2008 Team you're most interested in seeing play this year

Discussion in '2008' started by AZsoccefan, Aug 14, 2020.

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    It’s like a lot of things in life though. If you can’t maintain what it takes to win (whether that’s scoring or blocking) until the final buzzer so to speak, the other team played better and takes home the W. There have been plenty of games that I’ve seen kids kick butt halfway through the game or 3/4 or 7/8, but in the end, can’t keep it up until the finish line. Mental or physical at that point doesn’t matter. We have all had it both ways I’m sure.
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    As the great Vince Lombardi said, "If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?"
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    So looking back on the current results of 08 State League and I think the committee did a really good job. The teams that lost the play in games seem to be struggling in Open League so good calls there. If I had to move some things around it would be:

    APL - Move Tuzos to ASL1, Move RSL-S Markette to ASL-2

    SL1 - Move FC Arizona Olayo and NSFC up to APL, Move PRFC Kassube to ASL2

    SL2 - Move both Del Sol Academy II and PRFC Irwin to ASL1

    A few notes:
    • Was somewhat conflicted between moving NSFC or Del Sol up to APL. NSFC has probably played better competition so far.
    • PRFC Irwin should have consideration for APL (maybe next year). They beat quite a few of the ASL1 teams (Kassube, Olayo) last year and beat a very good CCV Courage (APL) this year in the final of Kick for the Cure. They can play with the best 08 teams in the valley.
    • PRFC Ramirez is much improved from early on and played well against PRFC Irwin and CCV Courage recently.
    • PRFC Meadows and Arsenal ECNL are clearly the 2 best teams in all of State League. Meadows can compete at the ECNL level and has played some of the ECNL teams in tournaments.

    Anyone else have thoughts on 08 teams.....
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    Caught some of the 08 courage games at kick for the cure. Looks to me they were playing their bench most of the games. Also saw they had a league game same day as the final for kick for the cure. I mostly see Ccv and Rising meadows as top two teams in APL.
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    Arsenal ECNL has played Rising Meadows four times this year, with 2 wins and 2 ties. With that said, I think Meadows has a much better style and probably better overall talent. Arsenal ECNL beat CCV in the Arsenal Challenge 3-0, but lost in APL by a goal after playing an ECNL match earlier in the day. CCV has a couple super talented players, but I think they are a small step behind the other two teams. I would put Rising Meadows first, Arsenal ECNL second with CCV third.
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