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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by Sweeper, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Galazkiewicz

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    Regarding RSL and Classic, I hear this definitely is not dead. I was told recently by someone in the know at Classic this could happen next season. The things that lead to Classic walking away were really fairly minor. They weren't large philosophical differences or a change of heart. Just some overstepping by RSL. Ryan Purtell would be an amazing addition to the staff and leadership at RSL.
  2. MoneyMike380

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    So funny reading these comments about deals. This is a gossip site and nobody here has any real inside info about any mergers. If you did, you would drop names and dates. Please, can we just go back to bashing ASA and big clubs trying to monopolize the state? Leave the rumors for bingo night.
  3. Galazkiewicz

    Galazkiewicz New Member

    Really, Magic Mike? You seem a little jealous. Not trying to impress anyone by dropping names. It's actually none of your effing business who I talked to. Not trying to impress anyone, just passing along correct information. I thought some here might find it useful. The person I talked to was directly involved in the negotiations. Soooooo, maybe they know a bit more than you do? Ya think? Why would I violate confidentiality of a friend by posting their name on a message board? And, why do you get to decide what is worthy or adequate to post here? You don't.

    BTW, on 4/6/19, you posted that Calcio merged with Del Sol. That wasn't an actual merger, so I guess that was a rumor that you posted...? Maybe follow your own advice.
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  4. tjinaz

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    Either Classic merges with someone or they dissolve. From what I hear they are shrinking at a pretty fast clip, have a bunch of debt and could be below 20 teams next year. Parents that were once the biggest fans now playing for other clubs. Not sure they have many assets any club would really want. Their older teams are being picked apart by Rising, SCDS and RSL already and their youngers are not very good at all. Their best move if they want to maintain that small club feel would be to merge with Premier.
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  5. kickit06mom

    kickit06mom New Member

    I heard RSL boys showed well against OC Surf earlier today.
    RSL 06 DA 2
    OC Surf 1

    RSL 07 DA 8
    OC Surf 1

    Anyone know the SC Del Sol scores?
  6. goldilocks

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    Yesterday Del Sol 06 DA lost to Strikers 1-0 and the Del Sol 07 DA lost to Strikers 4-2.

    Today RSL 07 DA beat Strikers 2-0
    and I heard RSL 06s tied Strikers 3-3.
  7. tigres619

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    Our AZ 07 DA teams are a combined 3 wins and 1 loss vs SD DA teams so far in this young season. AZ 06 DA are 2w - 1L - 1 tie vs SD teams. Good job so far.
    Good luck to SC delSol and RSLAZ DA as they travel to Cali this weekend.
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  8. enfuego702

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    07 DA.PNG Looks like RSL 07 DA won both their games this past weekend in Southern Cal. Del Sol won at least 1 game as well. Only one of their games is posted. Anyone know the score of del Sol vs SDSC?
  9. Revup06

    Revup06 New Member

    The 06 Boys DA scores have posted from this past weekend.

    RSLAZ 4 - SDSC 1

    SDSC 2 - Del Sol 1
  10. goldilocks

    goldilocks New Member

    Here are the 06 and 07 Boys DA Group standings as of 10/6/19. Got it from the SoCal Forum.
    07 Boys
    07 DA Group Standings.png

    06 Boys
    06 DA Group Standings.png

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