Arizona Advanced Leagues 2020-2021

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by Mot Ozzi, May 27, 2020.

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    Today is the someone said in a previous post it seems like they’ve added time to their deadline. Anyone have the inside scoop as to what is going on?
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    Teams that shouldn’t be will be screwed and teams that don’t belong will be put in spots they don’t deserve. Barca, del sol and rsl among the three that come to mind.
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    And what teams should be there?
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    What's the delay on the Advanced league boys placement? Wonder what the problem is
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    The ASA really wants to keep the groups at 6-6-6. Rumor has it there is a fair chance it will be 6-6-8 for 06G.
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    Generalized Apathy.
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    They will release it over the holiday weekend, which means there are deserving teams going to get screwed.
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    Very likely, last season the 06G was not released until mid july.
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    Making these placements is not rocket science. You include (1) AQs, (2) last place generally moves down a level, and (3) open spots determined by where the teams finished the previous year. If there are roster continuity issues, a team collapses or leaves for other reasons, it just opens the door for others. Has anyone looked at the divisions that were posted to see whether placements are consistent with this?
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    Agree with this. Advanced league and/or port of subs results pretty much determine placements with some tweaks for player movement. State or presidents cup results don’t come into play at all this year, seems pretty straight forward.

    What I find hypocritical is how ASA treated the advanced league application deadline and their placement deadline. Some teams were still conducting or just finishing tryouts as of June 1st. If you contacted ASA about the deadline for the application, which people did, you did not get an understanding response. Applications after their June 1st deadline had to pay an additional fee. Yet ASA had no problem recently extending their placements deadline over a week to July 8th.
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    You are so right. I was honestly surprised about how poor some of the 06B AS1 and 2 teams were last year.
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    Ya, I agree, it would have been better to delay the application until teams had more opportunity to evaluate new players. Wondering if that's why there seemed to be a rush to add kids, even with very little vetting? Lots more kids moving this year than I expected.
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    I think clubs grabbed players quickly because of the concern that the player pool was shrinking. When people aren’t working rent and food will come before club soccer.
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    Actually teams were still able to apply beyond the June 1st deadline and on top of that they extended the deadline by about a week to register with a 100 late fee...the committees shouldn’t have to big of an issue this year. It’s an odd year to go into a season, but this is the year because of what’s happened to expand the league for a year. Not that hard
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    You are correct. It is not rocket science; it's political science. Big clubs need multiple teams in advanced or acronym leagues to sell the dream. They of course base their pitch to incoming and returning players/families that the team they are coming to will play in the advanced leagues. They fail to mention that the team will be completely noncompetitive in the advanced league and will play in bronze brackets at local tournaments and will be mostly noncompetitive there as well. Much like true politicians this is an old boys club that does favors for each other and takes care of their own. Last year is a perfect example when they initially set out to move to the 6-6-6 format and ended up at 6-6-11 at pretty much every age group. Too many big club teams were not getting those last spots they so desperately hold on to. While there were deserving teams excluded and undeserving teams included; the league commissioner silenced the committee chair who was willing to look at results and the fact that teams on the outside had a massive W/D/L and goal differential advantage over many teams in SL1/Sl2; some of which did not meet the minimum criteria- roster continuity, having existed the year prior to include those teams and keep the small clubs out. In essence they use some of their rules to exclude deserving teams and some to include teams that don't qualify based on their own rules. It's sad, pedigree takes precedence over development and results.
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    At the 08 age group, there is so much movement due to new ECNL and MLS Academy League teams as well as the roster increase to move into 11v11. For the bigger clubs that have DA and ECNL teams (RSL, Rising, DelSol) - their state league teams are so massively diminished that I hope they are not able to use name value alone to keep lesser talented teams in APL and ASL1 spots
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    With the uncertainty of MLS this year and the lack of communication, Del Sol and Barca are putting their teams in APL and ASL1. RSL and and Rising top teams will default to ECNL.

    You also have to wonder if their will even be an ECNL season, at least for the fall, that includes travel to CA. Maybe their should be a temporary expansion and have their top teams play in APL for the fall. Imagine the chaos and angst it would cause. Could be a fun season though, if soccer is actually played this fall in AZ.

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