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    Here you go. Straight from Derek Yen e-mail.

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    Like those 06 west valley Rising teams. Stacking the ASL team from a team that is playing like division 4 open league destroying teams.
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    It is my understanding that teams can’t use club pass to borrow players from a team in a higher division. The exception being if the player from the higher level team is rehabbing or something like that. That said, I’m not sure the league pays attention to this rule or enforces it consistently. My buddy has a boy on an RSL state league team (04) and he told me their opponent supposedly had 2 club pass players who are on the club’s APL team roster.
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    You guys should just go to the AZ Soccer page and read the rules.

    If you go to Club Player Pass...there is nothing in there saying an APL player cannot play down to ASL 1 or 2.

    And the Open League with their Club Pass doesn't say a kid cannot play down from the Advanced leagues either.
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    For Open League:

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    And here is where the confusion comes from...

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    Those Rising Glendale 06 teams are the worst. Kids on the Open league D4 team on the ECNL list and play with the ASL1 team. Last year they rostered ASL kids on the open league D3/D4 team so they could destroy teams. With the exception of a few clubs, winning is all that matters in the west side. For some reason Rising Glendale still cares about Got Soccer points. Given that their director is a total POS, you can't really expect the coaches under him to have better ethical conduct.
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    Is Rising Glendale the old Sereno West?
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    Where is the information on the advanced league format for next season? With ASL 2 going away, how are teams going to be placed for next season?
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    Watched another West valley Phoenix Rising team play a ASL2 game this weekend and use kids from their ASL1 team. The kids from the ASL1 team did most the scoring. Cant tell the 4 Rising teams apart because they are basically 1 team...just using eachother best players when they dont conflict. I get it in tournaments sometimes when you are missing players....but shouldn't be able to do that in league games.
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    Totally agree! The only time when you borrow is when there is a lack of numbers. Borrowing players just so you have a better shot at winning is despicable in my opinion. It just sends all the wrong messages.

    1.) Coach doesn't have faith in his players.

    2.) The coach can't coach at all! So, he or she has to resort to borrowing good players to make everyone feel good because they won a game.

    3.) Player development suffers. Borrowing players from another team hurts much needed playing time for the existing players on that team. It could contribute to delayed player development.

    4.) Less bang for the buck. The return on investment suffers due to playing time being diminished from vultures of other squads swooping in and taking over. The vulture gets all the rewards and tremendous return on investment, while the existing player has a diminished role lacking on the return of investment. The whole purpose of joining a club is to be a better player.

    Yeah, this subject really makes my blood boil.
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    Can you give us a hint of what game or the score? Too many age brackets and too little time.....
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  15. Grappler

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    That is impossible......the only 06B team in ASL2 is Hack and he is Scottsdale??? The only girl team is Johnston on the west side and west side does not have an ASL1 girls team. I see Hack's team on a weekly basis and borrowing 1 or 2 ASL1 team members if Scottsdale had a team would not sway a score.......
  16. Weekendwarrior

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    I have seen a few teams do this. What is worst I saw a team use ECNL players for an ASL2 game.
  17. DeeBo4

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    It was Hack...using Ramirez kids. They all switch off kids. Whatever works for them I guess
  18. mbappe

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    Team MP W D L GF GA PTS
    1. CCV STARS 2008 ERIK 6 6 0 0 22 11 18
    2. SC DEL SOL PRE DA 1 2008 6 3 0 3 11 11 9
    3. TUZOS ACADEMY 2008 5 3 0 2 10 9 9
    4. RSL AZ SOUTH FAIRCHILD 2008 6 2 0 4 11 12 6
    5. RSL AZ NORTH DIEGO 2008 6 1 1 4 9 13 4
    6. AZ ARSENAL PRE ECNL 2008 5 1 1 3 10 13 4

    Galazkiewicz was right with Fairchild and Diego sending their better kids up to the 2007 teams they are struggling in APL. Wonder if they used those kids at all this season though? I did not see Arsenal being at the bottom. Although I did predict Del Sol and CCV at the top, just the other way around. Cannot believe CCV is undefeated, any insights on that team? They pretty much have to self destruct last 4 games not to take the Title.

    Del Sol, Diego, and Fairchild all have Desert Conference games at Reach 11 this weekend.
  19. Galazkiewicz

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    Aside from Arsenal (and Del Sol not being in 1st), this season has shaken out about as I expected. To answer your question, RSL Fairchild utilized the 08s that play on the 07 ECNL team in the Utah leg of Desert Conference. But, they aren't joining the team at Reach this weekend or the Vegas leg.

    Arsenal looks like a completely different team than last year, although they appear to have most of the same players. Not sure what's going on there. I've seen the CCV team play multiple times this year, and they certainly don't get any style points (they rarely possess...). In my opinion, the soccer they play won't translate well to 11 v 11 next year. Their goalie is huge and really athletic, which helps a bunch on smaller 9v9 goals. They've scored 22 goals thus far, which I think is mostly attributable to their direct style. They aren't any more athletic or have any more speed than the rest of the teams in the division. CCV does have more height than the other teams. Never would have imagined they'd win the league, though.
  20. mbappe

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    thanks for the feedback, what’s the reasoning behind pulling them back to the APL team? Diego has their best two 08’s playing up on the DA ‘07 team, found that on the DA game reports. CCV has lost a ton of good kids each of their last two U12 teams, like 8 kids last season went to Del Sol, RSL, or Rising chasing DA/ECNL. Wonder if this team will implode as well come May?

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