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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by Messifan, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. Messifan

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    ASA is recommending all teams revert to Phase 1 of the ASA Return-to-Play Guidelines with few additional precautions included. ASA is committed to the 2020-2021 season.

    As June is coming to an end throughout Arizona we are seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases. Although ASA moved into Phase 3 of our Return-to-Play Guidelines we have remained steadfast in our flexibility and adaptability as this unprecedented situation continues to unfold. With the season still two months away ASA is recommending all teams revert to Phase 1 of the ASA Return-to-Play Guidelines with a few additional precautions included.
  2. singh

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    nice gesture but probably a moot point. I know rising suspended all training activities this week (for non ecnl--I cant speak to ecnl teams)
  3. AZsoccefan

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    ECNL is also done until August. Although this past week (which was canceled) was to be the last week for the summer.
  4. Mot Ozzi

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    I would think that most clubs will shut down until August now. Between the return to ph1 for who knows how long, and the NCAA suspension of all on and off campus recruiting until the end of August, I can’t imagine many AZ teams will be participating in Surf or even the major Labor Day events.
  5. SoccerDadAZ

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    Some teams of the larger clubs will continue training in July to prepare for Man City Cup which will be played over Labor Day holiday.
  6. tjinaz

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    Looking more like Blues will be first tournament of the year.
  7. Anyone else notice in this long announcement the delay of posting all of the Advanced League teams? Here's what it says on the ASA site "
    Arizona Advanced Leagues Placements

    (To Be Posted between June 15 - June 29th)

    In the back to Phase 1 announcement they say "Advanced League applications have been submitted and league placements are in their final stages, with announcements being completed the week of June 29, 2020."

    They just added a week lol.
  8. frankfarmer

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    Back to phase 1......some clubs weren't in any phase. Full on contact, scrimmaging, etc. Other clubs phase one with indiviudal players in 10x10 painted boxes for seperation. I'm not sure any of it really matters.

    Good/bad news for those of you eagerly waiting APL schedules/teams. Probably not going to matter much either. COVID-19 cases will climb in the AZ for the next 6 weeks or so, then level off (still with a high daily rate), then decline over weeks if we are lucky. This thing will cycle for the next 9-12 months. For upcoming Season both teams will have to bat a 1000 for games to happen. One player or coach from either team tests positive, game cancelled. Find out after the game a player was positive then both rosters are down for 14 days possibly.

    Probably a bigger concern is school this year, going to be a shit show.
  9. SoccerDadAZ

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    Surf Cup is rescheduled but the Man City Cup hasn't moved from its Labor Day weekend. It will be interesting to see if the top girl's teams will register for Blues or Man City Cup.
  10. AZsoccefan

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    Agree, the numbers in AZ are going to get much worse before they hopefully get better. Consider that the current #'s of Covid Positive tests are from people sick at least a week or so back due to the current backlog to get tested (some areas appointments are a few days out) and the 4-7 day turn around time for test results. Most of the Southwest including CA seems to be in just as bad shape.

    I would be surprised if there are Tournaments for Labor Day weekend.
  11. Messifan

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    Governor Ducey closes bars and gyms. Scottsdale soccer moms are pissed! ;P

    Seriously, he's finally taking this seriously. He's acting like he NOW cares more about lives than "livelihoods". If ever there was a signal that things are about to get really bad, this is it.

    But it's just the flu, the masks give me a headache, I wanna party!!!

    It's about to get real.
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  12. Sweeper

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  13. Desert Hound

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    CDC also has good stats regarding that.

    In total throughout the US there have been 160 deaths of people under 24 during the covid fun. As Rand Paul pointed out other countries see little risk to younger people.
  14. Messifan

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  15. I tnink a big problem with this is putting teachers and staff at risk, the majority of them are over 24. Also kids spreading to older family members.
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  16. Sweeper

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    Yes, a large number teachers in Arizona do not want students physically in school this year because they are worried children will transmit the virus to teachers/staff and the CDC guidelines are unrealistic for schools.

    The testimony by Rand Paul showed that children are not super spreaders and do not easily transmit the virus.

    As for the CDC guidelines, they are unrealistic and the CDC members have obviously never been in an overcrowded AZ classroom, thus the teacher concerns are valid.
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    This needs to be repeated often.
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