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    At least on the girls side, that's the problem. The Federation had a great thing going for the girls with ECNL. It attracted top players looking to play in college and made that scouting easier. It also created a great pipeline for the national teams. However, in the name of the almighty dollar and "equality", the DA was formed on the girls side despite the roots of a professional league (history and salary) and has divided the top tier talent across the country. Not all of the "best" players nationwide are playing in the same league and you have situations where the top girls don't even get to compete against each other in their own state/city. It's fundamentally D-U-M :).

    States like AZ, where the talent pool is at best not deep and more likely shallow, it really hurts. You have 4 clubs jockeying for the top talent and because the DA (and to a degree) the ECNL are in it's infancy here, the reputation of the club and its coaches plays a bigger impact than the cost/quality of the competition. I think what's most important is realistic, long term perspective: not every top player in AZ is destined to be the next Alex Morgan or Christian Pulisic and there are MANY paths for kids to achieve their goals. Both leagues have great pros and annoying just have to help your kid find the best environment for them and enjoy the journey. Remember, as parents, we will never get this time back, so fretting over which league is best and which club will get your kid to the top only takes away the finite special moments you have with your son or daughter as they meander through their individual path.
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    On the Girls side, top talent is spread across 4 clubs (2 DA and 2 ECNL) so it is coming down to preference of playing high school soccer AND coaching. In years past, Del Sol was the top girls program. Now with 3 other clubs to chose from, Del Sol can barely field teams. Why? Because of their coaches! Les Armstrong is verbally abusive to the girls. Mat Evans wants to be the girls friend more than a coach. Del Sol will continue to lose girls to ECNL or the other DA club unless they change their coaching staff (which will never happen).
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    I think all the clubs are doing this especially at the young ages. Seeing clubs bring up kids a year younger as well. Everyone is constantly looking for the next player to make a breakthrough or make that next step to develop. It leads to some pretty bitter confrontations when kids who have been on the team for years are displaced by younger or kids from other clubs. Some go to other clubs with fire for revenge and others instead of going to lower level teams will simply quit. Don't see this so much at smaller clubs but at the big ones its cutthroat. They have talked about "elastic roster" for years but never really done much. This year kids are being rotated and tried out all the time and it is likely due to ECNL and DA posturing.
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    Going after younger and younger players is a mistake in my opinion. Let them enjoy the game and have a life also. If you make it just all about soccer all the time, then you risk losing talented players when it matters most. Alex Morgan played recreational soccer until she was 15. I think we tend to look at prestige and having bragging rights for a kid that is 10 or 11 years old. I can tell you, I have seen SOME kids who participate in various camps or private sessions who are on ECNL look lethargic, have low energy, and an attitude that they are too good for this. I think targeting younger and younger ages is a mistake personally because I have seen what it can do to kids. Soccer becomes a job, rather than a sport you can enjoy and have fun doing while being competitive at the same time.
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    Interesting. How are the other bubble teams doing?
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    Phx Rising was also one of those teams that was on a wait list and their only loss was to Classic. So currently the 1st and 2nd place teams were the ones not going to get in.
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    On a complete side note if it hasn’t been brought up a thousand times...what the hell advanced league committee!!! I know it’s merely an asl2 game but my kids team gets a forfeit for writing in a player Bc the coach didn’t pay attention to the rule. Shame on the coach I get it but they won 8-2 the cowardly coach who can’t u defat and he should try and fix his team by coaching I’m talking to you 03 north Scottsdale sand shark’re a joke! coach your kids to win not off a forfeit Bc of a write in technicality sorry venting but the kids won the game and this is bs. I said fine and suspend the coach for his ignorance and stupidity but nope take a win from the kids who did nothing wrong. The league is a joke
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    Sandsharks have a history of this kind of thing.
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    Two seasons back our team had a game that we had to reschedule, they agreed to rescheduling. After 3 attempts their coach said they would just report he game as a 3-3 draw as he was unable to get his team together to play the game. In the end they reported the game as a forfeit giving them the win and first place in the division. Not sure if it was the coach or the club director; but yes I would say they have a history here. On that same note, that was the letter of the law in the open leagues and since we asked for the reschedule, we forfeit even if they don't wind up holding up their end of the deal.

    While I do believe it's bush league for them to do what they did; what are we teaching the kids as a coach if we break the rules? Ignorance of the rule does not negate the rules. This could be used as a teachable moment. One day these kids will be adults and the world will treat them the same way many times in their life. Rules are rules even if we don't like them. The only way to avoid feeling that the world treated us unfairly when the rules don't give us the results we felt we deserved after not following them is to simply follow the rules.
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    Terrible. Not saying it's right or wrong... but the Coach, Manager, and Club Officials got no less than a dozen e-mails reminding them of the deadline for write-in players and instructions as to how to use the club pass system. That's on the Club/Coach and rules are rules.
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    What should have happened is the REF should have kept your team from playing the write in player. They are supposed to know the rules! Yeah, your coach should have known too though.

    Bummer to lose that way.
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    Yes, youth sports unfortunately will drive certain coaches to just focus on winning only just so they can bloat their egos. I have seen it all through the years. I have seen coaches stack one team that is supposedly playing a lesser team of the same club to avoid an embarrasing loss. I have seen coaches nearly going to blows. I have seen players that were at least 2 years older play on a younger team so they can win. I have seen coaches borrow players from other clubs despite having a full roster so they can win. It is sick what these guys will resort to in youth sports.
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    Saw a ASL2 league game with Sandsharks and parents noticed that 3 players on the field had the same number. Ref was advised of this and as it turns out the Sandsharks ASL2 team had "borrowed" 4 players from the ASL1 team. Not sure how this is legal but.. even if it is... pretty sketchy.
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    That is sketchy. ASL is supposed to have roster locks. Only rostered kids can play in league gamed... cant use loaners. Tournaments different story.
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    It was my understanding that Advanced League Players can NEVER be loaned to play in Port of Sub League games, but they can use the Club Pass system to play on another team. Example.... 2006 boys Club X top APL team has a bye. The B team plays in ASL2 and has a few kids missing (or just want to stack the team), they can borrow kids using the Club Pass system for that league game. All within the rules. Whether it's fair, right, etc... is another argument. And correct, tournaments are completely different.
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    While I agree that rules are rules and finding out that this rules was sent to club/manager/coach The kids are of no fault. Life teaches us to follow rules therefore the ones that don’t abide by said rules should be punished.
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    The supposed club pass player that I saw was rostered to an 04 asl1 team. I’m a bit confused by the rule as to how a kid can be considered a club pass player but is officially rostered to a specific team. I also don’t know the rule so I need help. If you are rostered to asl1 can you get borrowed to asl2 since it’s still advanced leagues?
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    I also wasn’t able to view the emails saying the punishment will result in forfeiture of game the only one I saw says it “may” which means other punishment “may” have been handed down like a fine or suspension to club and or coaches. If you have the emails can you please upload them so I can see the wording
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    CLUB PASS just means the player is on another team within the same club. So in your example a 2004 ASL 1 player can be borrowed by the 2004/2003 ASL 2 team for a league game. They have a "pass" to play since they are within the same club.
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