Arizona Soccer and Corona Virus

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by self unaware soccer dad, Mar 10, 2020.

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    NY usually has 20-25 people die at home a day. Now it's at around 250 a day because people are scared or unable to go to hospitals. These deaths are still happening.

    And while it's true that there are more people infected than reported, there are way more deaths than reported. At one county in CO for example, the coroner can't do the tests so they can't list it as a cause.

    And tiki takka, we all miss soccer and our normal life, if there wasn't social distancing the spread of COVID would destroy life as we know it on a permanent basis and kill millions. Good news is that by June we should be able to creep back to normal. Restaurants will probably stay closed, but if you can do your job with a mask on you will be able to go back to work. And then there will be an at home test that tells you if you've had COVID or not and that will speed up the return to normal. Look at South Korea who is way ahead of us and has their kids back to school with less than 200 total deaths.
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    It wasn't mis-information. I was pretty specific about death cerificates received. As for the testing, we know there is an 80% false positive rate for using the PCR test. So, we have no idea what the numbers are. If you did a test in school and got 80% wrong it would be a grade of 'F'. This is all bullshit!

    "When the infection rate of the close contacts and the sensitivity and specificity of reported results were taken as the point estimates, the positive predictive value of the active screening was only 19.67%, in contrast, the false-positive rate of positive results was 80.33%."
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    Whatever dude. Go get the virus then talk
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    By the way the article you selected as a reference was looking at people who were in close contact with people with proven corona, and it was withdrawn...just like the autism study...which means they were wrong,..,just sayin
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    I live in a community that has a full soccer field. Everyday there are teams there practicing (with coaches). There have been several clubs there including RSL, CCV, Inferno and Premier. I'd say it's one thing if you take your kid to the park to kick it around a bit where you live, but to take your team there dressed in full practice attire is pretty ballsy. They actually are chasing residents off of the field to hold their "organized" sessions.
    How is this fair to the clubs, parents, coaches and youth that are being responsible for doing what is asked of them? Can't wait to see who they try to sue once one of their kids contracts CODID-19 since ASA has suspended all training.

    Be smart parents, if your coach or club is trying to get you to practice right now, you may want to reconsider your choices come tryouts (whenever that may be).
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    Dang.. that is pretty ballsy. What part of town is this in?
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    It's up in NW Peoria. Want me to send you a link to the park so you can bring your team out? lol
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    Na.. schedule is likely full.
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    "The intent is, right now, that, if someone dies WITH the CORONAVIRUS, we are counting that as a CORONAVIRUS DEATH."
    WTF! What kind of science is this? How can we trust any of these numbers with this metric? What a joke! We are losing our freedom, enduring martial law, and getting socially engineered for this garbage? Watch for yourself.
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    Private coaches are posting on Instagram and Facebook videos of their small group sessions (up to 8-9 players) at local parks including the SSC fields.


    I've seen that as well, also seen them out at parks that have not been closed with signs. I don't know who I have more of an issue with..... The coach or the parents who are letting there kids do . I've talked to a lot of parents and some are locked down, kids are not hangout out with friends, and then you have those who are letting their friends hang out, work with outside trainers, etc.
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    Guys! What will it take for everyone to understand this whole thing is a HOAX? Resume the season and our lives! Don't live your lives in fear. COVID-19 is no more dangerous than the flu.

    1.) USC study along with a similar study in Germany shows case fatality rates between 0.1% - 0.3%.

    2.) FOX NEWS caught on a hot microphone saying things like, "take off your masks", quoting the USC study, and even calling it a HOAX.

    3.) Tony Fauci in the New England Journal of Medicine also came up with a case fatality rate of 0.1% a month ago claiming no more dangerous than the flu.

    4.) Media was caught using a mannequin as a patient.

    5.) Healthy people don't spread disease.

    6.) Doctors and nurses have time to do choreographed dance videos on Tik Tok during a pandemic?

    7.) CNN admits death toll is MASSIVELY overstated.

    8.) PCR test have 80% false positive rate.

    9.) Hospitals are empty and testing centers are empty.

    10.) No Koch's Postulate used to determine if COVID-19 causes any disease.

    11.) Admitting to falsifying death certificates.

    12.) Who benefits? Bill and Melinda Gates? Big Banks? Big Pharma? Big Tech?

    Restore your freedom by ignoring these tyrannical dicates. Say NO to the unelected technocrats that want us living in fear, so they can brainwash us. Let's play SOCCER again! Let's go back to work again! Let us be FREE again!
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    I agree. I call things hoaxes that shut down the entire world all the time. I mean, who ever came up with this hoax is a genius. I just hate when the Illuminati get together and say “hey, i have an idea, let’s close the entire world down and call it a deadly virus and see what happens” Those darn hoaxes. Out to ruin our soccer season. I mean if Fox News says it’s a hoax, it’s gotta be right?
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    Love it
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    R0bbie is my new hero.
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    Please tell me this post is a hoax. Are there really people in the world that think like this?
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    Don't be naive, of course there are. It's called American entitlement. Really makes me proud of the people before us who literally fought and died for our true freedom and liberty just so we can act like petulant, spoiled children when asked to do our part for our fellow man.
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    entitlement, and narcissism. If Dear-leader can demonstrate such a me-first attitude, no reason why the unquestioning hordes shouldn't either. It's obvious that this worldwide epidemic is just an attempt to make him look bad and damage the economy he worked so hard to create.

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