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Discussion in '2002' started by AZ Fan, Nov 10, 2014.

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    DIV 1 : No real surprise that BH sits on top, any chance the Gunners can give them a run for #1 this weekend? Are the Gunners the cream of the crop for '01 girls in Tucson, few years ago it seemed like TSA's 01's might be for real but they cant seem to do better than middle of the pack. CDO is getting relegated, Desert Elite and Farwest finish up the first half versus each other loser of this game gets relegated also.

    DIV 2 : Welcome to DIV 1 CCV....... it will be interesting to see how this group handles the speed of play. 2nd spot still up for grabs between BH Mearse and Rush, Rush can tie up their spot this Saturday against Mearse...... If the Eintracht Eagles can have an upset against Rush they stave off relegation and send SCDS Lester down to open league.

    Schedulers couldn't have anticipated the last weekend of games to have so many ramifications, good competition and Season 2 should be fun heading to State Cup.
  2. Does anyone know why Arsenal is not competing in State League this year. Is it all age groups our just the 01's
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    Be easy to look up state league standings to figure that info out. Pretty sure 00 BH's already played Arsenal in state league......
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    I believe it is just the 01's that are not playing State League. Not sure why.
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    They are just doing NPL

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