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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by aginaz, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. DeeBo4

    DeeBo4 New Member

    Phoenix Rising Hack and RSL Garcia had to forfeit their ASL games last week Rising and RSL so desperate to win every game..and have multiple teams in the top rankings. They dont ever actually use their own teams...always a mix of top players from all their good teams. I'm sure if they went and looked at all of Hack's and Ramirez's ASL games.....they would have to forfeit them all
  2. mbappe

    mbappe New Member

    Watched the Desert Conference game today between 08 RSL Diego and 08 RSL Fairchild, tie 7-7. Shocked by how bad the defenses played. It was my first time seeing both teams this year.
  3. Soccer Dad

    Soccer Dad Active Member

    Yesterday after a game some del sol parents threw hands on the field (parents on the same team)... one of the most embarrassing things I’ve seen...
  4. aginaz

    aginaz Active Member

    Wow! What age group?
  5. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    Among themselves?

    At the winter tournament last year we played them and the Ref kicked all of their parents off the field and would not restart the game until they were gone. They apparently got on the Refs last nerve so she booted all of them.
  6. Galazkiewicz

    Galazkiewicz New Member

    Yep, it was an ugly game. Neither team or defense is a bad as they looked yesterday. Not entirely sure what was going on, aside from constant over-committing by the Fairchild team. They beat Rush this morning, 3-2, but still played poorly. Fairchild only has 10 players on the roster (makes it difficult for 9v9...), so usually borrows players from the 2nd team (POS Div. 2). Three of those players are helping Fairchild this weekend at Desert Cup.

    From prior post, RSL let the 08 South players on 07 ECNL play in Utah as a reward. The Fairchild team (called Jackson last year) won President's Cup, which is basically State Cup for U11. State Cup starts at u12. These players were a big part of that championship, so they have the opportunity to play in Desert Conf. when there isn't an ECNL conflict.

    Re: CCV, I agree that they will most likely implode over the next couple of years. If you look at APL leagues across the boys side, there are very few (maybe 1?) CCV teams in APL at U15 and higher. Most are SL1 or SL2. My guess is that several of the current U12 CCV players will make Del Sol or RSL DA next year if they chose to try out.
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  7. Soccer Dad

    Soccer Dad Active Member

    01/02 G
  8. Soccer Dad

    Soccer Dad Active Member

  9. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    Why in the world would parents be fighting among themselves? Is the team chemistry that bad?
  10. mbappe

    mbappe New Member

    Fairchild was NMarkette last year. Their best kid, Kush is what the teammates called him I think, is a very good player. Like his confidence on the ball. Glad to hear they are playing up, and Fairchild certainly holding their own in Desert Conference but boy I don't know how after watching that 7-7 tie yesterday, LOL - kidding.
  11. Soccer Dad

    Soccer Dad Active Member

    i have know idea but it was the middle of the field close to the players in the post game talk...
  12. Galazkiewicz

    Galazkiewicz New Member

    Duh. Sorry, my bad- Pat had the boys the prior two years. I must have been tired. Yes, Nick had the boys last year. I was shocked Koush didn't make DA. He's a stud and will play at a very high level down road IMO.
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  13. Chap Bartholomew

    Chap Bartholomew New Member

    I am surprised that parents at that age-group would still act like that. By the time they're that old you think the parents would have outgrown the foolishness.
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  14. DeeBo4

    DeeBo4 New Member

    Should be some good 06 games in the super cup this weekend. That texas team normally comes down here and beats everybody Might watch the Tigres vs Ramirez game. Or should I say Ramirez/BJ/Hack/Chapman....or whoever took over for chapman. Since Ramirez cant play with out the other teams best players. My money is on Texas winning it all
  15. KickinKat

    KickinKat New Member

    Saw a bit of the Tigres/Ramirez game. Pretty sad when a ASL1 team can’t beat an open league team. The Ramirez team had kids wearing ECNL patches too. Tigres made it look pretty easy.


    Side Note: I've read tons of posts thru out this forum in which someone says kids were wearing ECNL patches. It really does not mean as much as some might think.

    1) Teams are usually on a two year uniform cycle. So players who might have been on ECNL team the year before might not be the next year, but still have the patch on their uniform.
    2) They could be on a current team, but let's get real, it's probably a player who is not playing much and was loaned out to get more playing time.

    That being said clubs with ECNL or DA/DPL programs that also have teams in ASL1 are not first team players because those players are playing on the highest level with in their club. So your going to see these other clubs shine over them.
  17. DeeBo4

    DeeBo4 New Member

    Tigres should be in state league I dont knowing they don't apply because they dont want to pay....or if coaches dont want to get licensed Or maybe they cant get away with older kids. I've seen them 4 times recently and they look like a different team all the time...besides the same good kids they have. They looked pretty big this weekend. They should be a ASL1 team

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