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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by Cali, Jan 8, 2022.

  1. Cali

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    Opinions, comments regard the new mega sports complex in the east valley. Currently hosting ODP Tournament, AASC Inside / Outside Tournament and more...

    It only took me 20 + min to get in around 5 35 pm
  2. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    Friday wasn't bad. Saturday was completely backed up. Facility is nice but they need entrance/exit on another road not just Ellsworth. Looked like they had soccer, softball and Lacrosse events all going on concurrently. Parking lots were packed. For Soccer the majority of the fields seem to be turf. Those are going to be unusable come May and will remain so until September. Hope they are putting in some grass soccer fields as well. Other than that its pretty awesome. LED scoreboards on every field, live band playing.. serving drinks.. nice!
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  3. singh

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    Awesome fields. Agree with turf comments. Hopefully this was a litmus test for the traffic because it was horrible Friday evening.
  4. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    There is 20 turf fields and will be 15 grass - Legacy-Sports-Bell-Bank-Park-Outdoor-Wayfinding.pdf (

    I was in/out all weekend and allowed an extra 15-20 minutes and even then had to drop off a kid a couple of times before looking for parking. They also had dance & basketball going on inside from what I heard. I'd expect the same on any & every weekend if they can, why wouldn't they!

    Nice facility. I'd prefer Reach (mainly because I prefer grass and its easy to get in/out, and its always a couple of minutes from the field versus 5-10 minutes walk).
  5. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    I think Reach is going to take a big hit with this facility coming online. Everyone likes new and shiny and in the age of COVID Phoenix and Scottsdale shutdown early where east valley doesn't. That alone will drive clubs to put the tournaments there as there is much less risk. Additionally having restaurants onsite where you can go eat and relax between games is a major plus. I did not see it but other parents say you can go to the bar and plug in the field number and watch the game on a TV from your table. They also had food trucks parked... between the fields so you didn't have to leave the facility to eat. Its like a better version of Silverlakes. If they add access to other roads, have at least as many grass fields as turf I think this is a total win.

    I hate Reach, its far, the traffic getting there sucks, I have yet to go to a game there and not had to deal with some sort of road construction issue and its a long wait to get in and out on tournament days. Honestly I would rather play in Maricopa or Barca than Reach, distance is the same but a much more pleasant drive. Legacy, once complete will be the desired location in the valley moving forward and the thing is with its size no one will build another one for a very long time.
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  6. SoccerDad

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    Lots to like with the new facility. Feels like they need another 3+ months on infrastructure ... more bathrooms, more parking (I see on the maps there are supposed to be lots on the north and east side), and more entrances to the soccer fields. Looooonnnnnngggggg walk from the car to the field at the moment. But the potential is there. I assume there will be more dining choices by the basketball courts.

    I wonder what the business model is ... can they undercut Reach & SSC enough so leagues / tourneys relocate there? And is that enough money? The pre tourney stuff we got mentioned they would charge admission but I didn't any setup to take tickets. For volleyball / pickleball I assume they charge to use the fields. We've heard futsal will be a big thing with year round leagues. Curious how much revenue they can drive.
  7. AZsoccefan

    AZsoccefan Active Member

    FWIW, their website mentions some sort of cooling system for the turf fields. To your point though, there won't be any National events or tournaments for Soccer here during those months mentioned.

  8. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    I would say $5 per car, just like Fear Farm, and they could have made $50K-$100K this weekend over the 3 days. I'm not sure why they waived the entry fees.
  9. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    I get why someone living in the East valley would prefer this to Reach, but all your points are also relevant to Legacy if you don't. I put hundreds of miles on my car this weekend getting there and back, over 3 days, and had to deal with road construction, long waits to get in, long walks to the fields, driving around looking for parking etc. I don't expect the last 3 to change as they will (& should) max the number of events they can hold every weekend to max their revenue.

    I did ask one of my kids about the turf, as it looked great, and his response was that a 7/10 grass field > a 10/10 turf, so, for him, Reach is the best and he'd prefer to play their above anywhere else in AZ.

    From a tournament perspective, its ideal - 35 fields means everything in one place. That's ideal for any club / org. If they can also get a kickback on the admissions or the fields free (as Legacy get the admissions) then it could also mean they (the clubs) will make more $ from their tournament, so Legacy is the place to be.
  10. mbappe

    mbappe Active Member

    Went out to watch ODP on Saturday. Stupid long traffic lines to get in off Ellsworth and once in same long lines for parking. I trust that will get better. Walked into both inside facilities. On one side was a Dance Comp, bunch of little girls all dressed up doing their thing. Other side it was amazing. There were 3 competitions going on: 1 was a boys basketball tournament, the other I saw a boys volleyball tournament and the 3rd was a futsal tournament, younger kids. Place was PACKED. Then you walk outside and there is live music, food trucks, beer stands every 100 feet, a beach volleyball tournament, a men's slowpitch softball tourney, and the best part, amazing soccer fields as far as the eye could see.. with giant scoreboards, I'm talking GIANT, on each field. Those scoreboards alone had to be $100k each. You could tell the turf fields were quality turf, didn't have the black little rubber pellets, had tan ones someone said it will help with the heat. It's 20 minutes further from my house than Reach 11, but the facilities were amazing and top notch. I've been to all of the major soccer facilities in So Cal and Legacy is better than all of them.
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  11. AZsoccefan

    AZsoccefan Active Member

    It blows Surf Complex, Norco and Oceanside away (although I think Reach is better than the first 2).
    A lot of the traffic was because of the construction on the new exit for Ellsworth. Not exactly an ideal weekend for a merged lane bottleneck before the freeway entrance! I suspect traffic will be much better when they complete that freeway entrance/exit.
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  12. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    I am sure that will eventually get fixed. Too much traffic up and down that street to allow big backups to continually occur.
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  13. Sweeper

    Sweeper Well-Known Member

    New turf fields are made with cork instead of rubber. The cork turf fields do have the watered on a regular basis and are cooler. My DD still likes grass fields better. But she slide tackles a lot and gets terrible turf burn.
  14. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    Seeing both the Premier and SCDS tournaments in the Spring at Bell Bank. SCDS Desert Classic has historically been at Reach and other parks. With 35 fields they can have the entire tournament at one location.
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  15. Funyuns

    Funyuns Member

    For the PDT, the U15s on up are at Legacy and U14-12s are at Reach.
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  16. AZsoccefan

    AZsoccefan Active Member

    Man, that place is so big it could conceivably accommodate 2 separate local tournaments at the same time. For ODP this weekend, they didn't even touch the 11 full size grass fields.
    I was super impressed by what they did. I came in with huge expectations (based on the hype around it) and they were exceeded.

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