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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by Sweeper, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Congrats to the SCDS U17s!

    Royals U18/19 did not have a good showing in Florida. Lost 2 out of the 3 games. Came out with a proven strong line-up for the first game . Then messed with the starting 11 the next two games. Not sure why? It definitely played a part in their Ls.

    Royals other age groups did very well. All walked away with Ws except one T.
  2. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    This past weekend the Girls DA teams played So Cal teams here in AZ. The SC Del Sol rosters are getting smaller and smaller as the season goes on. The oldest 3 age groups only had 11 on the roster.

    Meanwhile, the Utah Royals rosters are getting bigger as they have added more girls most likely because their fees are so much less.
  3. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Active Member

    If you go look at game stats, you will see that del Sol has been running just 11 in many games for quite a bit of time. Tight is an understatement.

    And RSL likes to collect players, that is for sure.


    ...... And they are pushing younger players up to the oldest age group. Last week most of the 02 team was 03's and an 04'. Playing with only 11 players is wrong, no reason for it, putting girls at risk as they will continue to play hurt during a game when there are no subs. The girls playing up are pawns. Very sad.
  5. Midfield

    Midfield New Member

    Is this intentional on their part? I understand they have had some defections but why are they doing this? Don't they have girls from DPL or other teams they can bring up?
  6. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Active Member


    The reason is simple. Most girls playing DPL are now playing HS soccer.


    Well they are putting all their eggs in the 03 age group as they need points to stay in the Red side of the cup. The 03 team core is solid, but what they are doing is limiting the roster size so they don't have to sub and put in players who are not as solid. They have done this for years at different levels in key games. The 03 girls that are being played on the 02 team, are getting the short end of the stick. Several of them were on DPL teams 2 years ago, and on the pilot team least year (Del Sol last a lot of 03 players that year). Some girls they swap from Saturday to Sunday but it's probably to keep them somewhat happy.

    Desert Hound also nailed it on the head, DPL girls are in the middle of high school season. It will be interesting to see if any of the DPL 02 girls really want to play up in the last few months they have left to play. Maybe the ones who are not graduating will. Will have to wait and see.
  8. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    SC Del Sol and Utah Royals played DA games this last weekend at Reach 11. Each club only had 3 wins the entire weekend.

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