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    The RSL holiday classic turned out to be a great tournament. Scottsdale sandsharks played Del Sol in the silver bracket championship with Del Sol getting the win in an evenly matched game.

    The 2009 Boys Gold Division might have been better with a semifinal. However , the two best teams (Phoenix Rising -scottsdale vs CCV) did face off. CCV started off the tournament hot with a convincing win against FC Tucson . I’m guessing that the commute from Tucson to Phoenix on a school day made that game more one sided than it should have been. The other team in the final, Phoenix Rising, started off slow on Friday and Saturday. I was told by a parent that several boys on Rising were battling the flu. However , by Sunday it looked like they overcame their sluggish play .

    The final between Rising and CCV was a physical and aggressive game. Rising might just have the best defense in the state . However, at the end of the first half one of their defenders broke his arm when two boys collided for a 50/50 ball. The injury seemed to further inspire the Phoenix Rising team. The game was competitive , but Phoenix Rising - scottsdale controlled both the first and second half of the game. They have a lot of speed, depth, and quality . You really need to get them out of position or encourage a bad decision out of the back to score on them. Final score: Rising 3-1 CCV .

    RSL- north played well in the 2008 bracket. They managed a tie vs a quality Calcio 08 team. Phoenix Rising went on to win the 2008 bracket.

    The Spring league will finally place all of the best 2009 boys teams into one bracket . I think that the FC Tucson team deserves to be in that bracket but are still a little behind the top 4 teams in the state. This weekend was my first time watching them play. I was surprised with their quality . Arsenal had two defenders that were missing the last time i watched them. They are a top 6 team as well.

    From what I’ve seen through the first half of the season i would rank the 2009 division:

    1. Tuzos Academy
    2. Phoenix Rising - scottsdale
    3 .RSL - north
    4. CCV
    5. Arsenal
    6. Renegades Premier
    7. FC Tucson
    8. Del Sol
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    Yes they had their full roster.
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    How many players are on RSL-North 1st team?
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    Tuzos Academy lost to Phoenix rising scottsdale and RSL south. They beat CCV and crushed a very good Tuzos 2010 academy team. They seem to be all over the place with their league results.

    Only consistent teams right now are Rising scottsdale and RSL North . That matchup should decide the top league bracket .
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    I wouldn't read into it much, they clearly weren't full squad to lose to RSL South Jackson, nor were they full squad for the RSL Holiday Cup. I noticed CCV, RSL Teoharavic, and Rising Jones all went to Vegas two weeks ago for the Vegas Cup, none of them even finished 1st or 2nd in their group, not a good showing for some of our top 2009 AZ teams.
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    There is rarely a u11-u12 AZ team who travel out of state to a large tournament and place. Most of the small population states west of the Rockies produce more higher quality teams than Arizona. California probably has more than 15x the number of quality teams as Arizona but only 7x the population. California teams seem to win most all of the major cups on the west coast.

    Arizona is lagging when it comes to accessible payed and free soccer training options. The availability of fields and facilities both indoor and outdoor in California, Washington, Utah , and Texas far exceeds Arizona . Also, Arizona neighborhoods and backyards typically are not soccer friendly . During the summer in most neighboring states kids have the free time to play outdoors . Free play equates to great cross training and possibly better athletic ability . Our best weather in AZ comes during the school year when kids have maybe an hour or two a day to be outdoors. Last, I think soccer culture is lagging compared to our surrounding states who already have MLS teams and DA programs in operation for years.
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    Arsenal Teal won the Desert Classic this past week. They lost to RSL north in their bracket matchup 4-0 but came back and won the championship game 3-2 . Arsenal has a good team but like most the u11 teams in AZ they are up and down . Good for them to find an upswing and win a big AZ tournament .

    Looks like there are two teams in the top league bracket that have no loss . RSL north and Rising scottsdale . Their matchup in a few weeks will probably decide who wins the u11 league this year.
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