AZ Girls ECNL 2020-2021

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Will we get to see a completed season?

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  1. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    o4 rising tied 1-1 with blues


    Rising 03's were with out 4 starters including the keeper. 04 Goalie played with 03's
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  3. GKeeper

    GKeeper Member

  4. Digital5

    Digital5 Active Member

  5. GKeeper

    GKeeper Member

    ECNL girls tentative schedule that starts next month has Cali coming to AZ. Don't head to Cali until Nov.

    First matches are Arsenal @ PRFC on 10/4.
  6. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    It's very disappointing that, as of today, every ENCL Girls Conference has set their schedule EXCEPT for the Southwest Conference. They just need to schedule the Cali teams to play in AZ and NV.
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  7. GKeeper

    GKeeper Member

    Agreed that it has not been posted. The first schedule was provided about two months ago to parents, but it was tentative due to Cali's unknown play guidelines. The new updated schedule has that changed, scheduling Cali teams to play in AZ in Oct and then going to Cali the first week of Nov and the weekend before Thanksgiving.

    I would imagine it will be posted in the next week or two, assuming it is the final version.
  8. Uber

    Uber New Member

    Does anybody have the Arsenal/Rising scores against the Blues/Socal
  9. GKeeper

    GKeeper Member

    2-0 Blues

    4-2 Blues

    3-1 Blues

    Not sure on the rest.
  10. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    u17 Arsenal.

    Lost 2-1.

    Arsenal was up 1-0 at half. On 2 plays a kid decided to take a play off that directly lead to the 2 scores by Blues. The girls were not happy about that.

    In the last minute Arsenal was fouled in the box. Missed the PK for the tie.

    Should have been a win or no worse than a tie.

    That said these 2 teams were pretty evenly matched.

    Rising 04 lost 3-1. With about 20 to go the score was 2-0. So Cal is tough.

    LAFC beat Heat FC 04 ECNL 2-1 in Vegas. Apparently it was a very close game.
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  11. Has either club produced successful teams in ECNL (kids developed over 2-3+ years in the club)? Does ECNL have standards for maintaining membership, especially with the DA folding and some good CA clubs hanging around in ECRL?
  12. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    This is their 3rd yr in ECNL for both clubs.

    I think it takes time to build up.

    I don't think ECNL kicks out many clubs.

    Last I know of that was kicked out was LVSA (I may be off on the initials). Either way not sure why that Vegas club was let go.

    I suspect some of those so cal teams in ecRl get the nod next yr. It would seem to be in the leagues interest to add them and hurt GA in the SW
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  13. Fair enough, and COVID messed things up last/this year, but would you call either club a success so far? Maybe 1 or 2 teams at each age group. Is that enough? Genuinely asking...
  14. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    Not sure what the standard for success is exactly.

    If they are the top? No. Unlikely to happen given the depth of so cal.

    I would for AZ define it as on average over the teams in the club being middle of the standings.

    Some age groups will be weaker/weak and others will be stronger.

    And occasionally a team at an age group that is special.

    That is what I have seen over the years with DA/ECNL....that/those type of results.

    I think they hold their own vs Strikers, Arsenal FC, Rebels, Heat, and Sharks.

    Your standard?
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  15. AZ Soccer Family

    AZ Soccer Family New Member

    The Southwest Conference is the toughest conference in the country. If an AZ team can compete and be in the middle of the pack in the standings that is a very good year.
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  16. GKeeper

    GKeeper Member

    Schedules are up for the Southwest.

    They are mostly accurate, though I think the second half of the season will change some. For example (March 6th & 7th), we would play a CA team at home on Saturday, then travel to Vegas on Sunday for Heat. That's a crappy setup.

    Some game scores are posted in some age groups, but at least the schedules are up:
  17. MessiFTW

    MessiFTW Active Member

    Does anyone know why the scores and standings are NOT updated for the Southwest conference? Looks mickey mouse to be 5 weeks in and no scores, etc. I know this is not a typical year, but we are only talking about updating scores on Monday after matches. Texas conference does not appear to have an issue.
  18. GKeeper

    GKeeper Member

    The schedule was just put up. Prior to, TMs did not have a away to upload scores as there were no games in the TGS portal.

    My guess is that now the games are loaded, TMs should be able to take the game cards an upload the scores accordingly. But I am sure it will be slow to get all the game scores updated.

    Texas did not have the same issue as their games were posted. So their TMs could load scores after each game.

    On a side note, scores are required to be uploaded within 4 hours after the game, not least that is how it used to be.
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  19. MessiFTW

    MessiFTW Active Member

    Thanks, that makes sense. Wont even ask why it took so long to get the schedules (on the site) caught up with the reality. Hopefully moving forward it is better.
  20. GKeeper

    GKeeper Member

    Ha! The reason we were provided is that ECNL did not want to change the schedule every week due to the fluidity of team coordination and locations.

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