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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by Sweeper, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. UpperV

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    How is Phoenix Rising playing in the U-14 DA West Coast Regional Showcase? I thought they were ECNL not DA!
  2. Aspen1369

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    I guessing Phoenix Rising will get at DA program in the next couple years . Makes sense to have three DA programs in the valley . They are the only club that can provide professional level practices for their top players . So it would make sense for them to offer the older DA age groups. Practice time with FC Tucson and Phoenix Rising first team would make for a great top level DA program
  3. whatithink

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    I agree Rising are likely to get a DA. The above is funny though. There's no chance their semi pro and fully pro teams will be practicing with high schoolers. There may be an exceptional player or two that gets that chance from the youth side, but if someone at Rising is selling that their youth teams will practice with their men's teams … that's hilarious.
  4. Aspen1369

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    No , I’ve not heard any team would practice with FC Tucson of Phoenix Rising . Phoenix Rising would not pitch something available to only a handful of players. They market to the masses. That’s what pays their bills. However , at least 4 boys have practiced with the first team . If they had a a top level DA squad I’m sure even more of those players would be aloud to practice with the first team. Hopefully US soccer is getting to the point where the top DA players 16-18 are at least good enough to practice with a USL and USL league 1 teams. You should be able to select the top 4 boys from any quality DA program to be able to PRACTICE at a pro level. Otherwise what really is DA worth? Then DA is the joke.
  5. whatithink

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    The purpose of the boys DA for US Soccer is to find the unicorns. For the MLS teams, its to ID talent (the cream) that may make it in MLS (the minority) and every now and again may move (sell) to Europe. For everyone else, they are part of the funnel system to funnel the best players up to the MLS / NT sides. So DA is not equal, and there are many teams that are a joke (to be in DA, an elite platform).

    An example, the Surf 05B team last season was one of the top teams. They lost players to Barca and RSL (Utah) at the end of the season, i.e. to (perceived maybe) more elite programs. If there are kids at Rising who are good enough, then they will be offered a spot in an MLS DA side. That's the cream rising (;)).

    The MLS teams are always scouting the top DA players; if you're not on an MLS DA at U16 or 17, then you're probably not good enough to practice with the Pros, assuming it a good pro team obviously.
  6. Aspen1369

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    I get what you’re saying . If a great player comes out of Arizona they need to move to Utah or California or Barca in casa grande by 16-17. It would be nice to have a real option in the Phoenix area. Based on what you are saying del sol and RSL-AZ will not be able to develop a top DA program and will fall mid to low ranked in the DA picture. If all the best players have to go to RSL Utah, Barca or California by 16ish then what will be left for RSL-AZ and Del sol DA teams ? (assuming they eventually add older DA teams).

    Let’s say in 5 years Rising have DA, and they add youth practice fields at the stadium , and they provide some playing time at FC Tucson to top players. What would be the reason to leave the Phoenix area at 16? Couldn’t a top USL team develop and move talent ? Or can only MLS teams be successful doing so?
  7. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    My take, for what its worth, is that the "elite" are scouting at U14 (& earlier), hence the movement from Surf (in my example) and from the local (last year) ECNL U14 teams to RSL Utah & Barca. I'm not sure exactly how many kids RSL invited up to Utah from U14 last year, but they didn't pick them all. The competition to get into that program is extremely high. They will continue to scout, but as the kids get older, the opportunities diminish. Keep in mind that for the elite programs your competition is at least regional and even national.

    Clubs can still have their DA programs, but realistically the goal becomes college ball rather than pro ball. It does allow a platform for late developers and an opportunity to continue to showcase against other DA teams, including the MLS ones, during the showcases.

    The MLS teams are already looking to create a two tier DA "league", with obviously themselves in tier 1 with maybe some other clubs invited. So basically if the goal is to go pro, be the best you can be etc. then you need to be in the best environment playing with & against the best players etc. then the MLS DAs will be that. You could still succeed from a Rising DA (or RSL-AZ or DelSol) but it will be harder. You will still be playing an elite level of soccer and having 2-3 teams in the valley will be excellent for that.

    My $0.02 worth.
  8. Aspen1369

    Aspen1369 New Member

    Thanks for the insight . Seems like college is the most realistic path.
  9. Desert Hound

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    College is always the most realistic path vs going pro. Doesn't matter what sport one is talking about. There are lots of colleges where someone can go play a sport from Power 5 conferences to D3 type schools.

    Making the pros is another thing entirely.
  10. Aspen1369

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    Seems to me like it’s nearly impossible for an AZ club to generate a professional player unless that player is developing the majority of their skills outside of the club training . There is very little time and resources available during practice to really master skills. And for sure not on an individual basis. It would be nice to see more players born and developed their whole youth career in Arizona become a well known pro. That person will need to live and breath soccer with the AZ club system being a small part of their total training as a youth.
  11. tigres619

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    Does anyone out there know the results of RSLAZ 06 DA vs LAGSD
    and result of SC Del Sol 06 DA vs Nomads? Scores not posted on DA site yet.
  12. RavenAZ

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    RSLAZ 9, LAGSD 2
    SCDS 3, Nomads 0
  13. enfuego702

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    Do you happen to have the results of the AZ U13 Boys DA vs LAG SD?
  14. RavenAZ

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    '07 RSLAZ 3, LAGSD 0
    '07 SCDS 1, LAGSD 1
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    Going to take my boy to DA next season. He is a 07. Anyone have input on if I should try Del sol or RSL
  18. Revup06

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    I suggest you go and watch both clubs practice. See how both teams are run. Talk to the parents and see how they feel about their program. Maybe your boy knows some DA players and he can ask questions as well. I suggest you go to both teams ID sessions.
    You and your son have to ask yourselves if it's worth doing DA. Biggest complaints I hear about are time, travel, homework, and money. RSL practices 4 nights/wk. Del Sol 3 days/wk. 2 of RSLs practices are in BFE- Gilbert. 1 of del sols practice is in Maricopa. That's a lot of time on the road. Then there's the travel to Socal 1-2 time$$ per month.
    Best wishes to your son.
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  19. Desert Hound

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    RSL DA is subsidized. Any team travel the parents only pay for meals. Bus/plane and hotel is picked up by the club.

    You will have 4 nights a week. And that is true whether it is del Sol or RSL since 4 days a week is a DA requirement.
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  20. sissykick88

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    The girls DA is subsidized. I don't think the boys DA is subsidized.

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