Best and Worst Club Coaches in AZ

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by Sweeper, May 24, 2019.

  1. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    Yes, for those that assume it is only about playing time on whether a coach is good or bad you would be wrong.
  2. Desert Hound

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    It is certainly not about ONLY playing time. But overall the vast VAST majority of times people complain about coaches it is because Johhny or Jill didn't start or didn't get the playing time parents thought they deserved.
  3. Chained Dragon

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    I don’t think it’s productive to label a coach good or bad. What is more useful is what they bring out of the individual players. Coach V seems well intentioned. Unfortunately, not every player or family responds well to his approach. For the 06 team, that was a major sticking point and many were not willing to commit a second year under his direction. Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. If the players did develop under his year of tutelage/inspiration, it will show in the seasons to come. If most of those players are either at outside clubs or suddenly “not good enough” then we have to inquire more about the development process.
  4. whatithink

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    I don't think you can correlate like that for coach V relative to those players in the seasons to come. The 06 & 07 B age groups have been majorly disrupted with the introduction of DA for DelSol & RSL. Then add in ECNL for both age groups and there has probably been wholesale changes.

    The 07 team that he had this year was primarily made up of the RSL 07N team from the prior year who had won POS & Presidents cup, the top two competitions at that age group - and they added talent. the 06N team was also talented, although the Tuzos 06 team was the pick - and moved to DelSol. DW did a very good job for both groups of players. CZ also developed quite a few of them and instilled a never-die attitude prior to the age change.

    All in all, I'd say he picked up two very good team, that had been developed over the years by some very good coaches, and did a good job with them. I don't think you could put it all on him though. Kids should develop quicker each year as they get more mature, assuming the foundations are in place.

    Maybe more pertinent would be how many of his 07s & 06s made the RSL DA teams - genuine Q as I don't know. Then again, it may be that the DA attracted a lot of individual talent and so that's less pertinent.
  5. goldilocks

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    I read previous post that you and your son went to DA tryouts, turned the DA down and are going to stick with your club coach. So I assume your son is 2008 - 2006. I'm just curious if he is coached by any of the best coaches (Walsh, Putrell, Chapman, or Rideout) you listed above.
  6. SoccerDadAZ

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    Of the players that played for Coach V's 06 North team this past year, 8 made the RSL 06 DA Team, 7 made the RSL 06 ECNL team, and 2 were not offered a spot on the 06 DA team but made Del Sol's 06 DA Team. Like others mentioned, many coaches will have played a role in the development of a player's career. Please give Coach V some credit in their development. How much each coach or club plays a role in their development is purely speculative and just a waste of time.
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  7. whatithink

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    I did, and thanks for reinforcing my point.
  8. SmashBros

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    I'm still shocked that nobody has mentioned Mike Macias as one of the worst in AZ.
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  9. tjinaz

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    awwww.. dogging our newest member... I like it
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  10. Soccer1811

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    Paul Lester hands down. Had multiple kids go thru youth soccer in Arizona and play at the D1 level in college. Even after their college experiences, the kids feel like he was the very best they ever were coached by--technically the greatest. Lays a fabulous foundation for younger ages to learn proper technique
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  11. Driveandpay

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    Best in my opinion:
    Andy Chapman
    Les Armstrong
    Paul Rideout
    Boris Teoharevic
    Diego Walsh
    Kelly Cagle

    Everyone else out there is just average or subaverage. This is just based on coaching, not personality or how much they like/play your kid. These coaches know how to develop players and teams. They're not lazy coaches who do the same drills over and over again. They get involved, actually teach kids, and challenge players. They have played at the highest level and it is evident in their coaching. If your kid can play for one of these guys, do it in a heartbeat.
  12. sweetsplat

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    He is great if you don't mind having your daughter choked on the touchline or being called a cunt in practice.
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  13. whatithink

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    I haven't seen Paul Taylor anywhere on the thread, national championship with Sereno ECNL and national championship with BHs - not many coaches have that on their resume.

    I don't know him myself, but seems odd he's not included.
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  14. whatithink

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    But but but ... its different when you pay for it ... now if he did it on the street ...
  15. Tiki-Taka-Freak

    Tiki-Taka-Freak Active Member

    Yeah, a parent told me Walsh is amazing.
  16. My DD played at Blackhawks for several years. Andy and Paul are amazing coaches there. She wouldn't have had the accolades and ynt call ups and experience without their guidance and coaching. My son now is in his second season with Diego Walsh. We drive 45-60 minutes each way, three-four days a week because he is that good. When your kid hits the jackpot with an amazing will know. No questions asked.
  17. And...when she was super new to the game...Coach Tommy Hurdle. She was maybe u10. He is super underrated.
  18. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    Updated list based on comments:


    Fadi Barakat (AYSO Challenge)
    Gil Navarro (Brazas)
    Yago Silva (Brazas)
    Kaue Martins (Brazas)
    Ryan Purtell (Classic)
    George Okallo (CCV)
    Les Armstrong (SC Del Sol) - some think he is the best; others think he is the worst
    Paul Lester (SC Del Sol)
    Keith Jones (SC Del Sol) - some think he is the best; others think he is average
    Kate Norton (FC Tucson – no longer coaching in AZ)
    Harold Calvo (NSFC AZ)
    Tommy Hurdle (Premier)
    Kelly Cagle (Rising)
    Andy Chapman (Rising)
    Paul Taylor (Rising)
    Vlastimir Davidovic (RSL) – some think he is the best; others think he is the worst
    Alberto Milan (RSL)
    Jimmy Deutsch (RSL)
    Paul Rideout (RSL)
    Boris Teoharevic (RSL)
    Diego Walsh (RSL)
    Lindsey Johnson (Thunder)
    Mike Briseno (Thunder)
    Beny Sanchez (Thunder)

    Tommy McNaughton (SC Del Sol)
    Pete Leebrook (SC Del Sol)
    Laila Modi (Rush)
    Barb Chura (various)
    Ally Maxwell (Del Sol)

    Andrew Bellemen (CCV)
    Thomas Anderson (Del Sol)
    Dave Shaffer (Sereno/RSL)
    Joe Waggoner (Sereno/RSL)
    Mike Macias
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  19. polly

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    As kids get older, it's seems to be equally important to determine which clubs/ club coaches have college coach connections, if kids have intentions of playing in college. Girls have had ECNL/DA for that help.

    But on the boys side, the ECNL league is still developing. Any personal insight on coach's connections? I've heard that Del Sol's Colavecchia is pretty well connected. PRFC has had some recent college commits on the boys side too. So maybe Burke too?
  20. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    PRFC (Phoenix Rising) is the only club in Arizona with a dedicated College Adviser and his name is Tibor Pelle. For the other clubs, players need to rely on their club coaches.
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