Arizona Advanced Leagues 2020-2021

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by Mot Ozzi, May 27, 2020.

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    RSL acts on beLIEf rather than any kind of scientific evidence to support their behavior. It is idiotic! No one cares about social distancing anymore as evidence of the manufactured riots going on here in the United States and other parts of the world. It is on to race baiting and virtue signaling by lamestream media outlets to further divide and conquer. Seriously, does anyone still buy the bullshit?
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    FBSL: Futbolito Bimbo Soccer League. Based out of Fear Farms (West side), primarily a hispanic league. Tuzos is biggest club involved.
    ASA: Arizona Soccer Association.
    PCJSA: Pima County Junior Soccer League. Tucson based league
    APL: Arizona Premier League. Top ASA managed league
    ECNL: Elite Clubs National League. US CLUB Soccer league that some AZ clubs belong to. Girls top league, boys growing fast.
    MLS League: Replacing boys' DA. Top boys league nationally
    GAL: Girls Academy League. Replacing girls' DA.
    DPL: Development Player League. Formerly the little sister to girls' DA. Will continue as a stand alone league.

    ASA does not "manage" the FBSL or the PCSJA but may give preference "aka a spot" to the league winners in the ASA managed State League.

    Tiki-Taka Freak: A freak

    Did I miss anything?
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  3. FanDad

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    Ok, dumb question - I've always wondered what "DD" stands for?
  4. Desert Hound

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    DD = Dear Daughter
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    Also their 2004 Academy team has not applied and it's one of the top ranked 04 teams in the state. Also their 2003 team has not applied, could it be that they are MLS elite league teams?
  6. Mot Ozzi

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    We’ll all know soon enough. Barca Academy has applied for advanced leagues, but maybe that have more than one team per age group? And I see PRFC second teams applied. If the top PRFC teams went MLS league would not the 2nd teams have taken ECNL slots?
  7. GKdad

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    I find it interesting that as of this morning no SCDS girls teams below U-16 have applied for the advanced leagues.
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  8. Youtube guy

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    My sons team applied for APL in the 06 age. Any idea on what 6 teams they will accept?
  9. GKdad

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    Usually the winner of SL1 will promote and the last place APL team will move down. For the most part if the rest of the teams return they manage to keep their spots.
  10. calmdown

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    Their top teams are probably playing solely in GAL, whilst second teams will play only in DPL.
    I heard that is what RSL Girls are doing for U13 and up. Whilst RSL have depth, I can’t see how they would be able to secure any teams in APL (minimum roster continuation etc). More likely their top North/South teams will play in ASL1, ASL2 (or POSOL).
  11. FutbolFan

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    SCDS U-16, U-17... are in the barn. I'm guessing that means an "unfavorable" outcome for MLS for their older boys' teams....

    Regardless they have applied for APL.
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  12. GKdad

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    Good point. Last year both SCDS DPL and Royals academy teams were in APL/ASL I forgot to mention Royals in my original post.
  13. calmdown

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    Neither Royals academy or Del Sol’s academy teams have ever played in APL/ASL. I am assuming you are talking about their girls DA teams - as that is the only team that has the word ‘academy’ in it.

    Last year Royals DPL teams played in APL/ASL

    I don’t believe Del Sol had any of their DPL teams play in APL/ASL last year. Their 07 PRE DA team played in the 06 bracket.

    I wonder why both DPL teams don’t play local league. Is it because they can’t sell their ‘We are better than you’, if they are sitting mid to bottom level in a local league
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  14. GKdad

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    SCDS 07 "DA" team which played in DPL because the DA didn't actually start for them until what would have been this year was in the 06 APL as you stated. The 06 DPL team did not play in the AZ Advanced leagues. Royals DPL did play in APL and was listed as Utah Royals DPL.

    Agreed as to your point about not playing local, the SCDS 06 DPL team was solid but would have lost to their 07 team that played APL and would have gotten rocked by many APL/ASL teams. The 06 SCDS DPL team lost to open league teams in tournament play. It would be very hard to justify the cost and travel if you couldn't even compete locally.

    [​IMG] 5: UTAH ROYALS AZ 06 DPL [​IMG]10[​IMG]2[​IMG]4[​IMG]4[​IMG]15[​IMG]15[​IMG]10[​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. Desert Hound

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    Why don't DPL also play APL? Because the schedule is a pain in the ass playing both in DPL and in APL. A very heavy load of games in the Fall.

    That is why only one DPL team is playing APL this year. All the rest in both clubs are doing just DPL.
  16. calmdown

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    My bad. I always thought the Utah Royals tag was only given to the DA teams. I thought the DPL teams wore the RSL-AZ Adidas uniforms, whereas Utah Royals wore the Nike kits - that’s probably where my confusion comes from.
  17. Desert Hound

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    You are correct. They wear different kits.
  18. Pueblo15

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    Last year they had committees for each age group to decide who was in and who was out. The head of the committee was posted for each group. Does anyone have any insight if that changed or who will be deciding who is in or out this year? Is it just going to be a toss up again as to how many teams actually will be in?
  19. tjinaz

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    last year DPL was only half season. This year it is full so that is why no APL. Think they will still do local tournaments though.

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