaches, but the list is probably pretty big.
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    Been here a while now and with the Covid situation i have ended up with a lot of free time. Started doing some refereeing and I have observed many games at the first few tournaments. I have not followed the girls game as much at all but this is a list of the best teams in AZ for each age group and their respective coaches based on performance. I know many of you are going to say that 'success doesn't mean anything' but i think your wrong. Success in sport is everything and the thing everyone aims for. Those that achieve it deserve credit.
    2002 - Tuzos Coach Jesus Cadena
    2003 – Barca Residency Coach Ged Quinn
    2004 – Del Sol Coach Anthony Colavachia
    2005 – Barca Residency Coach Daniel Antunez
    2006 – RSL AZ Coach Rafael Sifuentez
    2007 – Del Sol Coach Pete Leebrooke
    2008 – CCV Stars Coach Erik Anderson
    2009 – Tuzos Coach Daniel Espinoza
    2010 – Tuzos Coach Daniel Espinoza
    2011 – Legends Coach Robert Findley
    2012 – Phoenix Rising South East Valley Coach Stephen Paylor
    2013 – AZFC Select Coach Daniel Barraza
    2014 – Too little information yet
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    A number of the coaches you list, are, IMHO, excellent coaches. But team success doesn't necessarily mean individual success and vice-versa. If your sole goal is to just win matches, sure, team success is everything. But the best team doesn't guarantee the best individual outcome for every player on that team.
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    Not anymore.. Thunder's weight room now.
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    What stands out to me on this list is that there are so many different clubs achieving that number one spot in the different age groups. As an example only 1 coach/team for both Rising and RSL. I wonder if that is the same 10 years from now with the MLS Academy system. My bet is that the clubs with those platforms will start to dominate more. Whether this is good or bad i don't know. Can someone do this for the girls side too?
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    Similar to the boys side, there are great girls' coaches in every club. But a great coach for one parent/player may or may not be a great fit for another. It really depends on your and your player's expectations, goals. The coach's playing philosophy and style (formation, training sessions, etc.), level/style of communication (with players and parents), gender of coach, etc. all play a major factor on selecting the right coach for your child. As much as we all have a perspective on which coaches are excellent (or not), it's nearly impossible to evaluate and compare every coach in every club, in every age group. You're better off observing a coach's training session and match play and detailed input from parents of said coach.

    Re: MLS academy system's impact on the club scene, there will still be plenty of room for great coaches in smaller clubs in the community. It's great that the MLS Academy is providing more opportunities at higher levels of play. But that only services a very small percentage of players.
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    What are the opinions on Chapman from PRFC
    I've watched a few of his teams all the way back to the Blackhawk days. I know he always has top teams, but to me it just seems like he has bigger faster kids. Almost boom ball type of play. Just kick it up to the faster kids and hope for the best. Just from what I've seen...I have only seen a handful of games. I am just curious if he is a really good coach or just gets the biggest fastest kids...and that makes him look good. I've heard different things from parents, but its hard to tell because negative feedback is from parents that kids got replaced by better kids or didn't get much time.
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    I think he recruits well to start. However he works them hard and they learn and develop in my opinion.

    At my DDs age, quite a few to most are still in ECNL or GA.

    So a good coach.
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    He's a good coach.

    He's a good example of you like his coaching style or you don't. I know families/players that have left because of his style and those that have gone there and like his style. The players/families on both sides of the equation are all successful and still playing at a high level. On the field, the losses had more impact than the gains but that may have been chance.

    I personally don't have experience with him but know families/players that have had significant experience with him.
  13. SoccerDadAZ

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    An appropriate example of how players/parents will have a different perspective on his coaching based on their needs. Does his teams achieve good results? Yes. What attributes does he develop in players? He gets his players very fit and develops them with a very intense, competitive mentality. Players recruited for his teams typically have a lot of pace and/or size for their age group. His teams do play a very direct game with a lot of pressing which takes advantage of the type of players he recruits and develops.
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  14. Robert

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    No boom ball with Chapman! It seems he likes to play direct, quick soccer! What I can gather by watching his teams train and play is that size of the player may be a factor in certain positions, but for the most part his teams train and play with pace and positive direction regardless of size!
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    A good coach and great personality. I think the players tend to really like him. He works them hard and gives constant feedback with lots of praise during practice.

    Edited to add: The level of play that his teams are at is not “kick it up to the fast players and hope for the best.” His players are skilled and the speed of play is fast. They have to in order to compete at an elite level.
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    2002 Jesse Cadena doesn’t even coach them. It’s just talented players.
    2003 barca is well coached but beat by NSFC
    2004. Rising keeps losing players but stays above everyone. No del sol coach is good. They just go pick Latin players to make their teams better. Haven’t seen them develop anything.
    2005 Steve green was good until he lost players to RSL MLS
    2006 Rafael definitely a good coach. He better be coming from RSL
    2007- Mike Kraus
    2008- North valley Rising coach
    Chapman is an amazing coach for rising. Anyone that has had him is lucky. He actually develops not like del sol.
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  17. Digital5

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    Your take on DS is interesting. What is your personal experience with their coaches? Seems to me like they do a decent job of developing players and have a decent enough loyal parent following. But they can be a polarizing club. Love them or hate them. They probably do a better job on the girls side than the boys, with good results placing girls in college and the youth national teams. The girls side seems to have better connections that the boys side.

    Chapman appears to be a polarizing coach. Love him or hate him. Seems like he has less fans on the girls side than the boys. Not a good track record on retention on the girls side. He's now focused on the boys, we'll see how that goes.
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    As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, every club, Del Sol included, has its share of excellent and not so great coaches. To state that an entire club doesn’t develop players is pretty ignorant. It really depends on the individual needs of the player and fit with the coach. For example, Chapman is an excellent coach but there are several coaches that would be more suitable for other players, IMHO. Great team results doesn’t necessarily equate to better individual development, especially at the younger ages.
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  19. Digital5

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    No doubt.

    One size doesn't fill all. These lists are based on biases - just human nature.

    If you dig deep enough, you will likely see that the majority of criticism of coaches is based on a player not making a team when the parent expectation was the opposite. Coaches certainly have different personalities. Many of the letter league clubs are known for bringing in almost entire teams into age groups.

    In my opinion, if you are looking for development for your player, especially at the younger age, stick with a non letter league club for the early years. There is too much letter league distraction at clubs like SCDS, RSL, PRFC. They are always recruiting. Their top tier coaches are always looking to poach talent, it's their business model. SCDS DA/GA girls are a perfect example - most of their players are not SCDS home grown players, most of them have come from other clubs. The teams have been together now for a few years. Like every other big club, SCDS is constantly recruiting every club in the valley.

    Clubs like CCV, Tuzos, and others have coaches that seem to develop great players early, only to have them "poached" by the big clubs. Other clubs (Excel, FC Arizona) seem to do a great job of developing and retaining talent. We will see how MLS attracts/funds players from these clubs. I'd match up the older Excel/FC Arizona teams against any MLS olders in the valley.

    We all think our players are the next Messi or Tobin Heath.
  20. whatithink

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    Do you mean U19 only? Neither club is doing anything of note at U15, 16, 17 or 18. If you'd said Tuzos, I'd get it ... despite the fact that Tuzos are constantly replacing players "poached" by the bigger clubs and even whole teams.
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