Best and Worst Club Coaches in AZ

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by Sweeper, May 24, 2019.

  1. GKeeper

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    PRFC is not the only club. Summer Anderson is the College Liason for the AZ Arsenal girls program.
  2. Cali

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    Dedicated College Advisor, what does that mean to you?


    From what I understand, PRFC has a full time employee who's job it is to help get the players to college. He does not coach any teams, but has a ton of coaching experience and college contacts. His job is to help guide, advise players and their parents on what to expect. He also interfaces with the college coaches getting them to come watch players. (so I've been told)


    Recommend adding ..... Alan Watson should be on the best coaches list.
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  5. Soccer Dad

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    Never had a kid play for him but have heard nothing but good things And some of those good things came from coaches at other clubs
  6. SmashBros

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  7. Give&go

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    Based on experience.


    Raiff Gwinnett (RSL)
    Harold Calvo (NSFC)
    Greg Gonzalez (NSFC)

    James Mack
  8. SpanishSoccerDad

    SpanishSoccerDad New Member

    Classic has some really good coaches on east and west valley.
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  9. Tiki-Taka-Freak

    Tiki-Taka-Freak Active Member

    Ryan Purtell is awesome. Unfortunately he doesn't coach my son's age group. Good coaches are hard to find. If anyone has their son playing for him, consider it a blessing.
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  10. SmashBros

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    I've also heard great things about Classic coaches in the east and west. I've watched the west side teams quite a bit. To be honest, they aren't your typical west side club. Nice to see a club breaking the "west side" stereotype and teaching some actual soccer.
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  11. KickinKat

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    News flash!!!

    Mike Macias gets the boot from yet another club and joins FC Batavia.
    The list has to be pretty short of clubs willing to deal with his BS. I’ve always thought highly of Rick Tilmans. I just hope Macias doesn’t ruin all the progress he’s made.
  12. Youtube guy

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    Is the guy even relevant enough to continue to talk about him? He won’t be in coaching much longer. He’s burned way too many bridges. I heard he tried to apply for his own club a few years ago and Asa committee turned him down. Smartest thing they probably have ever done. Not sure if he even has a team or players of his own but the real question should be, why do parents even allow this guy to coach their child? Oh well, what is this, 10 clubs in 7 years?
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  13. al66

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    Look out for a young new coach-JAVIER ALMONTE! I’ve seen him take on kids that were cut at other clubs and train them up to be solid players and later make RSL & SC DEL SOL 1st teams. He is now assistant coach at Ottowa University, high intensity players respond to his coaching style.
  14. mbappe

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    100% agree. My kid doesn't play for Javi but trains with him on the side. His Insta is GrowthSoccerTraining. He's on the west side. My son loves him.
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  15. al66

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    Yes, my son loves him too! His training sessions are game scenario based, I love watching my son apply what he did in training sessions, in games.
  16. Say what

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  17. SmashBros

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    Well, my son practiced next to his team while we were at Scottsdale Blackhawks. He had the 3rd teams for 05B and 06B. I think he had an older boys team as well. Anyways, the guy basically sat on his butt and ate snacks or played on his phone and would occasionally get up to scream obscenities at the boys. There was a couple of times where he went as far as putting his hands on kids or got in their faces. Didn't hit them, but would jerk them around by the arm or the jersey.
    I know the next season he wasn't assigned to younger kids, but I wouldn't pay Scottsdale $$ for a guy like that to coach my daughter.
  18. Tiki-Taka-Freak

    Tiki-Taka-Freak Active Member

    Good to know. Thank you.
  19. SmashBros

    SmashBros New Member

    Apparently you are correct. He's not coaching anywhere and took his kids to RSL. Wonder how long RSL will put up with his antics?

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